Dumante Bottle


A Seductive Winner

Dumante Verdenoce Liqueur is the only pistachio liqueur. This delicious liqueur is handcrafted in small batches in Southern Italy but created locally by Louisville entrepreneurs, Howard Sturm and Paul Paletti. Howard’s amore for pistachio’s and luxury liqueurs sent him on a journey to Italy and Sicily to research and create his Dumante. Dumante’s ultimate combination of a slowly steeped Sicilian pistachio infusion with fine artisan spirits and delicate natural ingredients creates a flavor like no other…rich, smooth, aromatic with a long and complex finish.

Dumante is not at the level of most cordials since it has only been on the market since 07. It is in 8 markets and New York is one of them! I think Howard Sturm would make an elegant guest discussing the discovery of Dumante and his many trips to Italy in perfecting the taste of this luxury liqueur on your radio program?! Or we can ship you a bottle to taste and review on the show? Dumante is also delicious to cook with.

Absolutely delicious neat, we love this added to whipped cream, poured into a soufflé or over fresh fruit. Not only unique, Dumante will be the premier liqueur at many KY Derby events and parties this year and has a suggested retail price between $37-$45 at various liqueur stores nationwide. Dumante Verdenoce is one of the world’s great liqueurs rates A Major on Wine On Line.


Dumante Verdenoce is the first ultra premium pistachio Italian liqueur produced for the US and international markets. Unique not only in its flavor profile and artisan production methods, Dumante uses a genuine Sicilian pistachio infusion and other all-natural ingredients.

“Created in Louisville and Produced in Italy” is much more than a marketing statement describing Dumante. Dumante was actually created and developed in Louisville by entrepreneur Howard Sturm, a long time connoisseur of Italian wines, foods and spirits. Assisted by his business partner and local arts patron Paul Paletti, as well as numerous local companies in the Kentucky spirits industry, Dumante was first released in Kentucky and seven other states in late 2007. Dumante is actually produced and bottled in southern Italy by BMK Specialty Products LLC (Sturm and Paletti’s production company) and an Italian producer and bottler of artisan spirits in operation since the late 1800’s.

Dumante was developed to be an ultra premium Italian spirit and a luxury “step up” brand from the well established nut based Italian liqueurs. It is designed for the luxury “on premise” market and is found in up-scale quality restaurants and clubs currently in eight states. It is also sold in off premise retail stores in all eight states.

Dumante is marketed both as a luxury ultra premium product served “neat” before or after dinner and also as a fine Italian spirit ideal for mixing with other spirits in martinis and other cocktails. The unique pistachio infusion and other flavors such as vanilla make it ideal for pairing with a wide variety of spirits. Importantly, Dumante has been extraordinarily well received by chefs and other culinary professionals who have never, until now, had a pistachio liqueur to include in their recipes. Numerous restaurants and even culinary institutes in several states have created Dumante inspired entrees, appetizers and desserts.

The market demographics for Dumante are similar to those of other high-end liqueurs. The target consumers for Dumante are classified into two groups: (i) affluent, age 35 and older (some special emphasis on female consumers) and (ii) young adult age 21 – 35.

Marketing efforts for the first group, Dumante’s primary market, over age 35, focuses on the luxury on premise restaurant market as well as culinary, arts, charitable and similar events. Dumante is beginning a national promotion to participate in and sponsor events in high-end restaurants, performing arts programs, visual arts programs, culinary arts events, and sporting and other community events.

Marketing efforts for the second group, age 21 – 35, focuses on club and bar events, tastings (including the development of new innovative cocktails and martinis) performing arts events, and off premise tastings.

Dumante utilizes a team of experienced marketing; public relations, graphic arts, and other service providers as well as its own staff to market the product in the major markets it is participating in.


Dumante Verdenoce Italian Pistachio Liqueur was conceived and developed by Louisville, Kentucky entrepreneur and attorney Howard S. Sturm. A life-long connoisseur of anything Italian including wine and food, Mr. Sturm is also a fan of the pistachio nut since childhood. When marketing research disclosed that the U.S. market had never had a luxury Italian spirit based on the pistachio (although other nuts were common), Mr. Sturm decided to develop this artisan product. Mr. Sturm utilized the product development resources of his other companies as well as local service providers in the strong spirits industry in Kentucky. He also located world class producers and suppliers in Italy.

Sturm’s business and legal partner and local arts patron, Paul Paletti, was the first to join the team to help finalize the product development and to assist on all regulatory, financial and administrative matters. Together Sturm and Paletti expanded the team as sales and marketing efforts began. The partners are supporters of the culinary, visual and performing arts and give back to the community.

Dumante Verdenoce is an award winning ultra-premium Italian spirit distributed in eight states. The Company is aggressively pursuing creative and innovative marketing to publicize this unique first-to-market pistachio infused liqueur and its quality all natural ingredients.