One 83


One 83

1608 First Ave., between 83rd & 84th St., New York, NY

Phone: (212) 327-4700, Fax: (212) 327-4747



Cuisine: Classic Italian

Owner’s: Milan Licul, Omer Grgurev, Freddie Grgurev, Branko Turcinovic

Seating Capacity: Bar: 20

Main Dining Room: 65

Hours of Operation: Dinner: Monday-Sunday, 6:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Lunch & Brunch Sat. & Sunday

Bar: Monday-Sunday, 6:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Price Range: Appetizers: $8.25 – $13.50. Pasta: $16.75-$21.25
Entrées: $23.95 – $32.25. (Whole Fish, Market Price)

Desserts: $7.50

Wines: An eclectic and fine selection, including Italian, American, French & The World. 8 Wines By The Glass: $8-$8.50. Bottle Range: $38-$225. Good Selection $50 & Under.

Credit Cards: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover

Reservations: Recommended for Dining Room


Review By Nancy Walman

The space that previously housed a haute French restaurant (La Fourchette), an upmarket wine-bar-cum-restaurant (a branch of the successful Merchants NY) and Aïgo, which featured pan-Mediterranean cuisine, has now found its true calling. Now five years old, One83 gets our vote as one of the best classic Italian restaurants on the Upper East Side, with prices a notch below its competitors. Its four owners are responsible for some of Manhattan’s most solid Italian restaurants and the remake of Delmonico’s. Service is far more polished than one encounters in this class of restaurant. From the front of the house, to waiters and busboys, everyone seems to be doing something — and — doing it well.

Housed in a colorful space that evokes the true spirit of Italy, One83 has a warm and inviting interior with an array of midnight and sky blues, and copper and golden hues. The 65-seat dining room is complemented by light woods and multi-level suede squares that line the ceiling and are the color of the deep blue Mediterranean sky. The restaurant also offers al fresco dining in a lovely garden blooming with fresh greens and flowers.

Such appetizers as imported prosciutto, asparagus and the finest mozzarella available will delight you, as will a fritto misto of fried calamari, shrimp, cod and zucchini in a zesty tomato sauce. All pasta dishes can be ordered in half portions. Standouts include homemade linguini with fresh clams, Italian bacon, chilies and white wine and fettuccine with baby sweet peas and an aromatic meat sauce.

Entrees, often a letdown at NY Italian restaurants, excel at One83. You’ll love wild king salmon, encrusted with herbs in a lemon-chardonnay sauce and “long bone” veal chop in Barolo wine sauce. Remy Djelosevic, the charming restaurant manager and captain, will select the perfect bottle and there are fine wines by the glass starting at $10 as well as an excellent bar. Service is polished and personal.

Desserts are light and refreshing or sinfully rich. Whatever you choose, be sure to include the mixed berries in a cold Zabaglione sauce and the especially memorable Italian cheesecake. Wonderful coffee and biscotti are lovely conclusions. ONE83, 1608 First Ave., between 83rd & 84th St., is an island of civility, a personal favorite and rates A Major on The Walman Report.

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ONE83 SAMPLE Dinner Menu

Prices & Items May Change

Northern Italian Cuisine

Rollatine 10.25 Salmone 13.75
(Rolled eggplant, pine nuts, raisins, basil, pecorino, (The best Scottish smoked salmon)
tomato and basil sauce)
Fritto Misto 12.75 Gamberi 11.75
(Fried calamari, shrimp, cod, zucchini (Shrimp sauteed with cannelloni beans,
in a spicy tomato sauce) artichoke hearts, tomato and arugula)
Carcioffi 10.75 La Zuppa Della Nona 8.25
(Baked artichoke with bread crumbs, pecorino, (My grandmother’s daily fresh homemade soup)
fine herbs and garlic)
Burata 12.50
(The finest mozzarella with asparagus and prosciutto riserva)

Tropicale 11.25 Rape Rosse 10.75
(Hearts of palm, ripe avocado, cherry tomato (Roasted red beets with walnuts, orange segments
and citrus dressing) and warm goat cheese)
Rucola 10.75 Cesare 10.25
(Arugula, parmigiano, shaved fennel, cherry tomato (Caesar salad
and Dijon dressing) with chicken or shrimp add 6.00 )
Mista 19.50 Tartare 11.75
(Mixture of organic greens in a balsamic vinaigrette) (Yellow fin tuna tartar with
shaved fennel and garlic toast)
Ask your waiter about our special selection of dessert wine, fine grappas and reserve vintage wines.
Private Rooms Available
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Ravioli 17.80 Tagliatelle 16.75
(Homemade shrimp and crab meat ravioli (Homemade fettuccine with baby sweet peas
with tomato sauce and asparagus) and an atomatic meat sauce)
Penne 17.25 Trenette 17.50
(Vodka, asparagus, prosciutto, peas, Homemade trenette with shrimp, artichoke
and pink sauce) and a fresh tomato and basil sauce)
Taglioni 17.50 Farfalle 18.25
(Homemade linguini pasta, fresh clams, (Farfalle pasta with chicken breast,
pancetta, chilies and white wine) sweet Italian sausage and portobello mushroom)
Risotto del Giorno 21.25

Salmone 23.95 Polletto Arrosto 24.75
(Wild king salmon encrusted with herbs (Roasted baby chicken with risotts milanese,
and a chardonnay lemon sauce) artichoke and black olives)
Tonno 26.50 Vitello alla Griglia 30.50
(Yellow fin tuna, artichoke hearts, fresh tomato, (Long bone veal chop with a Barolo wine sauce
ligurian olives and capers) and wild mushrooms)
Scaloppine di Vitello al ONE83 24.75 Tagliata di Manzo 32.25
(Veal scaloppini, lump crab meat, fontina cheese (Grilled rib-eye steak with roasted baby potatoes)
and cognac sauce)
Scaloppine di Vitello al Marsala 24.50
(Veal scaloppini sauteed with porcini mushrooms in a marsala sauce)

Rapini with Roasted Garlic 7.00 Steamed Spinach 7.00
Roasted Beets 7.00 Cabbage with Speck 7.00
Splitting Orders Charged Accordingly
Gratuity of 18% will be added to parties of more than 6 persons.
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1608 1st Avenue
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Phone • 212. 327.4700
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