Tequila Semental Proudly Launches it’s New Brand

Tequila Semental
TEQUILA SEMENTAL announces its original brand of 100
percent blue agave Tequila, which were crafted in the Jalisco region of Mexico.

Wine On Line Rating: A+

This is top of the line Tequila and some of the best we have ever tasted. Available in three styles ~ Tequila Semental Silver, Tequila Semental Reposado, and Tequila Semental Añejo ~ this tequila is an ultra premium brand, crafted for a new generation of consumers… For those who prefer to savor this Spirit of Mexico.

All offerings have been individually blended to provide the perfect balance of smoothness and a unique, exotic character for each of the tequilas.

The distinctive taste profile of the Silver makes it a perfect ingredient for blended tequila cocktails

The Reposado is beautiful as a sipping tequila

The Añejo is recommended as tequila to be savored in a brandy snifter
Tequila Semental was founded by business entrepreneur Efrain Lopez in 2007, whose aim is to produce only the highest quality Tequila, while using the most modern equipment. Efrain Gurza has also accomplished his dream of the highest quality tequila by introducing only new American oak barrels into their Reposado program, and new
Hybrid French and American Oak barrels with their Añejo Tequila Semental program.

This allows for the most delicious Tequila flavors to be brought forth from the purest oak barrels. Tequila Semental has created an impressive niche for artisan Master Distiller and blender Valente Arellano L.C.Q, within the Tequila industry.

The makers may not agree, but while is may be Tequiliside to use these beauties in a blended drink, after savoring them neat (and loving it) we mixed them with fresh lemon/lime juice, a first rate orange liqueur, a bit of muddled cucumber and ice, serving in a glass rimmed with salt and and pepper. No matter what you have heard, you can still taste the difference.

Of course, we left plenty to satisfy the snifter, as well as our refreshed palates.




T O P 10 L I S T
100% Triple Distilled
100% Blue Weber Agave
100% Pot Still Distillation
100% Hand Selected Piñas
100% Natural Fermentation
100% Purified & Filtered Water
100% Committed to Brand Marketing
4 Decades of Master Distiller Experience
100% New American and French Oak Barrels
100% Ultra Premium Double Glass French Bottles

Semental Silver Tequila

Semental Añejo
94 Points ~ Exceptional
Semental Añejo
Brilliant amber color. Grilled pineapple, creamy white
chocolate, fl oral honey, and delicate herb and spice aromas
follow through to a silky, buoyant entry leads and a
dry-yet-fruity medium-full body with accents of roasted
yellow pepper, sandalwood, and exotic peppercorns.
Finishes with a long delicious fade of crème Anglaise,
baking spices, and cigar box. A lively and fl avorful Añejo
that artfully balances fruity agave and spicy, vanilla
kissed oak.
93 Points ~ Exceptional
Semental Reposado
Yellow golden color. Creamy and spicy aromas of sandalwood,
vanilla bean, dates, dried pineapple, and black
pepper. A silky and supple entry leads to a dry-yetfruity,
glycerous medium-to-full body of creamy caramel,
vanilla, dried fruits, grilled yellow pepper and nutmeg
fl avors. Finishes with a long, exotic blend of spices,
creamy vanilla, and hot pink peppercorns. A delicious
an very fl avorful reposado.
91 Points ~ Exceptional

Semental Silver
Clear, vibrant roasted pineapple, charred green pepper,
fl oral talc, creamy vanilla, and white pepper aromas.
A lively, silky entry leads to a dry-yet-fruity, glycerous
medium body of roasted tropical fruits and peppers with
a layer of vanilla bean and spice. Finishes with a long,
sharp white pepper, oil, powdered sugar and dried
fl ower fade. Impressively fruity and fl oral agave with
a somewhat rustic fi nish.
Double Gold

Semental Reposado

Tequila Semental Silver
Tequila Semental Reposado
Tequila Añejo
TEQUILA SEMENTAL is the origin of a relationship and the inspiration for a brand of ultra premium
tequila, from proprietor Efrain Lopez Gurza. As a child, Efrain encountered one of his father’s Sementals
at his hacienda in the town of Torreon, Mexico. Seven year old Efrain had overhead his father talking
about the new Semental that has just arrived at their hacienda. Being an inquisitive child, he hurried to the
arena where the new Semental was waiting for his father’s inspection. Arriving before his father, Efrain
climbed the fence, only to lose his balance and fall into the ring. The Semental moved swiftly to where
Efrain lay in the ring, and gently nudged him to safety outside of the ring itself. This bull proved to be a
favorite in not only the father’s life, but also in Efrain’s, for the qualities that all Sementals represent;
belonging to a select caste of supremacy, demonstrating braveness in light of all the significant
competition, working very hard to establish the integrity of being the finest, and proving that this son is
every bit as celebrated as his father had been in life.
THE REAL STORY OF TEQUILA, by Valente Arellano L.C.Q.
Tequila Semental Master Distiller and Blender
How was it discovered that the Agave plant could produce
such a marvelous beverage?
The Agaves (maguey) is a desert plant that has to thrive in a very challenging
environment. It stores its food reserves in a way that predators are not attracted to
it. Its physical appearance, including a bayonet-like spike, also provides protection.
It is not easy to reach and it does not produce palatable juices or fruit. So, again,
how could anyone develop the idea of making a drink from this plant?
It is believed that a forest fire occurred in the Jalisco region of Mexico, and the
agave plants were cooked in the heat of the fire. The Indians living in this area
noticed that a sweet smell of caramel filled the air, coming from the core of the
plants that stood among the ashes. Upon tasting these agaves, the Indians found
them sweet and pleasant to eat, and this is how the first two steps of the process
were born.
How was this complex process developed?
To process the tequila maguey, first the Indians removed the pulpy spikes from the
plant, leaving the head, called the “piñas.” Once they obtained the heads, they put
them in earth pits covered with maguey leaves and built a fire on top. This
converted the bitter and hard heads into a sweet, flavorful, and meaty product they
used as candy. They did not realize that alcohol could be made from the candy’s

