Discover Exceptional Italian Wines

Cradled by the Adige River and the Italian Alps, Salorno is an exceptional microclimate of unparalleled richness. The presence of the Alps protects the region from the cold winds originating in the North and the Mediterranean influence coming off Garda Lake in the South grant conditions ripe for cultivating extraordinary wine varietals.

Salorno has been the converging point of cultures from the North and South since the 18th century. Tolloy’s modern philosophy is borne out of this region’s dynamic history. The international taste profile of Tolloy’s single varietal wines is the ideal backdrop to showcase the singular characteristics that this microclimate lends to its wines. Tolloy’s wines can be enjoyed on their own or with International cuisine.

Tolloy Pinot Grigio Dolomiti IGT

This Pinot Grigio is cultivated at the foot of the Italian Dolomites, where this noble varietal has been grown for centuries. A rich microclimate, hand selection of the grapes and careful vinification grant this wine a unique complexity.

Color: Straw yellow
Bouqet: Intense and ample; transitions from nuances of pear, white peach and melon to delicate floral notes of magnolia.
Flavor: Delicate vein of minerality and brilliant freshness

Pairings: Ideal as an aperitif; recommended with soups, fish, white meat and young cheeses.

Alcohol: 12.5%

Tolloy Sauvignon Blanc Dolomiti IGT

This wine represents the pinnacle of aromas born out of the Dolomites. Hand-harvested and isolated from outside air, this Sauvignon Blanc strikes the senses.

Color: Pale yellow
Bouquet: with an intoxicating notes of orchids and other botanicals that mingle with hints of Sambuco, peach and pineapple
Flavor: Fragrant tannins and minerality give this wine a refined, yet vibrant palate that is pleasantly refreshing.

Pairings: Ideal as an aperitif; pairs well with shellfish, fish, and creamy cheeses

Alcohol: 12.5%

Tolloy Pinot Noir Dolomiti IGT

The cool nights and the loose, rocky terrain of the Dolomite foothills give this Pinot Noir is unmistakeable concentration of aromas.

Color: Ruby red
Bouqet: Heady nose of red currant, dried prunes and wild strawberries with subtle earthy undertones.
Flavor: Light balsamic and vanilla notes from 12 months of ageing in oak add a layer of complexity to this pleasing wine.

Pairings: An ideal accompaniment to charcuterie, grilled fish, game meats, and aged cheeses.

Alcohol: 12.5%