beau=rivage-palace Lausanne, Switzerland – November 20, 2009:  Chef Anne-Sophie Pic has been awarded two Michelin stars for her restaurant Anne-Sophie Pic at the Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne, Bea-Rivage PalaceSwitzerland, it has been announced by the Michelin Guide.  This distinction brings Chef Pic’s total number of Michelin stars to five, including a coveted three-star rating for her restaurant Maison Pic in Valence, France.
Though open for less than a year at the Beau-Rivage Palace, Anne-Sophie Pic’s restaurant has already redefined dining in Lausanne and added an exciting dimension to Switzerland’s most legendary palace hotel.
Anne-Sophie is the third generation of her family to hold the coveted 3-star rating and is currently the only female chef in France with the distinction.  Now she has taken her culinary recognition to an even higher level by adding Michelin stars in Switzerland.

When embarking on her Swiss adventure, Anne-Sophie Pic became expert on local produce, met with highly qualified Swiss artisans and assembled a stellar team, all of which has elevated the cuisine at Anne-Sophie Pic at the Beau-Rivage Palace to meet the chef’s standards and expectations.  

The Menu beaurivageannsophiepicFor Anne-Sophie Pic at the Beau-Rivage Palace (pictured, at right), Anne-Sophie has created an à la carte menu and three prix-fixe menus that naturally combine the exacting simplicity that is characteristic of her work with the high standards of the Beau-Rivage Palace.  Inspired by nature, the menu tells the story of purity of ingredients, balance of flavors and sophistication of textures.

The à la carte menu is composed of five appetizers, four fish and crustacean selections, and five roast meat selections.  The selections change constantly to make each dining experience a new adventure. As for the three prix-fixe menus: "Emotions" represents the chef’s imaginary escapade; "Pic Collection" reveals the family’s classics and a rich inheritance of shared flavors and values; and lastly a "Business Lunch" confirms that quality can be simple and straightforward.
About the Beau-Rivage Palace:
The Beau-Rivage Palace (pictured, at right) is situated on 10 acres of private gardens with spectacular views of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps.  The property also features the award-winning Cinq Mondes Spa, an indoor/outdoor pool, two tennis courts, three restaurants, two bars, terraces overlooking Lake Geneva and special programs for children.  
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