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Again, a fortuitous event must have occurred. Somebody crushed the meaty pieces
and put them in water to extract the sugar, intending to prepare a delicious and sweet
drink. But, surprise, the juice started to produce gas bubbles as if it was boiling. This
was fermentation! The microscopic yeast present in the air converted the sugar into
alcohol and carbonic gas. The third step to producing tequila was born. Now the
liquid tasted differently; it had lost its sweet taste, and now possessed more vivid and
appealing aromas. The Indians also noticed a very different effect on those who drank
All this occurred in pre-Hispanic land, which is now referred to as Jalisco state. When
the Spanish conquerors arrived, they tasted the “mescal wine” and, already having
knowledge of the art of distillation, they continued to make this spirituous drink from
the Agave plant.
Today these four basics steps are still followed to make tequila: harvesting, cooking,
fermentation, and distillation.
Tequila and Mescal were made in the same way until the early years of the twentieth
century, when the producers from the Tequila town in Jalisco started to modify the
process. They introduced modern techniques which made the beverage making
process much more hygienic, and allowed for the production of a unique beverage that
would quickly come to be in a class by itself. It was at this point that this beverage was
named for its native town of Tequila.
It is beneficial to know that just as Cognac is a brandy made in the French region of
Cognac in La Charente, so Tequila is a mescal that is as different from the others as
Cognac is from other brandies. Because of Tequila’s raw material and the special
characteristics imparted to its heads, or “piñas,” by our “terroir,” meaning the soil
and climate of the Tequila and nearby Amatitan and Tequila valleys, there is no other
mescal like it.
Since we are only heirs of these ancient traditions which have merged many cultures,
including Indian, Spanish, Arabian, and French, we are obligated to maintain a very
careful watch over our process. We will improve where it is appropriate, but we will
also maintain the very same processes that have made tequila a unique product and
our brand, Semental, the leader in taste and quality.

Tequila Semental Silver represents the purity and quality of
an ultra premium tequila. This tequila is perfect to simply
enjoy it chilled, or blended into an ultra premium cocktail.
Most mixologists prefer Silver tequilas over other distilled
products for mixed beverages, due to the silver’s pure agave
flavors. Superb by nature, Tequila Semental Silver delivers a
magic touch to each creation. Drinks blended with
Tequila Semental Silver are guaranteed to deliver an
excitingly unique experience.
AGAVE: 100% Blue Agave
FERMENTATION: 100% Natural
DISTILLATION: Triple Distillation
CORK: Naturally sealed cork bar tap
BOTTLE: French, ultra premium double glass
COLOR: Crystal Clear
AROMA: Agave, fresh with white pepper notes
FLAVOR: Hints of lemon and spearmint
FINISH: Long, sweet, and ultra smooth
MASTER DISTILLER: Valente Arellano LCQ Notes:
Hand selected, mature Blue Agave from the rich soil of the
Tequila and Amatitan Valleys, the Tequila Semental Silver
delivers classic silver flavors of white peppercorn and green
pineapple. In true Silver style, Tequila Semental Silver
demonstrates the true flavors, sweetness and intensity of the
Agave plant.

Tequila Semental Reposado represents the purity and quality
of an ultra premium tequila. It is aged for over two months in
the new, uniquely crafted barrica tequilera. Tequila Semental
Reposado shows a special body and consistency; which,
upon cooling, highlights its unique and superb flavors. It
is a perfect special occasion tequila that is very enjoyable
chilled on ice. We recommend that this Tequila be enjoyed
for its complexity.
AGAVE: 100% Blue Agave
FERMENTATION: 100% Natural
DISTILLATION: Triple Distillation
CORK: Naturally sealed cork bar tap
BOTTLE: French, ultra premium double glass
COLOR: Golden honey hue
AROMA: Agave, fresh with white pepper notes
FLAVOR: Extremely smooth, sweet, hint of oak
FINISH: Light and spicy
AGE: Over two months, New and Unique
Barrica Tequilera white American
Oak, medium toast, rather than charred.
MASTER DISTILLER: Valente Arellano LCQ Notes:
Hand selected, mature Blue Agave from rich soil of the
Tequila and Amatitan Valleys, Tequila Semental Reposado is
our first stage of “rested” tequila. Tequila Semental
Reposado demonstrates the true flavors, sweetness, and the
intensity of the Agave plant. This is a round and supple tequila
that has had the advantage of new, medium toasted American
oak barrels, imparting very pleasing, nutty

