Ethos UN

Ethos UN
905 1st Ave – At 51st St
New York, NY 10022

212 888-4060


Specialty Authentic Greek Cuisine
Schedule Lunch & Dinner from 11:30 am to 11:00 pm, daily
Sat & Sun Brunch from 11:00 am to 4 pm. soon
Chef Peter Spyropoulos of Avra and Milos fame.
Décor Pleasant contemporary décor.
Capacity 90 seats
Open September 2008
Plastic All Major cards accepted
Parking Curbside before 3 pm and after 8 pm.
Price range A meal for under $25.00
Appetizers $6.00 to $13.00
Main courses $ 8.00 to $22.00
Ownership John Kapetanos, Kyriakos Depountis & John
Chatiris, the latter also hosting

Emphasis: Fish and Seafood dishes

Ownership: John Capetanos, John Colombos and Chef Costas Avlonitis

Opened: 2002

Capacity: 75 guests

Schedule: Open seven days a week.

Sun-Thurs: 12 Noon to 12 midnight

Fri-Sat: 12 Noon to 1 am.

Exec. Chef: Costas Avlonitis

Price Range: Appetizers $6.00 to $12.00

Main courses $14.00 to $24.00

Wine List: Moderately-priced extensive choice of

domestic and imported wines. Wide variety of Greek wines. 30 Wines By The Glass ($6-$9). Bottles: $20-$86 (Lots of Good Choices Under $30).


Ethos UN opens its doors at the former Meltemi site

There’s an addition in the restaurant business as of September 7 2008, by the name of Ethos UN, which now occupies the space of the former Meltemi Seafood restaurant at 905 First Avenue, hence it carries the UN designation by its proximity to the world body.

Ethos UN joins its sister restaurants by the same name, the flagship at 495 Third Avenue (between 33rd and 34th Streets) and that at 25 Middle Neck Road in Great Neck (opposite the RR station.)

In charge of the kitchen at the new restaurant is executive chef Peter Spyropoulos, who has been at the helm of the Ethos kitchens since the Great Neck restaurant was opened last year. He brings his mastery of the Greek Cuisine, not only from being the resident executive chef for all the Ethos restaurants, but also for having being at the helm of the
kitchens of Avra and Milos when these upscale establishments opened their doors.



Award-winning website, Punchin-dot-com, features the Walman Report and reviews of restaurants, travel, wine and theater. On the the former premises of the late Meltemi, Ethos UN is the second Manhattan branch of this casual Greek restaurant, with in and Long Island. Many consider it one of the most rewarding Greek restaurants in Manhattan. It is certainly the most ambitious to open on the East Side in many years. The atmosphere reveals itself through a warm, romantic setting and focuses on a dazzling display of fresh fish, displayed on ice, and flown in daily from around the world. The bi-level room with its gray and brown color scheme has large, roomy tables, along bar and a communal dining table for singles, bring a decidedly downtown ambiance uptown. Bubble chandeliers complete the decor, which could be described as Greek Deco.

The service staff is polite, helpful and happy to guide you through your selection. But can be slow, somewhat confused. Don’t miss the wonderful assortment of Greek spreads. An assortment of all cold appetizers, including a combination of “Taramosalata,” a fish-roe mélange, thickened with bread, “Melitzanosalata,” smoked eggplant mousse flavored with herbs, “Tzatzaki,”yogurt, garlic and cucumber spread and “Tyrokafteri,”a zesty mix of feta cheese, hot peppers and olive oil, could make a light meal. (The beets with garlic are a stand out.)

We prefer fish simply grilled and giant prawns would have been wonderful if they had been consistent. Some were on the dry side, others moist and tender. The baby octopus was perfect, as was the pan fried Greek cheese.No problem with the best Moussaka in town: light as a feather and loaded with flavor. Baby lamb shank with orzo was also pleasant The addictive desserts are above average and there is a comfortable wine list with an emphasis on Greek selections at affordable prices, with a good selection by the glass. A three course fixed price lunch is served daily Monday through Friday for $19.95 and dinner is served seven days a week. Ethos UN, 905 First Ave. at 51st Street, is definitely worth a visit and rates A Minor on the Walman Report.

