Porcao Rio’s Churrascaria


360 Park Avenue South

@ 26th Street


Website: (http://www.porcaosteakhouse.com/

Porcao serves two dining options for lunch (M-F) & one dining option at dinner. Open seven days a week.

1) Executive Lunch

12-4pm M-F ONLY

$22.90 pp (doesn’t include tax or gratuity)

Includes Salad Bar (as much as you want) and Choice of Beef, Chicken or Salmon. (Only one of these)

2) Riodizio

12-11pm M-F

1-11pm Saturday & Sundays

$50.90 pp (doesn’t include tax or gratuity)

Included Salad Bar (as much as you want) and all cuts of meat, poultry and fish available. Plus side dishes.

Dessert: Additional.

Fine & Inexpensive Wine List: 13 Wines By The Glass. Bottles: Many Priced Under $40.

Porcão New York has seats for 290 guests: 50 in the bar, and 240 in the dining room. An elegant private room for up to 55 guests is also available that includes equipment useful for business meetings and special occasions.

Porcão Churrascaria has opened in New York. In its Manhattan location, bringing the rhythms of Brazil to Manhattan. Porcão offers its customers the quality they have enjoyed since its humble beginnings as “Churrascaria Riograndense” on Rio de Janeiro’s Avenida Brazil in 1975. Today, Porcão has ten locations in South America, Europe, Miami, and now, New York City and is a favorite of such celebrities as Naomi Campbell and Kate Bosworth, and celebrity Brazilians including Sonia Braga and Pele.

Back in 1975, the founders of Porcão would not have dared dream of opening a restaurant of this size in faraway New York. New York’s Porcão brings reminiscences of its Rio origins: the marbled floor, with its swirls of black and white, echoes the patterns of the walkways at Rio’s Copacabana Beach. Wall structures are built to resemble the mountain ranges surrounding Rio, especially the famous Sugarloaf Mountain. Dramatic digital lighting in several colors will change the mood. The music of Brazil, classic and modern, envelop diners in a sensuous atmosphere.

Porcão brings New Yorkers the unique and fun Rodizio dining experience. Rodizio is roughly translated as “rotation”; waiters circulate from table to table with the restaurant’s specialties, allowing diners the freedom to sample a little of everything [LV2] , and to take their fill of their favorites. No more longing looks at your dining companion’s plate! Rodizio is best known for the gleaming skewers from which tempting morsels of meat are carved to order at tableside. This carnivorous churrasco style of serving originated in the south of Brazil, where gauchos—cowboys—cooked their meats on [LV3] a bonfire made to cook the meat that had been arranged around it, on long spikes.

Guests are greeted with a selection of warm cheese bread, pastel (stuffed savory pastries that are the Brazilian version of empanadas), kibi, spiced ground meatballs and fried codfish balls. And while Porcão is best known for it’s amazing rotation of 18 different preparation of meat, the festive meal actually begins at the all-you-can eat hot buffet and salad bar. The numerous selections change frequently, so you can eat at Porcão three times a week and never have the same meal, even if you only eat at the salad bar.

The churassco, or barbeque, begat the churrascaria restaurant, which was refined by Porcão. Porcão features the finest Brazilian cuts of meat coaxed to tender perfection on special grills imported from Brazil. Porcao’s offerings (About 15 or more per night) include: Picanha, a noble part of the sirloin. Served with sea salt or garlic paste. Filet Mignon, tenderloin served with sea salt or wrapped in bacon. Alcatra, top sirloin Fraldinha, bottom sirloin Costela, Tender Beef Ribs Lombo, pork loin Carneiro, lamb chops Frango, chicken Linguiça, Pork sausages Peru, Turkey Salmon, served with mushrooms or passion fruit sauce. All meats are of top quality and impeccably timed by Cesar, the main meat chef. Desihes arrive with a variety of potatoes, fried yuca and bananas. Best of all is to request some fiery Brazilian peppers and a dish of the marvelous farofa, fried with eggs and bacon. Black beans and rice are another option.

Herbivores are warmly welcomed at Porcão, where they can choose from a variety of salads (34!), vegetables, cheeses, sushi, seafood, and pasta. All are fresh, if somewhat under-seasoned to our taste. Porcão’s rodizio is a prix fixe experience. There is no menu and desserts are not included in the dinner.

