Le Colonial



Le Colonial is located at 149 East 57th Street, between Lexington and 3rd Avenues.
Phone:  212.752.0808  212.752.0808 | Fax: 212.752.7534
Hours Of Operation
Lunch is served in the main dining room Monday through Friday from 12:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Dinner is served in the main dining room seven nights per week:
5:30 – 11:00 Sunday- Monday
5:30 – 11:30 Tuesday – Thursday
5:30 – midnight Friday – Saturday
The 2nd floor bar and lounge is open at 4:30 daily.
Guests can enjoy the lounge menu Tuesday – Saturday until 1:00 a.m., and Sunday-Monday until midnight. 

Executive Chef Extrodinaire: Xuan Pham (Below)colonial-chef2


Beverage Director: David Merida (Above)

Le Colonial
Le Colonial
San Francisco


The Queen of Asian Cuisine Reigns at Le Colonial

By Nancy Walman


Designed by Greg Jordan, of Greg Jordan, Inc., Le Colonial transports guests to another milieu from a bygone era, to the enchanting tropical Southeast Asia from the 1920s. To re-create the mood and experience of this magnificent time and place in all its splendor, Mr. Jordan says, "I chose to design with unique tiled floors, crudely painted walls and antique mercury panels to keep the interior as simple, yet as elegant as possible."

The ecru walls of the first-floor Dining Room are lined with handsome, louvered shutters. Comfortable, tightly-woven rattan chairs surround amply-spaced tables that provide seating for as many as 95 guests. The 12ft ceilings feature delicate fans to gently cool the room, which is filled with lush, potted palms and graceful banana trees. Nostalgic photographs of life in Saigon during the 1920s cover the walls and lead guests up to a lively second floor Lounge.

Upstairs, there is a large mahogany Bar that serves cocktails for up to 25 guests. Sensual music fills the spacious room. colonial-lounge Guests can sit at the Bar or in the 50-person Lounge, a comfortable, romantic oasis adorned with sofas, Oriental rugs, low tables and antique furnishings.

Enhancing the restaurant’s exquisite ambiance and feel is the exceptional menu of authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Among the Appetizer and Petite Salad choices arecolonial-egg roll Cha Gio, crispy spring rolls with shrimp, pork, crab, shitake mushrooms and nuoc cham dipping sauce; Chao Tom, grilled shrimp mousse wrapped on sugar cane, with angel hair noodles with lettuce wraps and peanut dipping sauce; and Goi Ca, seared rare tuna with black pepper crust, atop a mesclun salad tossed with a spicy soy dressing. A tasting of 5 appetizers is a perfect way to begin. Also sample the crabmeat and avocado martini.


Signature entrees include Ca Chien Saigon, Vietnamese crisp-seared whole red snapper with a light, spicy and sour; Bo La Lot, grilled lemongrass filet mignon wrapped in la lot leaves served with peanuts and pineapple mesclun salad; Ca Chien Gung, pan seared salmon with ginger crust with basil, leeks and bell peppers, served with lemongrass sauce; and Bo Sate, sautéed filet mignon with sate spice, yams and long beans. STEAMED CHILEAN SEA BASS WRAPPED IN BANANA LEAVES, WITH GLASS NOODLES, ROMA TOMATOES, SHIITAKE & OYSTER MUSHROOMS & GINGER SOY SAUCE is one of the best seafood creations we tasted this year. colonial-fish


An expertly trained waitstaff assists guests in understanding the truly unique menu, and is always available to offer suggestions on complimenting dishes. There is an excellent mixologist and a good selection of wine and beer, thanks to Beverage Director,  David Merida . Even the desserts, often an afterthought in Asian restaurants, are memorable. I especially liked the green tea, layered crepe-pie. And don’t miss the terrific Vietnamese coffee (like a café filtre with evaporated milk).colonial-dumplingh

Le Colonial is a world class Vietnamese restaurant (and one of our personal favorites of any genre in New York). Thanks to the efforts of executive chef Xuan Pham, dishes are pure, clean,  and traditional with a bow to a healthy, contemporary life style. A former pharmacist (with an MBA as well), her style is unique. New York’s premiere Vietnamese restaurant is a gem and is not to be missed.

See Menu, Chef’s Bio and more Images.

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Chef’s Bio

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Brigitte Xuan PHAM

Born in Saigon, with the fabulous multi-cultural jewel city of Vietnam, and raised in Paris, France, Brigitte Xuan PHAM has been cooking at a very young age.

After spending a tremendous amount of time in France, and having come from a family of gourmet cooks, scientists, and world class travelers, Pham learned Math, Sciences before the techniques of French Cooking, but has always collected Vietnamese treasured family recipes. Her passion in cooking stems from years of travels in Southeast Asia, Europe, where she became well versed in French-Vietnamese traditional lifestyle and exposure to many diverse cuisine types.

