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Ballatore Gran Spumante

Spirito Ballatore, the winemaker behind this incredible sparkler, has won hundreds of awards for his well-priced sparkling wine, since he introduced it in 1984.

It’s not completely dry, but it’s not sweet either. Most of us say we like “dry” wine, but we really prefer a little sweetness to round out the flavors. We just think “dry” is more sophisticated. Get over it. Try this low-risk, high-reward sparkler.

Ballatore Spumante was introduced in 1984.
Since that time, Ballatore has consistently
been awarded top honors in some of the
nation’s most prestigious competitions. To
date, Ballatore Spumante holds over 250

The winemaker, Spir Ballatore, styled this
delightful sparkling wine in a manner similar to Spumantes from the Asti region of Italy, with a proprietary blend of specially selected California grapes.

The delicate freshness of Ballatore makes it a most charming sparkling wine. Inviting aromas reminiscent of ripe peaches and apricots combine to form a delightfully complex bouquet. Well-balanced and rich in
varietal character, this sparkling wine refreshes with melony flavors and a crisp, clean finish.

While traditionally enjoyed with desserts, Ballatore is an elegant and festive companion to any occasion.
SRP: $7.99 – $8.99
Alcohol: 8.20%
Residual Sugar: 8.0g/100ml
Total Acidity: 0.80
pH: 3.00
Release Date: NV
Cases Produced: 500,000
Grape Source: Primarily California’s
Central Valley

Ballatore Rosso Spumantespumanti1


If you like Asti-style sparklers, it’s time to think pink. This wine starts out as winemaker Spirito Ballatore’s classic Gran Spumante; then he blends it with red wine to create great color and flavors.

With a touch of sweetness, this bubbly is balanced by the tannic components in the red blend.

California Sparkling Wine, ©2002 Ballatore Cellars,
Modesto, CA. All rights reserved.
Alcohol: 8.20%
Residual Sugar:
Total Acidity: 0.80
pH: 3.00
Release Date: NV
Grape Source: 100% California
Cases Produced: 75,000
Since its introduction in 1984,
Ballatore Cellars Gran Spumante
has consistently won top honors in
many of the nation’s most
prestigious wine tasting
competitions. To date, Ballatore
Gran Spumante holds over 250

Building on this success, winemaker
Spirito Ballatore recently married the
award-winning taste of his Gran
Spumante with a select blend of red
wine varietals to craft a unique new
sparkling wine – Ballatore Rosso
Red Spumante .

With inviting blackberry and citrus
aromas and a vibrant ruby color,
Ballatore Rosso Red Spumante is
a truly captivating sparkling wine.
Rich in character, this unique red
sparkling wine offers well-balanced
flavors of raspberries and cherries
with a crisp, clean finish.
While spumantes are traditionally
enjoyed with desserts, Ballatore
Rosso Red Spumante is a
delightful companion for any