The wine list consists of 200 bottles, which span the globe. There are wines by the glass and specialty cocktails like the signature drink of Brazil, the Caipirinha, using fresh fruits: passionfruit, strawberry and pineapple. Cocktails are made tableside and are super, as is the warm and guiding service. They are also an outstanding value at $10 for the house Caipirinha. Desserts come on wheels, too. The dessert cart is laden with choices. Brazilian specialties include papaya cream, a smooth mixture of ice cream and fruit, rich flan, made with dulce de leche, thicker and more substantive than other flan, beijinho (little kisses) grapes coated in condensed milk and rolled in sugar until they look like sparkling jewels, and quindim, thick sweet custard made with egg yolk and coconut milk, topped with shaved lime.

Porcão’s VIP room, set off from the main dining room behind frosted glass, can be transformed from sexy to utilitarian depending on the lighting and arrangement of tables and chairs.

The private room is also available for private events, and includes projectors and screens for presentations, business meetings and special occasions. A specially priced executive lunch ($22.90) is served from noon to 4PM, Monday through Friday. Rodizio is served seven days a week, Monday-Friday noon-11 pm ($50.90). A 50% discount on Rodizio is offered for patrons 65 years and up. Free for kids under 5.

For an upbeat, offbeat night on the town, Porcão is a sheer delight and Manhattan’s best churrascaria and rates A Major on The Walman Report.

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Benjamin Steak House in the Dylan Hotel


Benjamin Steak House is located at 52 East 41st Street, (212) 297-9177 and is open seven days a week, Monday-Friday, 6:30 a.m.-Close, Saturday and Sunday 9:00 a.m.-Close.


Award-winning website, Punchin-dot-com, features the Walman Report and reviews of restaurants, travel, wine and theater. After more than 20 years at that venerable institution, Peter Luger’s Steakhouse in Brooklyn, chef Arturo joined forces with fellow Luger alumna, Benjamin to launch Benjamin Steak House. Benjamin is sure to become a landmark in its own right. Located one block from historic Grand Central terminal, Benjamin Steak House mirrors the opulence and grandeur of that magnificent station. Housed on the main floor of the century-old Chemist Club building, which is now home to the Dylan Hotel, the main draw is the steaks: Six cuts of dry-aged beef are available: from 16-ounce porterhouses to top sirloins to juicy and tender rib eyes to succulent filet mignon.

Every steak is grilled to perfection, using the best USDA prime beef. Any cut can be served family style for two to four people. The restaurant also offers steak for 10, which includes every cut on the menu as well as chateaubriand, costs $1,111. Lobsters are also spectacular as is lump crab and succulent sliced tomatoes & onion salad. Don’t miss the German-style potatoes, cream-less creamed spinach and an over-the-top hot fudge sundae with loads of whip cream. Benjamin has an extensive wine list, with selections from Italy, France, California, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Chile and Argentina. The two bars (one on the main floor and one on the mezzanine) serve high-end cocktails featuring top-shelf liquors. The wooden bar on the second floor is the centerpiece to the section and a great place to watch the action below. Set back from the balustrade, the bar, with its low lighting, is also the perfect spot for a private drink with your date. Whether it’s a business lunch, a romantic rendezvous or a boisterous family dinner, Benjamin Steak House is sure to please even the most jaded food connoisseur. Benjamin Steak House vies for “The Walman Award” as one of the city’s best and rates A Major on the Walman Report.


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Maude Maggart - 2007 Photo 3a





MAUDE MAGGART, the critically-acclaimed chanteuse – hailed as “bewitching” by The New York Times, “utterly enchanting” by the New York Post and “stunning” by the Los Angeles Times – will return to THE OAK ROOM of THE ALGONQUIN HOTEL for a six week engagement from April 1 – May 10. Her new show, “Speaking of Dreams,” will feature John Boswell (April 1 – 12) and Lanny Meyers (April 15 – May 10) on piano and Yair Evnine on cello and guitar. All performances are at the Oak Room (59 West 44th Street, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues). Please call (212) 419-9331 for reservations.

“Speaking of Dreams” explores the different interpretations of dreams and how they manifest themselves. The program will features standards from the golden age such as