Chado Brings Food to FashionChado is located at 4 East 36 Street and is open for dinner Sunday-Thursday from 5:00 to 11pm, and on Friday and Saturday from 5:00 to 11:30 pm. Chado is also open for lunch from 12pm – 3pm, Monday through Friday. For reservations, please call 212-532-2210.

Adventure into a new realm of fusion-inspired sushi and put Chado restaurant on your list of “things to do.” After making a name for himself at Gari, where he was awarded two stars by The New York Times, chef Mike Lim has teamed up with notable Manhattan restaurateur Omar Balouma (Barbes, Babouche) to reinvigorate Midtown East with their new fusion-inspired sushi concept, Chado. Named for a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, Chado adds Southeast Asian, French, and Latin influences to Japanese food while maintaining the integrity and artistry of traditional Asian cuisine.

The décor is as elegant as the cuisine. Guests are greeted by a massive, stone-carved Buddha at the door, the stage is instantly set for something bold and transporting. Past the long, white bar, semi-circular black leather booths provide intimacy and privacy for each table in the restaurant’s front section, with minimalist panels of Japanese calligraphy denoting the customs of the tea ceremony dotting the wall. An Asian screen separates the back dining room, where a modern sculpted chandelier, sleek red pendant lamps and exposed brick wall play accent to the sushi bar—a true harmony of New York and Japanese aesthetics.

One of the only genuinely epicurian restaurants in the Fashion District, Chado has already become a haven for the industry’s big names, including Marylou Luther, the longtime editor of the International Fashion Sydicate, and the head designers behind large firms like Calvin Klein and Stan Herman. It’s no surprise: between Lim and Balouma’s backgrounds, the dining experience at Chado is pampering but humble, sophisticated but unpretentious. The same applies for the food: it’s intriguing and new, consistent in its delicacy and lightness.

Sushi may be the strong suit, but an array of the chef’s appetizers features gems that shouldn’t be skipped. Among them is the Japanese Style Red Snapper Ceviche, marinated in a combination of yuzu juice and white soy—a playful twist on the expected dash of citrus—all topped with a fresh, crisp blend of radish sprouts, baby endive, and chives. A duck salad with jalapeno plum vinaigrette may sound contrastingly heavy, but it will change anyone’s conception of the oft-weighty protein. Here, it is so gently cooked that the duck melts on the palate, its light gamey flavor left to shine for what it is.

Similarly, lamb tataki is complimented by sun-dried tomato oil and Korean miso—a gentle combination designed so that the quality Australian cut is able to play equal star to its unusual, quirky accompaniments. Even Asian staples get reinterpreted into haute versions, as with the crab- and shrimp-filled Seafood Shrimp Harumaki Rolls with woodear mushrooms, whose spicy kalaminsi (Phillipine lime) nectar dipping sauce holds flavors that are little explored in the city. The fancified eggrolls are but one indication of Lim’s playful, clever tendency to spin the classics with a bit of unexpected edge—adventurous enough for gourmands, but approachable enough for the average diner.

His inclination to push boundaries reappears in his treatment of sushi, wherein he adds sauces to augment the usual soy (which here, comes refined—it’s home-brewed). Each is brushed or dotted onto the fish with a refined aesthetic eye, such as the kalamata paste that’s speckled atop hamachi, adding the saltiness expected from soy, but without the sodium. A smooth guacamole-like puree is infused with wasabi and dolloped daintily over toro—a play on tuna avocado rolls—while salmon might benefit from a Peruvian-inspired spicy salsa or gingery mustard, depending on the chef’s whim. All his toppings, sauces, and recipes, are closely guarded secrets—so much so that Lim prepares them before any other kitchen staff arrives in order to protect their confidentiality. It’s not hard to see why—the approach is entirely unique, adding flavor explosions not generally associated with sushi, but without violating the integrity of an age-old culinary form.

The pairings are best tasted through the omakase menu, a custom-created experience in which diners interact with the chef for a meal tailored to their preferences. In this way, diners take a walk through the various expressions of Chado’s fusion sushi—some more traditional, some more playful—challenging their own expectations of Japanese cookery. Just keep the food coming till you tell them to stop. You are charged by the number of pieces you order.

Those who wish to order by the roll might choose the Chado, a roll filled with spicy shrimp tempura and topped with a kani kama and seaweed salad to balance the crunch and heft of the fried shrimp inside. Also notable: the Spicy Aquatic Roll, with spicy tuna and pickled Japanese cucumber inside and torched salmon and kabayaki sauce above. The special rolls are all created exclusively by the chef, with unique recipes not found anywhere else.

