Pannotia Vineyards

Be More Interesting This Valentine’s Day with Latin Love Tips & Argentinean Wine

Pannotia Vineyards, (, a global winery bringing the world more interesting wine, suggests ways to add sizzle to your Valentine’s Day. Be more interesting this Valentine’s Day with these Latin love tips:

· Speak your love in different tongues! Incite passion by whispering “I love you” into your lover’s ear in different languages. Try “Yo Te Amo,” (Spanish), “Je t’aime,” (French) or “Ti Amo,” (Italian).

· Don’t just play your favorite love song for your lover, sing it! Channel your inner Antonio Banderas and serenade your bella signora. For an added touch, start the tune from outside your lover’s window-just be sure not to wake up your neighbors.

· Preparing a special dinner for your loved one? Add South American passion to your table. Grill a bold steak with a spicy Chimmy Churri sauce, a sure fire way to add intensity to any meal. And to really impress your date, serve this dish with a glass or two of Malbec. The flavors of plums, berries and currant captured in Pannotia’s Argentinean Malbec 2005 make for a tasty pairing and won’t break your wallet either!

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