Copyright 2008 By Punchin International. All Rights Reserved.

905 1st Ave – At 51st St
New York, NY 10022

212 888-4060

Orektika – Cold Appetizers
Tzatziki goats milk yogurt with cucumber, dill and garlic 6.50

Pikilia Spread an assortment of our spreads 12.00

Patzaria Skordalia roasted beets marinated with olive oil and vinegar over skordalia garlic spread 8.00

Taramosalata red caviar whipped to a light mousse with lemon and extra virgin olive oil 6.50

Revithosalata chick peas whipped with garlic olive oil fresh herbs with tahini, humus 6.50

Skordalia garlic spread whipped with potato and extra virgin olive oil 6.00

Melitzanosalata roasted baby eggplant whipped with garlic, fresh parsley, herbs, lemon and oil 6.50

Dolmadakia fresh grapevine leaves stuffed with rice and fresh herbs 6.00

Anginares Salata fresh artichokes marinated with garlic roasted red peppers, lemon, oregano, and garlic 9.50

Tyrokafteri a variety of mild sharp feta cheese, roasted jalapeno and red peppers whipped to perfection 7.50

Kalamata Olives 6.50

Feta barrel aged 8.00

Tyropikilia an assortment of feta, haloumi, and kefalograviera cheese 14.00

1/2 Dozen / Dozen
Bluepoint Oysters 9.00 16.00

Littleneck Clams seasonal 8.00 13.00

Orektika – Hot Appetizers
Kalamari Yemisto stuffed kalamari with greek cheese, roasted red pepper and fresh herbs 13.00

Loukaniko Skaras charcoal grilled homemade greek sausage with orange zest and fresh herbs 9.50

Ortikia Sta Karvouna quails marinated in olive oil, fresh herbs and charcoal, grilled to perfection 12.50

Kalamarakia Tiganita tender kalamari seasoned and lightly pan fried 11.00

Kreatomezes chicken breast lamb chops, kefte and sausage 14.00

Gigantes giant lima beans oven baked with tomato, onions and herbs 8.50

Ethos Saganaki spicy melted feta cheese with tomato, fresh herbs and olive oil in a hot pepper sauce 8.00

Octapodi Skaras tender fresh baby octopus charcoal, grilled with authentic greek seasoning and drizzled with olive oil and red wine vinegar 13.00

Kalamari Sta Karvouna tender kalamari charcoal grilled and drizzled with olive oil, lemon and fresh herbs 12.00

Thalasomezes char-grilled shrimp, octopus and calamari 12.00

Keftedakia sauteed ground, lamb seasoned fresh herbs and lemon, greek meatballs 10.50

Spanakopita fresh baby spinach leeks, scallions, dill and imported feta cheese all sauteed and crusted in phyllo dough 8.00

Saganaki Kefalotyri imported greek kefalotyri cheese, pan seared in olive oil and lemon 8.00

Haloumi imported cypriot goat cheese lightly charcoal broiled 8.00

Garides Sta Karvouna jumbo shrimps grilled with fresh herbs in a lemon and olive oil sauce 13.00

Charcoal Grilled
Brizola black angus sirloin 25.00

Biftekia ground lamb mixed with fresh herbs and spices 16.00

Kotopoulo Souvlaki boneless chicken breast kebab over rice 16.00

Paidakia loin baby lamb chops 25.00

Kotopoulo Skaras 1/2 free range chicken, marinated and charcoal grilled to perfection 16.00

Sikoti Skaras charcoal, grilled calf’s liver with extra virgin olive oil and lemon 16.00

Arni Souvlaki marinated cubes of lamb kebab grilled to perfection 19.00

Baked In a Clay Pot
Kotopoulo Giouvetsi boneless chicken breast, oven baked with orzo, fresh tomato sauce and melted feta cheese 16.00

