Going BAREFOOT In The Vineyard

Barefoot Cellars Family Shot

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A lot of folks opt for beer instead of wine, sometimes for good reason (price, familiarity, affinity, as in Asian food,). And we certainly prefer good beer to bad wine.

But if you crave the grape, and your wallet  has shrunk in the past year, here are three delightful choices that will please your pocket as well as your palate.

Going BAREFOOT this winter gets our award for best value-idea of the New Year.


By Nancy Walman


The distinct California wine is known for its smooth finish and enjoyable aromas. This versatile Chardonnay is the perfect match for an afternoon picnic (if you live in New York, bring your boots) or holiday cocktail gathering.




Tasting Notes: The sweet taste of this slightly creamy, smooth wine is reminiscent of Fuji apples, pineapple, and sweet vanilla aromatics.

Food Pairing: The Chardonnay pairs well with appetizers including fresh fruits and mild cheeses and also complements seafood or poultry dishes.

Winemaking Notes:

Varietal Content: Blended with Chenin Blanc, Viognier and Gewurztraminer

Titratability Acidity: .57

pH: 3.40

Alcohol Level: 13.5%

Residual Sugar: .57%

Pricing: Barefoot Chardonnay is attractively priced at $7 for a 750-ml bottle and $12 for a 1.5-L bottle.




This classic varietal is well known for its rich personality and taste. Barefoot’s newest varietal with its delicious berry flavors makes Barefoot Pinot Noir a favorite choice for any occasion.


Tasting Notes: This silky blend of dark cherry and hints of raspberry complement the aromas of brown spices make the Pinot Noir.

Food Pairing: Perfect alone or with food, the Pinot Noir pairs well poultry and pork dishes, and is also delicious with creamy soups and dry cheeses.

Winemaking Notes:

Varietal Content: Blended with Tempranillo, Grenache & Syrah

Titratability Acidity: .53

pH: 3.64

Alcohol Level: 13.2%

Residual Sugar: .12%

Pricing: The Pinot Noir is attractively priced at $7 for a 750-ml bottle and $12 for a 1.5-L bottle.




Take a moment to enjoy this ‘zinfully delicious’ Barefoot Lodi Zinfandel! Barefoot Lodi Zinfandel is the #1 selling popular Zinfandel in the country and was recently recognized as a “Best Buy” from Wine Enthusiast (2008). Barefoot Lodi Zinfandel is varietally correct, food-friendly and delivers the perfect amount of palate weight and anticipated spice in its finish.


Tasting Notes: Big and inviting, with flavors of dark berries, plum jam and notes of prunes. It is mildly spiced and delivers a taste that lingers and delights with chocolate Mocha flavors and a lingering jammy finish.

Food Pairing: It’s best with hearty soups, mild cheeses, meats and tomato-based dishes.

Winemaking Notes:

Varietal Content: Blended with Petit Sirah & Tempranillo

Titratability Acidity: .54

pH: 3.77

Alcohol Level: 13.8%

Residual Sugar: .52%

Pricing: Barefoot Zinfandel is attractively priced at $7 for a 750-ml bottle and $12 for a 1.5-L bottle.

About Barefoot

Barefoot Winemaker Jennifer Wall has created an approachable portfolio of 15 unique award-winning wines. Barefoot still wines and Barefoot Bubbly Champagnes offer fruit-forward varietals that are easy-to-enjoy and affordably priced. Over the past 5 years, Barefoot wines have been awarded over 1,000 medals, including many Gold and Double Gold medals.

Go BAREFOOT this winter.


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