Amor Cubano

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Opening Date: December 2007

Location: 2018 Third Avenue (At 111th St.)
New York, NY 10029

Telephone: 212-996-1220
Fax: 212-996-7110


Owner: Mario Zarate
General Manager: Julio Quevedo
Chef: Vivian Baquero and Maricela Calcines Naranjo (Las Mamas Cubanas)

Capacity: 80

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 12pm-12am
Sunday 11am (Brunch)-12am


Amor Cubano: A Cuban Delight

By Nancy Walman

amor-camarones al ajillo

Escape to a world of Cuban delicacies at Amor Cubano. In an authentic 1950’s Havana setting combines the classic golden age of Cuba with a young, hip and sexy atmosphere. The air is filled with dancing, singing and performance art while you dine on delicious Cuban cuisine at this truly unique restaurant. You don’t have to go to downtown to enjoy authentic home cooked Cuban delicacies and a slice of Havana anymore.

Now you can sample authentic home style Cuban cuisine against a A tropical Cuban setting like Havana that brings together both the classic golden age of Cuba with a younger, hip and sexy atmosphere full of music, dancing, singing and performance art. Even the help get into the act and you will too.

The food is terrific. Specialties include Ropa Vieja – Shredded skirt steak braised in a garlic sauce of fresh tomatoes sliced onions and peppers. Picadillo a la Habanera – Ground beef, green olives, raisins, onions and peppers. Fricase de Pollo – Chicken slowly cooked in a light tomato sauce with potatoes, vegetables. and some of the best appetizers in town (take a group and sample them all . . the menu follows). Specialty Cocktails include Traditional Mojitos, Ginger Mojitos, and the fabulous Amor Mojito – Made with the 23 year old Zacapa Rum.
Other libations offer El Manicero – Frangelico, chambord and butterscotch schnapps. Cojito-Coconut rum, muddle limes, macerated mint leaves topped with champagne. Mulata – Malta with Baileys.
Vampisol – Vodka, black raspberry liquor and cranberry juice.

There is a Live Band for Dinner and Brunch. The staff dances and sings for the guests throughout their dining experience. About every 45 minutes servers and bartenders break away from their tables to perform for the guests, bringing to life shows that are reminiscent of the Tropical and famous Cuban legends such as La Lupe, Rita Montaner, Desi Arnes and Beny More.

Amor Cubano is more fun than a barrel of monkeys and eminently affordable. Don’t miss the Tres Leches sponge cake soaked in three tantalizing milks for dessert.

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Dinner Menu

Chucherias – Appetizers
Ernestico’s Empanadas de Polo O Carne homemade chicken or beef turn over’s 8.00

Tia Teresa’s Tostones Rellenos green plantains stuffed with beef, chicken or shrimp 8.00

Camarones Al Ajillo shrimp sautéed in a wine garlic sauce 8.00

Yu Yu’s Yuca Rellena smashed yucca stuffed with beef 6.00

Jorgito’s Garbanzos Fritos sauteed chick peas, smoked ham, bacon, onions, fresh tomato and garlic 7.00

Los Tamalitos De Olga slow cooked corn meal with bits of pork, wrapped in its own husk 5.00

Pepito cuban steak, onions, tomato and lettuce 10.00

El Cubano classic cuban pressed sandwich of roasted pork, ham, swiss cheese, savory pickles and tangy mustard 10.00

Frita Cubana- Juana La Cubana cuban hamburger made with ground pork, beef and spanish sausages served with shoe string potatoes 6.00

Ensaladas – Salads
Eugenia’s Ensalada De La Casa fresh cabbage, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes and spanish olives served with red wine vinaigrette 7.00

Antero’s Ensalada De Aguacate avocado, lettuce, onions , served with abuela nina’s homemade balsamic vinaigrette 8.00

Ensalada Del Prado vine ripe tomatoes, onions ,bacon ,fresh green beans, drizzled with red wine vinegar and olive oil 8.00

