Tadka New York

Tadka - Front of Restaurant

Tadka New York

229 East 53rd Street, NYC –
212-355-9660 or (212) 355-9662
Fax: (212) 355-9665. Delivery for the tri-state area.

Website: http://www.tadkanyc.com/

By Nancy Walman

Another addition to Shiva Natarajan critically acclaimed Indian eateries in the Tri-State area that include Chola, Dhaba, Bombay, Malabar, Malabar Hill and Jaipore Royal Cuisine. Mr. Natarajan is excited to add this small gem to his roster and hopes that the cuisine will spark the same type of following that The Chola Group’s eateries’ have already received by both press and diners.

Shiva Natarajan is the owner and Chef Consultant for this intimate eatery. it is affordable and offers delicious Northern Indian cuisine. His goal is to inspire New Yorkers who have not tried the tantalizing cuisine to step into the exotic world, and flavors, of India.

And if they are already fans, the new restaurant will offer clients a reasonably priced option with food that can be delivered directly to home of office if so inclined.

closeup corner settingTadka New York, with its dark wood and light-flowing lanterns, combines traditional Indian décor with a New York sensibility. This intimate eatery features dark wooden floors and tables and comfortable chairs, a green banquette and walls decorated with a large mirror and small statues hidden amidst strategically mounted frames.

The large front window gives the feeling of airiness coupled with serene relaxation. Space is limited and yet the overall feel comfortable and inviting.

The food, an extension of the fine dining experience at his creative other restaurants and is reasonably priced.The menu is extensive, with something for everyone, and they offer catering for all occasions and corporate accounts are welcome!!!

Outstanding service and perfectly balanced spicing are the hallmark of this charming restaurant. Don’t miss the fabulous goat curry; the best keema (hand-chopped lamb) curry imaginable; unbelievable garlic nan (bread) and light desserts, especially the airy fritters in syrup. All vegetable dishes are outstanding and the spicing is subtle and exciting. Rice creations and breads also shine and it would be an injustice to call the feast that arrived at our home takeout. Here is classy cuisine that is arguably the best Indian-delivery food in New York. Another bravo to Mr. Natarajan. That’s A Major on The Walman Report.

No Liquor. BYOB, NO Corkage Charge.

Tadka Inside 1

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