Prime the Bull Makes His NYC Debut at
Primehouse New York

Primehouse New York is located at 381 Park
Avenue South (at 27th Street) and can accommodate up to 252 guests inside and 48
outside for breakfast, lunch and dinner. visit for additional information.

Primehouse NY’s Intoxicating Bar


Award-winning website, Punchin-dot-com, features the Walman Report and reviews of restaurants, travel, wine and theater. Stephen Hanson, founder of B.R. Guest Restaurant Group, has opened Primehouse NY and in the process, set a new standard against which all upmarket steak restaurants will be judged.

The geometric-space is a drop-dead knockout with its three distinct environments emerging through the main dining room with black upholstered chairs and antique Mirrors. Hanson has integrated every detail from the exquisite place settings and dramatic tableside presentations to such nuances as putting a numbered tag by each guest’s “doggie bag” as they leave, so that customers never err in taking home the correct one.

Some of the amazing dishes offered include sparkling stone crab, the best steak tartar and Caesar salad in NY and homemade bread that puts the commercial refuse that traditional steak houses palm off to shame.

Cocktails are inventive and beautifully constructed, and there is a world class wine list (check out the Spanish reds). Lets not neglect house-aged steaks, with a range of 28 to 65 days, cooked to the point and melting in your mouth, terrific chops and seafood, remarkable sides such as a trio of cauliflower and desserts like a seven layer chocolate cake that will bring you to your knees.

Service is impeccable and Primehouse NY, 381 Park Avenue South (at 27th St.), rates A Major on the Walman Report.

Slice of Prime - PHNY

Elizabeth Katz’s Slice of Prime (Best Chocolate Dessert in NY)


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