Returning back to the hot dishes from the kitchen, it would be difficult to pass on the chef’s memorable Chilean Sea Bass, which comes dressed in a deeply colored, sake-infused nori sauce and served with baby bok choy. The thick cut of fish is perfectly cooked: tender and buttery on the inside, with a definitive crunch from the gently seared skin. On the side, a dainty pile of fried tofu sticks that look like thick-cut French fries, the accompanying red pepper sauce playing their ketchup. They’re not only more virtuous for the nearby fashionistas—they’re also packed with enough flavor to convert the masses. Prime Rib Eye benefits from a roasted shallot and miso sauce; the hefty portion is counterbalanced by a creamy chickpea puree and exotic mushrooms. Together, it’s an exposition on earthy flavors.

Sweet endings include fixings for American tastes or more adventurous ones alike. The former might enjoy the chef’s favorite: a homemade molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, a classic showstopper in its own right. The latter will go for one of the chef’s more creative twists, such as his signature New York style green tea cheesecake, whose rich, dense texture is balanced by the light flavor of tea leaves. All are made in house by Lim himself.

The cocktails are massive and beautifully constructed and service is a dream. Indeed, every part of the Chado experience is, like a great Japanese painting, an exploration of balance and counterbalance, from the flavors on the plate to the restrained but inviting décor. It may be filling a much neglected niche Fashion District, but it’s safe to say that Chado would shine brightly anywhere in the city.

One of New York’s truly original Japanese restaurants!


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The Attractive Dining Room

bhojan1 All Images, courtesy of Ann Lawlor ( Above, A Thali To Remember)



Vegetarian Restaurant

Opening Date: March 29, 2010 (currently in previews)

Location: 102 Lexington Avenue (between 27th & 28th Streets)
New York City

Telephone: (212) 213-9615

(212) 213-9671

Fax: (212) 213-9794



Owner/Executive Chef: Shiva K. Natarajan

General Manager: Roshan Balan

Interior Designer: Thida Thongthai

Cuisine: Vegetarian Indian (Northern & Western)

Seating: Total (52)

Sweets/Snack Shop (12)

Dining Room (40)

Opening Hours: Lunch Dinner

Sunday-Saturday Sunday-Saturday

11:30AM-4:00PM 4:00PM-10:00PM

*All Major Credit Cards Accepted *

bhojan logo

At The Top of the Hill: One Of New York’s Most Distinguished Indian Restaurants

A truly unique addition to both Little India and the New York City dining scene, the much-anticipated Bhojan has opened as the newest Vegetarian Indian eatery. In English, the Hindi bhojan translates to a simple, delicious homestyle meal that is both hearty and satisfying.


All Images, courtesy of Ann Lawlor (Steamed Lentil Cakes, Green Chilies, Mustard Seeds)


Transporting diners to the family homes of India and Indian guests back to fond childhood memories Bhojan chic eatery’s rustic décor is brought to life by rich earth tones, exposed brick and lamps, and handmade tiles. As bronzed Kadais (Indian woks) adorn the restaurant’s ceiling, dimly-lit chandeliers uniquely comprised of wine bottles infuse a sense of chic modern flair with traditional accents. Soft instrumental Indian music completes the alluring, yet casual ambiance..

Highlighting dishes from the North and West regions of India – namely Gujarat and Punjab, which are known for their distinct vegetarian offerings – Bhojan stands out from its neighbors on Little India’s restaurant row. A selection of Thalis – entire meals served as a platter – are perfect for hungry diners, while Bhojan’s Small Plates and Chaats are ideal for those seeking lighter fare. The chic vegetarian eatery boasts a truly unmatched dining experience— freshly prepared culinary creations, crafted by only the season’s finest ingredients in a more-than-affordable price range.


bhojan menu

All Images, courtesy of Ann Lawlor (The Clever Design Above)

This vegetarian outpost boasts a truly unmatched dining experience— freshly prepared (and kosher certified) culinary creations, crafted by only the season’s finest ingredients in a more-than-affordable price range.  A selection of Thalis – entire meals composed of appetizers, an entree, condiments, bread, rice and dessert, each arranged in small bowls placed together in a single platter – are perfect for hungry diners. The Ashram Thali (no onions or garlic) is ideal for health-conscious yogis, while Gujarati Thali and Maa Ki Punjab Thali are evocative of a traditional Western and Northern Indian dinner, respectively; each are available for dinner on weekdays and all day on weekends, while Lunch Thalis are also available during the week.  Bhojan’s Small Plates and Chaats are ideal for those seeking lighter fare and, for a quick nibble, Bhojan boasts a sweets and snacks shop at the front of restaurant, serving freshly prepared bites.