Arni Giouvetsi baby lamb oven baked with orzo, fresh tomato sauce and feta cheese 19.00

Ethos Arni braised baby lamb in a delicate fresh tomato sauce with roasted potatoes, herbs and kefalograviera cheese 19.00

Moussaka layers of ground meat, eggplant, potatoes, topped with bechamel sauce, and oven baked to perfection 16.00

Ethos Other Specialties
Garides Elinikes jumbo shrimp sauteed with fresh tomatoes, scallions, mushrooms, fresh herbs and feta cheese 22.00

Solomos atlantic salmon steak charcoal, grilled to perfection with lemon and olive oil 18.00

Thalassina On a Skewer marinated shrimp, swordfish, scallops, tomato, pepper and onion broiled in lemon and olive oil. 22.00

Garides Mesogiou jumbo shrimps grilled with fresh herb shrimp grilled with fresh herb in lemon and olive oil dressing 22.00

Xifias center cut swordfish charcoal grilled with lemon and olive oil 21.00

Solomos Ambelofilo atlantic salmon with herbs gently wrapped in grapevine leaves, char-broiled to perfection 20.00

Garnitoures – Sides $5
Please Ask Server for Availability
Fasolakia stewed string beans
Spanakorizo sauteed spinach and rice
Horta steamed dandelions
Spanaki sauteed spinach
Patates Tou Fourno oven roasted lemon potatoes
Patates Tiganites fresh cut fries with oregano
Pilafi rice pilaf

Manitaria Saganaki portobello mushroom grilled with kefalograviera greek cheese and sauteed in a red wine sauce. 10.00

Garides Saganaki sauteed shrimps with feta cheese, and fresh light tomato sauce. 13.00

Mydia Krasata sauteed mussels prepared with fresh light tomato sauce, white wine and feta cheese. 8.00

Melitzana or Kolokythakia Skordalia pan fried eggplant or zucchini with garlic dip. 7.50

Salates – Salads
Small / Large
Domata vine ripened tomatoes with red onion, oregano, extra virgin olive oil, feta cheese and olives 9.00

Maroulosalata hearts of romaine lettuce, scallions, dill and feta cheese. drizzled with olive oil and lemon dressing 9.00

Ethos Salata organic mixed field greens with grilled fennel, sundried tomatoes, goat cheese, olives, greek wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil 11.00

Salata Octapodi baby octopus with mixed organic greens, vine ripened tomatoes and grilled peppers with a lemon and olive dressing 13.00

Elliniki classic greek salad with vine-ripened tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, romaine lettuce, olives and feta cheese 8.00 10.00

Hovoli Metsovo grilled potatoes, onions, yellow and red peppers, mushrooms with extra virgin olive oil, lemon and greek wine vinegar 10.00

Athos Salata dried cranberries, mixed greens, goat cheese and walnuts with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing 10.00

Kypriaki imported cypriot goat cheese lightly grilled, with roasted red peppers and grilled croutons on a bed of baby greens with slices of sour apples in an olive oil basil lemon dressing 12.00

Psaria – Fish
Per Lb. Fish Varies By Weight, Priced Per Pound Please Visit And Select Your Own Fresh Whole Fish From Our Display.
Synagrida american red snapper – white, moist and lean fish with a sweet flavor 19.00

Fagri pink snapper – a firm mediterranean fish seasonal availability. 18.00

Kalogeria sea bass – mid-atlantic with a mild flavor and moist tender flakes. 19.00

Bronzini mediterranean white flaky fish also known as loup de mer 22.00

Sargos a delicacy with a distinct mild sweet flavor seasonal availability 18.00

Tsipoura porgy – fish with a milk light flavor 19.00

Lavraki striped bass – a moist flaky lean white fish 18.00

Barbounia red millets – a mediterranean delicacy with a sweet flavor seasonal availability. 18.00

Orata mediterranean white flaky fish 20.00

Freshly Caught Whole Fish Charcoal grilled and Drizzled with our own Homemade Olive Oil Lemon, Infused with Traditional Herbs.