Amor Cubano watercress, blue cheese, mesclun greens, pineapple, raisins, walnuts, served with tropical mango vinaigrette 8.00

Tio Fito’s Ensalada Fria shredded chicken, onions, red peppers, petite peas, mixed in a zesty garlic aioli 6.00

Sopa – Soup $5
Sopa De Pollo mami’s homemade chicken noodle soup
Caldosa Del Barrio chicken, pork, vegetables, yucca, sweet potatoes, spanish calabaza
Sopa Del Dia soup of the day
Carnes – Meats
Ropa Vieja shredded skirt steak braised in a garlic sauce of fresh tomatoes sliced onions and peppers 16.00

Vaca Frita shredded pan-fried skirt steak flavored with garlic mojo criollo sauce and onions 16.00

Picadillo A La Habanera ground beef , green olives, raisins, onions and peppers 15.00

Palomilla traditional cuban steak 16.00

Lechon Asado pork marinated in love, species, and papi’s secteret bitter orange mojo 16.00

Masasitas Fritas seared chunks of pork, seasoned in cumin scented marinade 15.00

Churrasco grilled skirt steak 17.00

Pollos – Chicken
Fricasse De Pollo chicken slowly cooked in a light tomato sauce with potatoes and vegetables 15.00

Bistec De Pollo grilled chicken breast 14.00

Arroz Con Pollo shredded chicken with yellow rice and vegetables 14.00

Pescados – Fish
Raulito’s Pargo Frito whole fried marinated red snapper 17.00

Pargo Camaguey whole oven cooked red snapper with olives, cappers and stewed tomatoes 18.00

Salmon Acaramelado sauteed filet of salmon with caramelized onions in a tomatillo sauce 16.00

Enchilados De Camarones braised shrimp in a creole sauce made of tomato, garlic, onions, thyme and white wine 16.00

Paella A La Marinera saffron rice mixed with shrimp, scallops, squid, clams, mussels and lobster tail 20.00

Marta La Cazuelera Marinera seafood casserole in a zesty tomato sauce 18.00

Mayte’s Paella Vegetariana safron rice mixed with vegetables 15.00

Acompanantes – Sides
Maduros maduros sweet plantains 5.00

Tostones fried green plantains 5.00

Yuca Frita fried yucca with cilantro sauce 5.00

Yuca Con Mojo steamed yuca with garlic mojo sauce 5.00

Fufu Con Chicharrones mashed green plantains with fried pork grinds 4.00

Postres – Desserts $5
Daylin’s Arroz Con Leche rice pudding
Fara Maria’s Flan De Queso cheese custard
Fara Maria’s De Caramelo cheese custard
Tatica’s Tres Leches sponge cake soaked in three tantalizing milks(just the way my tio tatica used to make it)
Dulce’s Guayaba Y Boniatillo Con Queso guava and sweet potato served with white cheese
Sorbete Del Dia sorbet of the day
Cervezas – Beer
Negra Modelo
Amstel Light
Glass 8.00

Pitcher 30.00

Traditional white rum, muddle limes, macerated mint leaves, splash of soda 9.00

Cojito coconut rum, muddle limes, macerated mint leaves, splash coconut water 10.00

Mango mango rum, muddle limes, macerated mint leaves, mango puree 10.00

Ginger white rum, muddle limes and ginger root, macerated mint leaves 10.00

Amor classic mojito made with 23 year old zacapa rum, served chilled up 14.00

Agua De Coco coconut water, pineapple juice, gin, cointreau, bitters, and white eggs 9.00

Caballero De Paris vanilla vodka, chambord, pineapple juice 10.00

Havana Sunrise coconut rum, grapefruit juice, grenadine 9.00

El Manicero frangelico, chambord, butterscotch schnapps 10.00

Vampisol vodka, black raspberry liquor, cranberry juice 9.00

Mulata malta with baileys 9.00

Malta Fizz rum, malta, lime juice, simple syrup 9.00

Caramelo bourbon and tia maria 9.00

Pina Mimosa rum, pineapple juice, champagne, sugar 9.00