A VIP Endorsement for Cahors

"Cahors Malbec" Displays Take Their Place in the Roissy Charles de Gaulle Lounges

Drawn by the high level of quality as well as the dynamic marketing of the Cahors region, the management of Air Salons Aéroport have reached an exclusive partnership agreement with the Wines of Cahors Organization (Union Interprofessionnelle du Vin de Cahors).

In this agreement, AOC wines of Cahors will be the only red wines promoted in the six VIP lounges at Roissy Charles de Gaulle, the world’s fifth ranking airport in terms of passenger traffic (according to the Airports Council International report of March 25, 2009).

"Cahors Malbec" displays will be placed in the Business and First Class lounges of roughly thirty international air carriers, including American Airlines, United, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines and Air China. These carriers represent a 35% share of market by value.

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The displays, created and financed by the UIVC, feature the three styles of Cahors: round and structured, powerful and seductive, and intense and complex.

The campaign will be in effect for the 12 month period beginning November 1, 2009.

The wines of the producers and négociants selected for the campaign are:

  • Domaine de Cause, Cuvée Notre Dame des Champs 2006
  • Château Vincens, Cuvée Les Graves de Paul 2002
  • Domaine du Prince, Cuvée Les Rossignols 2005
  • Château Castellas, Croix de Mareuil 2002
  • Château Croisille, Noble Cuvée 2006
  • Clos Triguedina, Cuvée Probus
  • Château Les Bouysses 2006
  • Château de Cénac, Cuvée Eulalie 2003
  • Prieuré de Cénac, Cuvée La Vierge 2005
  • Château de Chambert, Cuvée Grand Vin 2007
  • Domaine Les Roques de Cana, Cuvée Sangui Christi 2007
  • Château de Rouffiac, Cuvée L’Exception 2006
  • Château Nozières 2007
  • Château Haut Montplaisir, Cuvée Prestige 2005
  • Château du Cèdre 2004
  • Château Eugénie, Cuvée Haute Collection 2004
  • Domaine Cosse Maisonneuve, Cuvée Les Laquets
  • Château Gaudou, Cuvée Renaissance 2006
Follow the news about the AOC wines of Cahors at:

www.FrenchBlackWine.com (in French, updated daily)
www.frenchmalbec.com (News about Cahors Malbec and International Malbec Days)
www.cahorsmalbec.com (Information about Cahors Malbec producers)


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