All Images, courtesy of Ann Lawlor

Vegetarian Indian Restaurant BRINGS UNIQUE FLAVOR TO


Bhojan’s Small Plates and Chaats are ideal for those seeking lighter fare and, for a quick nibble, Bhojan boasts a sweets and snacks shop at the front of restaurant, serving freshly prepared bites. Signature favorites are sure to include Dahi Balle (Lentil Flour Dumplings, Yogurt, Cilantro, two Chutnies), Phuchka (Puffed mini Puris, Potato and Chickpeas filling, Tangy water), and Kachori Chaat (Crispy flour puffs stuffed with Moong, Yogurt, two chutnies). Refresh with a Lassi (yogurt drink, available in plain, mango, banana and rose), Chaas (Spiced Buttermilk drink with Ginger and Cumin) or enjoy a selection or two from Bhojan’s extensive tea and fine wine/beer lists.

Restaurateur and Bhojan Owner/Executive Chef, Shiva Natarajan, is a veteran to the East Coast gourmet industry having opened eight highly-regarded restaurants, including Dhaba, Chola and Tadka in New York City. Born and raised in Calcutta, Shiva fell in love with the art of cuisine by spending countless hours in the kitchen with his family and eventually transported his expertise of Indian cuisine to the restaurant industry of New York City. Inspired by Swami Sivananda Saraswati, a spiritual teacher and modern day Saint who propagated Yoga, Vedanta and the unity of all religions, Bhojan honors his teachings SERVE, LOVE, GIVE, PURIFY, MEDITATE, REALIZE.

About Shiva K. Natarajan: Restaurateur and Executive Chef, Shiva Natarajan, is a veteran to the East Coast gourmet industry having opened eight highly-regarded restaurants; Dhaba, Chola and Tadka in New York City, Chola, Malabar Hill and Bombay Bar & Grill in Connecticut, Jaipore Royal Indian Cuisine in Brewster New York and Bombay at the Black Swan Inn in Lee, Massachusetts. Born and raised in Calcutta, Shiva fell in love with the art of cuisine by spending countless hours in the kitchen with his family, developing what would become his life-long passion for food. After completing his high school education in Bombay, he left India to pursue his MBA at Pace University in New York City. After spending years traveling throughout India, experiencing many different cuisine styles of his native country, Shiva transported his expertise of Indian cuisine to the restaurant industry of New York City.

Inspiration: Swami Sivananda Saraswati (September 8, 1887—July 14, 1963) was a spiritual teacher and modern day Saint who propagated Yoga, Vedanta and the unity of all religions. His teachings were simple: SERVE, LOVE, GIVE, PURIFY, MEDITATE, REALIZE. As founder of The Divine Life Society (1936) and Yoga-Vedanta Forest Academy (1948), Sivananda authored of nearly 300 books. A majority of the Ashrams worldwide and the various types of Yoga practiced in the world today can trace their origins and spiritual lineages back to Sivananda. Sivananda Ashrams have branches all over the world; locally in New York City, a majority of the Yoga centers are affiliated directly or through spiritual lineage to Sivananda.

Service is amazingly caring and efficient. On our visit, Sanjeet Malhotra, Manager, was a paragon of professionalism. 

New York Finely boasts a truly great and unique Indian restaurant. And you needn’t be a vegetarian to fall is love with Bhojan. I could dine there on a regular basis.


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Devotion Vodka Continues to Expand and Hires Seasoned Spirits Experts to Head Sales and Distribution


Devotion Vodka, the world’s smoothest American made vodka, continues to make its mark on the spirits industry. After launching in San Francisco and New Jersey, the Casein-infused vodka is expanding to Las Vegas, Southern California, New York and Arizona. Devotion Vodka infused with Casein (protein) is quickly transforming cocktails across the country. The company is already in its second round of production, as the first round sold out in four and a half months (it was expected to last one year).

