“Tree-Free” Wine Bags

earth in balance
Putting the Earth in Balance With “Tree-Free” Wine Bags

Gift and wine bags may not usually have a very big price tag for the consumer, but they tend to have a huge one for our planet. The associated cost of producing paper products is a tremendous one-both in terms of natural resources, water born waste, atmospheric emissions, and BTU consumption. Thankfully, Joy Harding is giving the eco-minded consumer a perfect alternative with Earth Balance Bag, her line of tree-free paper bags.

The Earth Balance Bag is the latest concept in environmental sustainability, and the first product of its kind to be made available for commercial resale in the United States. Made primarily from limestone, it does away with the wasteful processes associated with paper production. The “tree-free” product combines inorganic mineral powder from pulverized limestone with a small amount of hi-density polyethylene as a binder, making a sturdy paper alternative that’s as sustainable as it is chic. For every ton of tree-free paper that’s produced, there are tremendous environmental advantages: 20 trees saved, 42 pounds of water born waste avoided, 236 pounds of atmospheric emissions eliminated, 16,000 gallons of water conserved, and 36,000 BTU’s of energy not consumed.

Tree-free paper offers other benefits for the environment, too-it has no chemical bleaching, uses zero water consumption, creates no hazardous waste for our environment, and is still recyclable (throw it in with plastics, not paper) Better yet, it uses leftover, unused material from existing limestone quarries, which means that no new mines are needed for the production of the bags. The resulting product is waterproof, sustainable, and long-lasting-the Earth Balance bag can be reused several times before it shows signs of wear.

Thus far, designs range from the simple and monochromatic to festive, edgy patterns and messages, with many more in the works (all printed with environmentally friendly soy-based inks). Also coming soon are larger gift bags in various shapes and sizes, which will allow consumers to have an eco-friendly alternative for gift packaging no matter what they decide to give. For retailers or corporations looking to carry a unique product, the Earth Balance bag can be customized with signature color schemes and logos with infinite possibilities.

Regardless of what’s going into the bags, customers can feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that five percent of all Earth Balance Bag profits will be going to such charities as Susan G. Komen For The Cure, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and various foundations that promote a greener planet. This means that one thing is for sure-by caring for our planet’s wellbeing and contributing to worthy charities, Ms. Harding and her line of Earth Balance bags are out to make a real difference.

For more information on the Earth Balance Bag and how to purchase them for your establishment or retail store, please go to www.earthbalancebag.com.