Big House Wines Steal The Show

Individualist, affordable Red, White, and Pink wines
Newly Released Big House Wines

SUnderdog Wine Merchants (UWM) is delighted to have the Big House Wines (Red, White, and Pink) as one of their brands. Not only for the whimsical side that each brings to their portfolio, but also for the serious quality of the wines being offered.

Criminally Delicious Wines ~ Line priced at $9.99

2005 Big House Red: Each variety selected for this blend brings distinct personality and individual characteristics: spiciness from the Syrah, cherry and raspberries from the Sangiovese and Barbera, blueberries from the Tannat, cassis from the Grenache, and chocolate from the Mourvedre. It’s a wonderful mix of the best that each has to offer. Summer grilling recipes that include red meat, and pasta dishes with heavier sauces are highly recommended.

2005 Big House White: A crisp yet rounded wine that subtly balances the herbaceous characters of grapefruit from the Sauvignon Blanc, honeydew from the Chenin Blanc, crisp apples from the Albarino, with beautiful, floral aromatics of the Muscat, Viognier, and White Riesling all subtly combine in a synergistic blend that makes the Big House White a tantalizing, elegant wine. This one easily matches fish, veal, and poultry dishes.

2006 Big House Pink: A cascade of flavors and the delicate color of summer roses, this wine pours out fresh cut strawberry aromas and the perfume of summer garden flowers. The slight sweetness is perfectly balanced by its crisp acidity, making the wine juicy and refreshing… A great summer alternative for red wine drinkers, best paired with salads, poultry, and fish, though it will also work well by itself as a summer sipper.

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