Patina Restaurant Group Offers Daily One-Pot Specials in January and February

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The coldest months of winter may bring a chill to the air, but there is little that soothes both the soul and stomach more than a comforting one-pot meal. Dishes that are made using just one pot are a cook’s best friend, using a minimum of stovetop space. They also have the quality of allowing flavors to build and infuse each other naturally as the dish slowly cooks, resulting in rich layers of flavor and aroma.

Patina Restaurant Group is embracing the cold-weather season with well-priced specials at many of its East Coast restaurants from January 4th through the end of February.

PRG CEO Nick Valenti grew up in an Italian family, with one-pot dishes such as Chicken Cacciatore and various ragus often bubbling on the stove. “To me, these dishes are perfect comfort food, bringing memories of my mother’s kitchen. It truly defines family and togetherness, when everyone shares a meal from the same single pot.”

For Josh DeChellis, Executive Chef at La Fonda Del Sol, the challenge of using one pot resulted in the inspiration to add a variety of paellas to his menus. “A paella is deceptively simple and in Spain, several of the regions all have their own style using local ingredients. For each the entire range of items, from rice, saffron, peppers, seafood, rabbit, chicken, chorizo – it all cooks together in one pan,” he says. “It seems impossible, yet it all comes together as if by magic.”

“Humble ingredients shine in these dishes,” said Julian Alonzo, Executive Chef at Brasserie 8 1/2. “Where better than a cassoulet to show the subtle flavors of Tarbais beans and parsley?”

Always a staple in the kitchen, a single pot can be used to prepare everything from a classic Coq au Vin or Cassoulet to Lamb Baeckeoffe or a simple but savory Chicken Pot Pie or Shepherd’s Pie. What ties these dishes together is an inviting, cheerful and rustic nature, their recipes sharing a common simple beauty.

Different world cuisines offer their own versions of one-pot dishes in unique cultural styles, several of which are reflected in PRG’s restaurants which vary from French to Spanish to Italian.

Participating restaurants, menus, details and reservation information can be found at (Link here to web).

Some examples of one-pot dishes that will be featured include:

Pollo alla Cacciatore or Chicken Stew “Hunter Style,” $19 – Naples 45

Cassoulet, Suckling Pig, Tarbais Bean Stew, Parsley Crumbs, $25 – Brasserie 8 1/2

Pot au Feu, Short Ribs, Root Vegetables in Beef Consommé, Bone Marrow, $26 – Brasserie

Beef Bourguignon, Champignons, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Root Vegetables, Spaetzle, $24 – Café Centro

Venison Stew with Chestnuts, Dried Apricots, Mascarpone Polenta, $24 – Rock Center Café

Choucroute Alsacienne, Braised Savoy Cabbage, Bacon, Garlic Sausage, $12.50 – Cucina & Co. MetLife

Tuscan Bouillabaisse “Cacciucco,” Lobster, Mussels, Clams, Octopus, Sea Bass, $36 – The Sea Grill

About Patina Restaurant Group
Patina Restaurant Group (, a bi-coastal boutique company, is a leader in the premium segment of the restaurant industry.  On the East Coast, its portfolio features New York City’s world-famous Rockefeller Center Ice Rink, Rock Center Café, The Sea Grill, Brasserie, Brasserie 8 1/2, Café Centro, Naples 45, The Grand Tier Restaurant at the Metropolitan Opera and La Fonda Del Sol. Other East Coast properties include Tutto Italia Ristorante at the Epcot World Showcase in Orlando, FL and Tanglewood Music Center in Lenox, MA.

On the West Coast the portfolio includes the renowned, Michelin-starred Patina Restaurant in Walt Disney Concert Hall, Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse, Café Pinot at the Maguire Gardens, Zucca Ristorante, Pinot Bistro, Catal and three other restaurants in Anaheim’s Downtown Disney District®, Leatherby’s Cafe Rouge at the Orange County Performing Arts Center, Pinot Brasserie in Las Vegas and catering and food service in museums and cultural centers throughout California.

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