With degrees in different fields, from Pharmacology, Advertising to Business Administration, Xuan has worked with the big pharma in Palo Alto, California and major advertising companies in Los Angeles.

After she moved to Los Angeles, she went to cooking school, and worked for Legendary Chef/Owner Michel Richard at Citrus & Citronelle. There she learned the subtleties of the American palate towards the Far East cuisine.

Now, she owns a restaurant in Paris. Currently she resides in California, and is an Executive Chef and a Food Consultant at Le Colonial in SF and NY and she is working on a cookbook for Le Colonial restaurants.





Dinner Menu


Soups $8

1. Pho hearty oxtail soup with rice noodles, beef, tenderloin, fresh herbs

2. Canh Chua Tom shrimp tamarind soup, bac ha, okra, pineapple ngo om

First Courses

10. Cha Gio crispy spring rolls with shrimp, pork, crab meat, shitake, nuoc, chom dip

11. Cha Gio Vit crispy duck rolls, with taro jicama, mint nuoc cham dip

12. Cha Gio Chay vegetarian crispy rolls, taro, tofu, woodear, mushrooms, carrots soy sauce dip

13. Goi Cuon summer rolls with shrimp, bean sprouts rice vermicelli, mint, peanut sauce

14. Bo Bia Chay vegetarian summer rolls with chayote, jicama, shitake, basil peanuts sweet bean dipping sauce

20. Chao Tom grilled shrimp mousse wrapped on sugar cane, angel hair noodles, mint, lettuce wrap, peanut sauce

22. Banh Cuon steamed ravioli filled with chicken, woodear mushrooms, bean sprouts basil, cilantro nuoc cham sauce

24. Suon Nuong lemongrass rubbed baby back ribs on the grill

25. Ca Bam wok seared monkfish, with peanuts, chili basil, served with toasted sesame rice crackers

26. Banh Xeo crispy moon rice crepe with shrimp, crabmeat, bean sprouts, lettuce wrap nuoc cham dipping sauce

Petites Salades

30. Le Colonial 28 a rainbow vegetarian taste of 28 selected gourmet salad tossed in lemon tamarind sauce

31. Goi Xoai mango & apple salad, with poached shrimp, cashew, mint

32. Goi Chuoi traditional chicken salad, with banana blossom, pear, cabbage, peanuts, rau ram, served with shrimp chips

33. Goi Ca seared rare tuna with black pepper crust, mesclun salad tossed with a spicy soy dressing

34. Goi Bo boston heart lettuce topped with cold spicy beef, served with a lemongrass & basil sauce

37. Goi Cua poached asparagus with jumbo lump crab cake, mango salsa, spicy tamarind sauce

38. Goi Tom Nuong grilled shrimp with arugula & belgian endives salad with hazelnut, red onion vinaigrette

39. Goi Buoi Tom pomelo and apple salad with poach shrimp, jicama, celeri, mint, cashews nuoc cham

Main Courses – Poultry

40. Com Tho Ga organic chicken in clay pot, shitake bamboo shoots, napa cabbage & ginger seasoned rice

41. Cari Ga sauteed chicken breast with eggplant mango, yams, long beans, cashews in a curry sauce

42. Ga Nuong Xa organic roasted lemongrass half chicken saigon with lime dipping sauce

43. Vit Quay le colonial ginger roasted duck wit ginger tamarind dipping sauce

Main Courses – Fish & Shellfish

50. Ca Chien Saigon crispy whole red snapper saigon style with a light spicy & garlic sauce

51. Ca Chap steamed chilean sea bass wrapped in a banana leaves, with glass noodles, tomatoes, shitake & oyster mushrooms & ginger soy sauce.

vegetarian version available

52. Ca Chien Gung pan seared wild salmon with ginger crust, leeks and bell peppers, basil lemongrass sauce

54. Tom Galanga sauteed shrimp, sugar snap peas, onions in a galanga sauce topped with sesame seeds

55. Cari Tom sauteed shrimp with eggplant, onions in yellow curry coconut sauce

56. Goi Bun So grilled scallops on egg noodles & rice noodles, gourmet greens, basil cilantro peanuts, chili lime sauce

Main Courses – Meat

61. Bo Luc Lac wok seared filet mignon cubes over watercress & mesclun, tomato & red onion vinaigrette

62. Bo Sate sauteed filet mignon with sate sauce, served with yams & string beans

64. Bo Lui grilled five spiced beef brochette over angel hair noodles, lettuce wrap

65. Cuu Nuong grilled lamb chops served with dill rice and arugula pear salad

74. Thit Nuong grilled pork loin with bean sprouts, rice vermicelli & salad medley, mint, nuoc cham sauce

75. Bun Cha Gio Tom le colonial trio of cha gio, grilled prawns & pork loin sauce, over rice vermicelli & mixed greens salad, mint, peanuts, nuoc cham sauce

