Marfa’s BBQ Renaissance: Take Home a West Texas BBQ

The Jets may be out of the Super Bowl, but that wont stop New Yorkers from watching the big game.  As you eagerly prepare for the big game, Marfa NYC is preparing to keep you fed with a feast to enjoy right in your living room!  Available Sunday February 7th (Super Bowl Sunday), Marfa is offering its “Take Home a West Texas BBQ” to go special.  This titanic special is complete with mounds of chef Tony Cruz’s West Texas BBQ options, including:

Smoked Shrimp



Pulled Pork

2 sides of homemade BBQ sauce

Mac and Cheese

Baked Beans


$60 feeds 5 people

$100 feeds 10 people

$130 feeds 15 people

Stop in or call Marfa NYC to place your order!  This deal is the Super Bowl of take-out specials!

Marfa NYC

101 East 2nd Street


Marfa’s BBQ Renaissance

            In an effort to bring together all things West Texas, East Village hotspot Marfa is reinvigorating their menu with innovative flavors and fresh faces, namely that of their new Executive Chef, Tony Cruz. Most recently helming the kitchen at BR Guest’s Dos Caminos, Cruz is delivering a new twist on Marfa’s down home menu, including home-smoked meats and seasonal varieties of house BBQ sauce.

            A Mexican native and CIA-trained chef, Cruz began his career at Union Square’s Metropolis Café, where determination landed him the position of Sous Chef. His big break came after meeting famed chef Henry Meer and taking up residence at the prestigious City Hall Restaurant, where he worked as Executive Sous Chef, in charge of dozens of employees.  Since then, he has served as Executive Chef of Radio Perfecto Restaurant where he remained for about three years, before heading to B.R. Guest – Dos Caminos Park as Executive Sous Chef.  His cuisine reflects all his experiences and training, combining flavors from French, Mexican, Texan, and other such backgrounds to achieve a highly personal style.

            Among his ambitious goals for Marfa’s West Texan fare are his signature mesquite-smoked meats, which will appear throughout various sections of the menu and are made in house each day. All are marinated for 24 hours before smoking, which results in ultra-tender and wildly flavorful meats.

Try them first with the Pulled Pork tostadas, which pile tender, saucy pulled pork with a jalapeno-speckled pico de gallo, avocado crema, and a thin drizzle of sour cream all atop homemade chips. Though not smoked, the Baha Fish Tacos are a real must-try, beautifully presented ready-wrapped in still-warm corn tortillas. Inside is lightly battered and fried *** fish and a cruciferous and mayo-free cilantro slaw, all paired with an addicting Serrano pepper salsa that’s bound to become a house favorite in its own right.

            Heartier appetites can still opt for Big Bend Bites, larger entrees such as Marfa’s World Famous Mac & Cheese, creamy and melty with a hint of nutmeg and crunchy, toasty bread crumbs. It may be up for debate whether “World Famous” is a true statement or eventual goal, but it’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser that deserves its (hypothetical) hype.  There’s also a selection of Southern specialties: mouthwatering chicken fried steak, or fried fish of the day, each with a perfectly crispy coating that gives way to a tender and juicy cut. New to the lineup are also Marfa’s house-smoked Big Texas Burgers, which come laden with jack cheese, onions, bacon, baked beans and slaw.

            Chef Cruz’s new BBQ menu is served dry-rub style in true Texas fashion, and includes options like a half chicken or rack of ribs that fall right off the bone as you pull them apart. The portions are hearty on their own, but there’s no forgetting the accoutrements: in this case, a quartet of sauces that showcase Cruz’s ability to mix and match flavors from around the globe. Aside from a neutral choice, diners can use Mango or Serrano BBQ sauces, all served alongside a squeeze bottle of sriracha for extra heat. As the seasons change, Cruz will introduce other sauces to complement his rotating menu, with additions like Passion Fruit and Pineapple BBQ sauces in the summer or Chipotle BBQ in the winter. All play with a careful balance of sweet and spicy, and diners can even blend sauces to create one-of-a-kind dining experiences to suit their preference.

            Marfa’s emphasis on carnivorous eating shouldn’t discourage vegetarians, who can also find plenty to sate their Texan cravings without worry. Guacamole and Pico de Gallo are inspired versions of their run-of-the-mill siblings, with a balance of flavors and textures that keeps you coming back for more. Vegetarian Quesadillas are gooey and smooth on the inside, crunchy and toasty on the outside. Salads like the Taco Salad are meat-optional, with cheese, avocado, corn, tostada chips, and tequila lime vinaigrette to brighten up the plate, while Red Kidney Bean Chili is hearty and comforting—a meaty dish that somehow has no meat in it.

            Hip, urbane, but decidedly West Texas, the vast, rustic loft-like space hosts rotating art exhibits, inaugurated with paintings by Marfa stalwart, Boyd Elder, designer of Eagles album covers (the original artwork for one hangs on the wall at Marfa). Since its kickoff, the Marfa gallery has been hosting Marfa, Texas and local artists alike, with new pieces shuffling in and out on a weekly basis.

            With its adjacent gallery and minimalist décor, Marfa can literally transform into any kind of event space, as MAC Cosmetics recently did to great success for the launch of their lipstick line featuring Lady Gaga and Cindy Lauper as guests of honor. Marfa is the creation of Hayne Suthon, the spirited New Orleans businesswoman-cum-cougar behind such successes as Lucky Cheng’s and Waikiki Wally, and is a great restaurant for groups and functions of all sizes.          

            Marfa is located in the East Village at 101 East 2nd Street, and is open for dinner Monday-Friday from 6-11PM and on weekends from 6-11:30, with the bar staying open late. Marfa also offers takeout service for those in their neighborhood. For more information please visit


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