Dancing With Bulls Can Be as Rewarding as it is Fun


BrandImage-Family_Shot_DBL Eight years ago winemaker Eric Cinnamon, the talent behind Rancho Zabaco’s award-winning Sonoma County Zinfandels, began experimenting with Zinfandel from other areas of California including Lodi. To our delight, this experiment resulted in a rich and ripe, yet still structured Zinfandel that, importantly, could be offered at a lower price – allowing a wider group of Zin-enthusiasts to experience great Zin.

Of the first vintage Robert Parker exclaimed, "…the 2000 Zinfandel Dancing Bull may be the best Zinfandel buy in the marketplace. Its healthy dark plum/ruby color is accompanied by jammy black cherry fruit, medium body, excellent purity, and a lusty heady finish. It represents everything a Zinfandel should be."

Since then, Dancing Bull wines have remained consistent “Best Buys” for its Zinfandel and its Sauvignon Blanc, introduced in 2002. But what we are most proud of is that Dancing Bull wines have garnered a loyal group of fans who have helped secure its position as top selling premium Zinfandel. The D Bull loyalists took every opportunity to ask for more wine types in the Dancing Bull style: crisp, zingy whites and intense, rich reds.

So, in 2006, Dancing Bull launched an entire family of wines. All reflect the brand’s signature style of crisp, zingy whites and intense, rich reds. A Chardonnay with racy, green apple crispness, a Merlot that tastes like rich, blackberry pie and a Cabernet Sauvignon that brings to mind chomping chocolate covered black cherries. And of course, Dancing Bull Zinfandel and Sauvignon Blanc continue to deliver the intense fruit and spice flavors that started it all.

As always, their mantra remains: We take wine seriously so you don’t have to.


We recently tasted the Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Both would be strong contenders for one’s house wine and rate a strong “B Plus” from Wine On Line.

Copyright 2010 By Punch In International and Wine On Line


The Dancing Bull 2008 Sauvignon Blanc continues with the award winning style of a crisp, zingy white wine that is equally fun to drink at home on the dinner table or at a backyard BBQ. The Taste? Think of enjoying a fresh squeezed glass of lemonade after mowing the lawn – crisp, vibrant citrus fruits with a touch of that traditional Sauvignon Blanc grassiness we all know and love.
Winemaking Notes:

The 2008 Dancing Bull Sauvignon Blanc was made using grapes from the best wine growing regions in California. The grapes were gently whole-cluster pressed to minimize harshness and to maximize the fruit’s varietal characteristics and citrus flavors. The juice was cold settled in order to give the finished wine elegance and balance to the mouthfeel. Finally, the 2008 Dancing Bull Sauvignon Blanc was primarily fermented in stainless steel and both fined and filtered prior to bottling.
Taste Profile:

The wine is crisp and clean with bright citrus tanginess balanced with a hint of cut grass herbaceousness usually found in New Zealand wine. The nose is packed with aromas of lime and kiwi, with subtle notes of fresh cut grass and boxwood. The mouth has a crisp acidity and focused grapefruit and lime freshness balanced by tropical flavors of guava and mango. This wine was crafted to be an easy wine to enjoy on its own or paired with just about anything from pasta to Chinese take out. To ensure no flavor is lost before opening we used a screw-cap closure making this wine easy to open and easy to enjoy.

Finished Wine:
Varietal Content: 99.0% Sauvignon Blanc
Titratible Acidity: 0.66/100ml
pH: 3.35
Residual Sugar: 0.26g/100ml
Alcohol: 12.65


The 2006 Dancing Bull Cabernet Sauvignon was crafted in the Dancing Bull style of bold, intensely flavored reds that are equally enjoyable at home on the dinner table or at a backyard BBQ. The Taste? Think of a milk chocolate brownie with blackcurrant ice cream – a deep, rich sundae of black berries and hints of chocolate and vanilla.
Winemaking Notes:

Sourced primarily from Sonoma County and the Central Coast, the fruit for the 2006
Dancing Bull Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced from both warm and cool climate regions that produces a Cabernet Sauvignon with layers of fruit flavors, primarily of ripe blackberry and blackcurrant. The Central Coast fruit benefits from warm days and the marine layer fog that cools the grapes in the evenings to create ripe, forward fruit flavors and the distinctive, Cabernet dark red color. The cooler climate of Sonoma County and the coastal regions adds structure, firm tannins and a bit of brown spice.

Taste Profile:

The wine is a delicious Cabernet Sauvignon with complex flavors of black currant layered with dark spices of clove and brown sugar, balanced by milk chocolate and hints of vanilla without overpowering tannins. By allowing the rich fruit to be the star, the Dancing Bull Cabernet Sauvignon’s structured, dark fruit flavors and firm, deep mouthfeel make it a worthy sibling to our award winning, bold and spicy Zinfandel. A great complement to roast meats, rotisserie chicken or even burgers.
Finished Wine:
Varietal Content: 78% Cabernet Sauvignon (39.1% Sonoma County, 38.9% Central Coast), 5.9% Merlot, 4.7% Syrah, 2.6% Zinfandel, 8.8% mixed reds
Alcohol: 13.65%
pH: 3.76
Titrate Acidity: 0.51g/100ml
Residual Sugar: 0.6g/100ml



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