The exquisite bouquet of the Tequila Semental Añejo
is the result of over one year of careful aging in the uniquely
special hybrid barrica tequileras. Its characteristic
flavor and consistency makes Tequila Semental Añejo an
excellent choice for serving in brandy snifters. When moments
call for a tequila that is sipped and
savored for those perfect moments of pure enjoyment, only
Tequila Semental Añejo delivers!
AGAVE: 100% Blue Agave
FERMENTATION: 100% Natural
DISTILLATION: Triple Distillation
CORK: Naturally sealed cork bar tap
BOTTLE: French, ultra premium double glass
COLOR: Amber
AROMA: Grapefruit, mandarin citrus
FLAVOR: Touch of caramel, wild honey, cherry
FINISH: Lightly spiced, smooth and clean
AGE: Over One Year, New and Unique
Barrica Tequilera Hybrid French Oak
caps and American Oak staves.
MASTER DISTILLER: Valente Arellano LCQ Notes:
Hand selected, mature Blue Agave from rich soils of the
Tequila and Amatitan Valleys, the Tequila Semental
Añejo delivers classic Añejo flavors that are smoother, richer,
and much more complex than other tequila
without this type of aging process. Tequila Semental Añejo
simply delivers beautifully complex aromas and flavors, and
is perfect for moments of distinction.

Semental Explained
Why a Bull
The bull that we have chosen is not a mere bull. He is the bravest bull of all, belonging to a very special caste: The
Fighting Bull. An original species from Spain, Bos Taurus Ibericus is born and raised only to demonstrate its
braveness in the bullring. The selection process begins with the cows of this species. These cows must first
demonstrate their own braveness by fighting in small rings at ranches, where they are raised, in order to gain the
privilege of bearing offspring. Owners who witness this selection process will then choose 40 to 50 of the strongest
and most aggressive females that will be mated with a SEMENTAL bull.
How a Semental is Chosen
In the raising of these brave bulls, detailed records are kept, in order to register the father and mother of each bull
and cow born at each ranch. This is the animal species that has the oldest tradition of keeping records, in order to
establish the pedigree of every individual bull and cow.
When the bulls are three years old, they are subjected to a trail that will define their destiny, known as La Tienta.
Bulls that are deemed as being extraordinary, or “the chosen bulls,” never go into the ring. They are kept for breeding
purposes. This is how the beauty and braveness of the SEMENTAL herd is maintained at a superb standard of
the highest pedigree.
Another Scenario For Selecting a Semental

A selection of Semental bulls also occurs during a bull fight (the most complete and definitive Tienta). Matadors
and bulls are paired by their skill and bravery. When the best Matadors go into the bull ring with the best of the best
of the bulls, the bull fight is carefully observed by the audience. If it appears that both the bull and bullfighter are
equally paired, and have endured an excellent fight, the people who have come to the bull fight will call for the bull
to be pardoned from death and be spared, since he gained the right to become a SEMENTAL. When this happens,
he will go to a ranch to live a quiet life from that point forward, paired now with his harem of 40 or 50 cows. These
are the greatest of the SEMENTAL bulls, which are courageous, hard working, and supreme above others.
In ancient times, land owners protected their agave fields with the bravest and most powerful bulls: SEMENTALS.
Considered the leader of its breed, SEMENTAL roamed the valleys adorned with agave plants, while watching over
this gifted land. Proprietor Efrain Lopez Gurza’s experience with a Semental bull in his youth gave him a deep
respect for the Semental, and believes that a SEMENTAL is a prefect icon for his tequila: Tequila Semental, a taste
of leadership for the next generation.

1 oz Semental Silver
½ oz Triple Sec
½ cup fresh ripe kiwi chopped
splash Rose’s Lime
1 tsp powdered sugar
blended, served in salt rim margarita glass
Bull & Bull
1½ oz Semental Silver
Red Bull
in a bucket over ice
Cojones Semental Reposado
Cilantro Mignonette
1 oz Semental Reposado
1 raw oyster
Semental Añejo Naranja
1 oz. Semental Anejo
½ oz Grand Marnier
Warmed snifter
Sí Señor
1 oz Semental Silver
½ oz limoncello
club soda
in a bucket over ice, garnish with lemon
1½ oz Semental Silver
½ oz Chambord
3 oz pomegranate juice
shaken, served up with twist
Black Bull
1 oz Semental Silver
½ oz spiced rum
in a bucket over ice
Mess With The Bull You Get The Horns
1 oz Semental Silver
½ oz chili spiced vodka
bloody mary mix
in a bucket over ice, garnish with lime