Vegetable Dishes

80. Ca Tim Nuong grilled eggplant in a spicy basil lime sauce

81. Rau Xao sauteed seasonal vegetable in vegetarian soy sauce

82. Dau Dua Xao sauteed haricots verts, fresh shitake, garlic soy sauce

83. Mi Xao Don Chay stir fried mixed vegetables served over crispy egg noodles

Rice Dishes

90. Xoi Hap sticky rice

91. Com Luc brown rice

92. Com Trang jasmine rice

93. Com Chien wok tossed jasmine with carrot, broccoli, long beans, with choice of:




94. Com Chien Lap Xuong le colonial fried rice with chinese sausage, sugar snap peas, napa cabbage, broccoli carrot


Couronne De Chocolat a royal creation producing a light mousse of dark chocolate with crumb sidings, finished with ganache & topped with a crown of white chocolate shavings

Green Tea Crepe thousand layered crepes filled with green tea mousse

Chocolate Pyramid chocolate mousse with a molten caramel center dusted with cocoa powder served with creme anglaise

Banana Beignet fresh banana wonton fried & served with creme anglaise and tahitian vanilla ice cream

Thin Crispy Apple Tart thin caramelized apple tart with vanilla ice cream

Key Lime key lime on graham cracker base

Asian Tartufo chocolate hazelnut tartufo with sliced bananas topped with caramel sauce

Mango Sundae tahitian vanilla ice cream with diced fresh mango & cashew nuts

Nuage Cheesecake a classic cheesecake a top a graham cracker crumb crust

Fresh Sorbets And Ice Creams


Vietnamese Cafe


Cafe Latte



Double Espresso

Specialty Coffees With Liqueur $8.50

Irish Coffee jameson irish whiskey

Jamaican shot of rum with tia maria

Mexican jose cuervo & kahlua

French Coffee shot of courvoisier


The unique Gung Hung Mojito  (Above)
Martinis $13

Apple Mint captain morgan rum, apple puree, lime juice, fresh mint

Cocobama belvedere vodka, cocoa liqueur, bailey’s (nice on ice)

Flamingo ten cane rum, pineapple & fresh lime juice, grenadine

French ketel one citroen, chambord & pineapple juice

Ginger absolut vodka & homemade ginger liqueur

Le Colonial Tanqueray Gin, cassis, raspberry puree

Le Viet 2 malibu coconut rum, passola liqueur, mango

Lychee absolut vodka & fresh lychee puree

Mandarin bombay sapphire gin, mandarin puree, triple sec

Passion tanqueray gin, passion fruit, sour apple & pasoa

Saketini smirnoff vodka, sake & slice of cucumber

Southern oval vodka, southern comfort, triple sec, roses lime

The Elayne dalwhinne, grand marnier, honey syrup, lemon juice

Cocktails $14


Pham Tiger (Above) , the newest cocktail on  the list

Winter Elixir louis royer brandy, peach schnapps, smashed lychees

Dark & Stormy goslings rum with ginger beer

French Iced Tea amaretto, apricot, sour apple, cranberry juice, orange juice

Gung Hung Mojito domaine de canton, marti rum, ginger puree, club soda

Le Viet Oasis midori, grey goose vodka, fresh lime juice, pineapple juice

Mai Tai goslings rum, myer’s, amaretto, orange juice, pineapple juice, lemon

Saigon Fling amaretto liqueur, coconut cream, pineapple juice, goslings rum

Caipirinha classic, cachaca, lime, sugar

Mojitos classic, marti rum, fresh mint (raspberry, lychee, passion, orange, mango, coconut)

Gourmet Teas $4.50

From The Most Prized Gardens In The World

Black Tea

Earl Grey Superior a special distinct selection of china keemum royal ceylon, dimbula and assam

Decaff Ceylon Mango decaf with character, high quality black tea, sunflower blossoms flavored with natural mango fruit mild, fruity taste

Green Tea

Jasmine Blossom & Flowers the most pleasant of the green tea, enhanced with the additional of jasmine blossom

Green Mint this delicious and refreshing tea is a blend of Taiwanese gunpowder green tea and natural mint flavor

Herbal Infusion

Rooibos Maracuja – Caffeine Free this is an exotic shrub with needle like leaves, which grown in the remote regions of south africa, flavored with passion fruit, the result is a deep red cup with a round full taste rich in antioxidants

Chamomile – Caffeine Free our quest for the worlds best chamomile brought us to egypt where we discovered natural superb quality flowers, luscious golden tone with rich deep flavor that makes it a traditional favorite



Tsing Tao



Amstel Light

Yuengling Traditional


Heineken Light

Kasteel Cru

Kaliber non alcoholic


A Fabulous Duo (Above)

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