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New Ultra-Premium Gin Innovates the Category with Unique Distillation

Available Now in Select Bars and Retail Outlets

In New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas

OXLEY is a new ultra-premium gin capturing the freshest flavors of botanical ingredients to create a bright and intense tasting gin unlike any on the market. Through an exclusive distillation process, pioneering approach towards creation, limited product availability and hand craftsmanship, OXLEY provides a sophisticated tasting experience for gin and spirit aficionados.

To create OXLEY, leading experts in gin and natural botanicals came together with the pioneering minds of scientists to innovate and reappraise how gin is made. While respecting and honoring the centuries-old traditions of classic English Dry gin creation, they implemented a new, unique Cold Distillation process, elevating the brand amongst its traditional counterparts. With just one sip, a wave of flavors is unleashed on the palate from citrusy fruits to intensely aromatic herbs and vibrant spices that taste freshly-picked.

“Our ambition was to produce an exceptional tasting, ultra-premium gin with no compromises that would satisfy even the most scrutinizing of palates,” said OXLEY Vice President, Brand Managing Director Giles Woodyer. “A gin that marries authenticity and craftsmanship with innovation and technology, OXLEY is a luxury gin and a first for spirit connoisseurs.”

Cold Distillation

The supreme taste of OXLEY Gin is realized through a revolutionary new method of spirit distillation without the use of heat. Known as Cold Distillation, this is a groundbreaking process in the spirits industry. The heat used for traditional distillation can impact on natural flavors. Through the boiling of botanicals, as many gin distillers do, delicate flavors and aromas can be lost, altered or diminished in the process, while harsh or “cooked” notes can emerge.

OXLEY is the first spirit to use Cold Distillation with sub-zero temperatures, at approximately -5ºC, that preserve the natural essences of its ingredients, providing a true and unchanged flavorsome gin drinking experience. While Cold Distillation makes possible the fresh, bright, intense taste of OXLEY, what makes it achievable is its exclusive and small batch production. Meticulous handcrafted methods ensure thatOXLEY is consistently smooth and an exceptionally high quality spirit. Each bottle of OXLEY is carefully bottled by hand at 47% ABV and then hand-wrapped with a leather tie, signifying the final seal of quality. Only 240 bottles are produced each day, making the gin a genuine rarity.

The Finest Botanicals

To enhance the taste of OXLEY Gin, only the freshest and finest botanical ingredients are selected to craft this pioneering spirit. Each of its 14 botanical ingredients including Juniper, citrus fruits, and Meadowsweet, is prepared, weighed and measured again by hand. Unlike other gins which typically use dried peels, OXLEY uses fresh, hand-peeled citrus fruits. Juniper berries, an essential element of any gin recipe, release overly strong pine notes when exposed to prolong heat.

Through the use of sub-zero distillation temperatures, the problem is overcome and subtler aspects of the berries’ taste are retained. The final key ingredient is the English herb Meadowsweet, which is rare to gins, but also complementary and beneficial for Cold Distilled gin. Meadowsweet brings a rounded, almond flavor to OXLEY and further harmonizes the botanicals in the spirit.

Limited Availability

OXLEY is available in select bars and limited retail outlets in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco and New York beginning this month with a suggested retail price of $50.00. To fully appreciate the taste, OXLEY Gin should be sipped and savored responsibly.

For recommended preparation, pour 50 milliliters or 1.5 ounces into a large balloon glass filled with five cubes of ice. Chill OXLEY by swirling the glass and garnish with a twist of fresh grapefruit zest to maximize enjoyment of the fresh, bright, intense taste and aromas of the gin.

For more information, please visit www.oxleygin.com

About OXLEY® Classic English Dry Gin

OXLEY® is a revolutionary new gin that combines a pioneering distillation process with traditional handcrafted English gin-making methods to create a naturally fresh, bright and intense tasting gin. Rarity, innovation and natural botanical flavors are fundamental to the story and foundation of OXLEY, applying Cold Distillation to preserve the flavors and natural ingredients from maceration to final production. Imported directly from its English distillery, OXLEY is only available in the United States in selected cities including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.

For more information, please visit www.oxleygin.com





Product Fact Sheet


· Oxley is a historically common Angelo Saxon name meaning meadow or field capturing the fresh and bright characteristics of the brand’s taste.

· After eight years in the making, OXLEY is a revolutionary new gin created in a way that is completely unique from its competitors by using an innovative distillation process that captures and preserves the flavors of the natural ingredients from maceration to the final product.

· The knowledge and experience of gin experts came together with scientists and experts of natural botanicals to innovate and reappraise the creation of this gin, while respecting and honoring the history of handcrafted English gin-making tradition.


· The natural ingredients of the gin are preserved through an innovative cold distillation process delivering a fresh, bright, intense classic gin taste.

· Each bottle of Oxley is crafted from start to finish by hand in very small batches, limiting the distillery to only 240 bottles per day.

· Fresh citrus peels from lemon, grapefruit and orange are used to create the flavor, unlike other gins that use heat-dried fruit.

· Since no heating is involved, and because Oxley is created with only the highest of quality ingredients, nothing from the distilled product is discarded.


· Imported directly from its English distillery, Oxley is only available in selected cities around the United States including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas with a suggested retail price of $50.00 USD.


· The cork used in the OXLEY bottle is made from French Oak and contains an OXLEY stamp on top.

· The leather tie hanging from the bottle has OXLEY on one side and Dry Gin on the other and is only placed once the bottle has been approved in quality.

· The OXLEY bucket is recyclable and was created to enhance the freshness of the taste.

· Each bottle is individually numbered to reflect the rarity of the brand.

For more information, please visit www.oxleygin.com

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