Puro Chile, Pure Culture Wine, Food, Design + Travel Emporium opens in Manhattan


Puro Chile, a new multimedia retail concept, brings a singular Chilean selection of artisanal wines, gourmet foods, compelling art crafts and the country’s spectacular sights to the heart of Manhattan.

The 2,900 square foot store, designed by internationally celebrated Chilean architect Felipe Assadi, will open on September 23rd at 161 Grand Street. The founders, a group of internationally successful entrepreneurs, set out to create a modern experiential destination that engages the five senses and combine to tell the story of Chile. Co-Founder Mauricio Banchieri states, “A storefront at the busy, international crossroads of SoHo is the ultimate way to offer a portal to our exciting world of Chile.”


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Offering a full spectrum of the country’s celebrated wineries (including a number of hard to find cult wines like Matetic and Odfjell), the store will host regular tastings with the top Chilean wine makers along with state of the art virtual tours of their wineries and wine regions. Oenophiles will be able to join the Puro Chile Club to receive discounts and advance notice on the arrival of new vintages of their favorite wines. Sophisticated gourmands will be drawn to the epicurean showcase section of the store where Puro Chile will offer a first hand experience of the country’s many flavors. The specialty grocery will feature samples of extra virgin olive and avocado oils, exotic spices (including the alluring merken), and specialty drinks including natural sparkling juices and glacier pure waters. The food obsessed New Yorker will be introduced to unusual fruits like wild baby pears and caricas along with other Chilean gourmet favorites. According to Banchieri, “We anticipate that New York natives and tourists alike will be fascinated by the many undiscovered products and regions of Chile.” With Chile globally recognized as a leader in green living, Puro Chile will also devote a portion of the store to the nation’s top eco-friendly designers. These artisans have all successfully incorporated traditional centuries old, native techniques and local materials into compelling contemporary design. Unique Chilean semi-precious stones such as Ignea and Combarbalita along with vegetal fibers and alpaca wools have been re-cast into stylish jewelry, handbags, blankets and cushions. The store will provide a US retail home for innovative designers such as Marta Morrison and Uniko. In addition to experiencing the tastes of Chile, visitors will be able to book travel plans at onsite terminals, explore business ventures in Chile, and preview vacation homes. Multiple high definition images of the nation’s visually arresting vistas will be projected throughout the store, allowing visitors to learn more about the diverse regions of the country and quite literally experience being amidst the glaciers of Antartica or in the Atacama desert. To capitalize on its offerings and expand its audience, architect Assadi has designed a versatile, convertible, space representative of modern Chile. The dynamic wood, glass and concrete environment will be available for private cocktail and dinner events. Puro Chile will be open daily from 10am-7pm and is in close proximity to 6, N, R, W & Q subway train stops.



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