Indo Munch

Indo Munch-chili chicken gravy

Indo Munch

By Nancy Walman

Location/Phone/Web Site: Indo Munch

182 Lexington Avenue

New York, NY 10016


Date Established: October, 2007

Press Contact:

Owners: Dinu and Mumtaz Mulloli

Cuisine: Indian Chinese

Price Range: Lunch: $10- $13 (Served w/ rice & soup)

Dinner: Apps $4-$7, Entrees $8-$14, Desserts $3-$7

Hours: Dinner 5:30 – 10:30 (Mon.-Thurs., Sun.); 5:30 – 11:00 (Fri. & Sat.);

Lunch 12:00 – 3:00 (Mon.-Fri.) 12:00-3:30 (Sat. & Sun.)

Credit Cards: All major credit cards accepted.

Reservations: Recommended.

Wheelchair Access: Restaurant and bathrooms wheelchair accessible.



Where Colliding Cultures Erupt in Devastatingly Delicious Dishes


The oddly named Indo Munch is a small, genteel restaurant whose food contrasts with big, bold flavors. When cultures collide, exchanges often occur. When it happens with food, the results can spawn a new culinary genre that is exceptional. The newest craze in ethnic eateries to hit Manhattan is Indian Chinese and is being led by Indo Munch.This unique coupling is not a pairing of the two cuisines on one menu that features both Chinese and Indian cooking, but rather a blending of the two ethnic flavors in exciting savory dishes. Although popular in Indian and throughout Southeast Asia, this culinary expression has only recently made its way into mainstream New York dining, thanks to Indo Munch, where the unique gastronomic experience is quickly become a sought after favorite.

The comfortable and inviting space is reflective of the unique cuisine and incorporates Indian style with splashes of Chinese influence. The amber room is accented by bold reds and showcases gold images of Indian and Chinese deities. Sleek espresso chairs pull the look to a chic New York style. Here is the “New Style” Mom/Pop operation, manned by the young, attractive Dinu and Mumtaz Mulloli.

Indo Munch showcases this exceptional cooking of Chef Wong Chen with Chinese style dishes that are seasoned with traditional Indian spices such as cumin, coriander and turmeric, in addition to classic Indian Chinese plates such as Gobi Manchurian (fried cauliflower fritters in a spicy ginger onion sauce) and Szechuan Lamb ( a crispy lamb slow cooked in a flavorful Szechuan sauce). Other “must haves” in the appetizer department include the dynamite (and we mean dynamite) Chicken 65, with Curry Leaves and Red Chilies; Lollipop Chicken in a soothing mayonnaise-based fruit sauce, and Crunchy Okra with Smoky Chili Powder.

Entrees can be requested on the dry-side or more heavily sauced. We suggest letting the staff create a mix. Besides the superb Szechuan Lamb, check out the assertive Chili Chicken, the remarkable Sliced Tilapia in Garlic Sauce (Indo Munch offers the best seafood we’ve ever tasted in a New York Indian restaurant); Sweet and Sour Prawns that elevate this “everywhere” Chinese dish to star status, the delicious Vegetable Ball Manchurian and the best non-greasy Szechuan Fried Rice (go for the chicken, vegetables, eggs and shrimp) you’ll ever taste. Almost as wonderful is zesty Shrimp Noodles. Even desserts are memorable: Crispy Date cake or Cheese Cake with soft, creamy ice cream will make you smile.

Although the menu is reminiscent of traditional Chinese cuisine, Indo Munch incorporates non-Chinese vegetables and Indian spices into the classic dishes but omits beef and pork choices; remaining true to the Indian respect of Muslim and Hindu dietary restrictions. The is a short, inexpensive list of wine and beer. Our theory holds: Anything with bubbles works best.

The concept may seem daunting, but the helpful and knowledgeable staff is eager to provide a detailed history of the food and guide patrons through the exotic menu items. The unique blend is said to have emerged when Chinese settled in Calcutta, bringing new seasonings and cooking styles to the region. India has enjoyed the robust flavors of Indian Chinese food for centuries and now New York can revel in the delightful authentic concoctions that Indo Munch brings to the table.

Delivery service is available for those who crave the robust flavorful cuisine, but would rather enjoy their meal at home. Fortunately for New Yorkers, Indo Munch brings us the Best Of Both Worlds and rates ” A Major” on The Walman Report.

Indo Munch-szechuan lamb


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More Dishes

Indo Munch-crunch okra

Crunchy Okra

Indo Munch-vegetable ball manchurian

The Vegetable Ball

Sample Take Out Menu

Appetizers Please specify level of spices in suggetion box. For sides please order rice or noodles.
1 Dumpling

Fried Vegetables

Steamed Vegetables

Fried Chicken

Steamed Chicken

Fried Shrimp

Steamed Shrimp

2 Vegetable Spring Roll
Slender rolls stuffed with delicately flavored vegetables

3 Chicken Lollipops (5 Pcs)
Spicy pulled back winglets

4 Crunchy Okra
Fried okra pods with smoky chili powder

5 Salt and Pepper Gobi (Cauliflower)
Cauliflower florets tossed in fresh ginger, garlic and onions

6 Salt and Pepper – Paneer (Indian cheese)
Paneer tossed in fresh ginger, garlic and onions

7 Calamari
Fried calamari with hot garlic sauce

8 Chicken – 65
Made with chicken cubes with curry leaves, red chilies and yogurt.

9 Vegetable Pakora
Fried Vegetables in a gram flour (made from chickpeas) batter

10 Chicken Pakora
Fried chicken in a gram flour (made from chickpeas) batter

11 Salt and Pepper – Fish
Fish slices tossed in fresh ginger, garlic and onions

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