Devotion is also defining a new generation of vodka aficionados who devote themselves fully to everything they do in life. “People who drink Devotion aren’t afraid to stand out and take charge; we’ve always worked hard and played harder. That is the mantra of the Devotion brand,” says Devotion founder Andrew Adelman.

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The Juice to Go Series Will Continue Through the Summer

Rouge Tomate, which was voted the Best Juice Bar in 2009 by New York magazine, will launch a Juice To Go series through the summer, beginning Friday, May 28th in time for Memorial Day Weekend.  As a celebration of summer, there will be a 2-for-1 offer on Friday, May 28th and Saturday, May 29th.  One of the greenest restaurants in Manhattan, Rouge Tomate will be using 100% biodegradable cups for the transportation of their signature combinations.  All of the non-alcoholic “Mocktails” currently listed on the bar menu will be available as a “to go” option for $8.00 each and can be ordered from the host or directly at the bar. 

Rouge Tomate’s juice menu is managed by beverage director, Pascaline Lepeltier who works in conjunction with Natalia Hancock, Rouge Tomate’s culinary nutritionist to create the spectacular, yet healthy concoctions.  The menu currently features drinks such as the Cucumber Cooler made from cucumber, lemon dill and seltzer.  Also featured is the Amber Palmer with a hint of jasmine complimenting the green tea, rosemary-grapefruit juice, mint and seltzer.  A staple on Rouge Tomate’s menu is the Green Tornado which features a green juice made from tarragon, spinach, basil, butter lettuce along with mint and lemon juice.  Other seasonal options are the Rouge Tomate Lemonade, the Velvet Sienna and the Red Tornado (as featured last month on a Dr. Oz. Show segment).  

“During the summer everyone wants to be outside, specifically in Rouge Tomate’s backyard, Central Park. We wanted to offer our guests a way to enjoy their favorite juices while taking in some sun around Manhattan,” said Peter Esmond, Director of Operations at Rouge Tomate.  “Our beverages are amazingly refreshing, full of nutritional benefits and we use only local and seasonal ingredients to match the celebration of summer. We are very excited to officially launch the juice to go series.” 


Carlson Hotels

Carlson Hotels, one of the world’s leading hotel companies, today announced the opening of its 14th Park Inn property in North America and the second of two hotels joining the brand in Texas. The opening of the Park Inn Dallas Fort Worth South, Texas, and a second hotel which opened recently in Houston, are part of Carlson’s Ambition 2015 growth strategy.

"Park Inn, a leading, award-winning mid-scale brand in Europe and the Middle East, has great potential in North America," said Steve Mogck, executive vice president for Park Inn. "The strong visual identity and contemporary design of the brand provide a fresh approach to the mid-scale segment."Internationally the brand has achieved major milestone recognition. In 2009, J.D. Power and Associates rated Park Inn number one in Europe for guest satisfaction in the mid-scale segment. With 110 hotels in operation globally and 60 hotels currently in development, Park Inn provides affordable accommodations that are efficient, uncomplicated, practical and comfortable.


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What’s Hot in the Hamptons for Summer 2010

On Your Way to the Hamptons:


o Offering guests an unparalleled culinary experience, Executive Chef Gregory Baumel shares his imaginative take on Eclectic cuisine – everyday food with a twist – crafted with the season’s freshest ingredients, many of which are organic and locally sourced.

o A playful sense of whimsy and fun has returned to fine dining, as guests step inside The Stone Turtle Restaurant, they are greeted by a brightly colored décor, met with exposed brick and wood embodies the eatery’s casual elegance and charm.

o Stone Turtle’s Small Plates are ideal for those seeking a quick bite on the road and include Screaming Oysters (Freshly Shucked East Coast Oysters lightly poached in a sauce of Sake, Oyster Sauce, Chilis and Cilantro served with Crostini). Thirsty? Try the Hare of the Turtle (Bacardi® Superior Rum, club soda, mint leaves, jalapeno, lime, sugar, topped with Cotton Candy garnish), or the Stone Turtle Beer Sampler, which includes four 5oz. draft beers from the eatery’s twelve-beer selection. For those with a sweet tooth be sure to indulge with a selection or two from the Chocolate and Nothing But Chocolate Dessert Menu— the decadent, all-chocolate menu offers playful signature sweet treats such as The Dirty Ashtray and Chocolate Jalapeno “Chipwich Sandwich.

o If you can’t make the stop, Executive Chef Gregory Baumel also makes “House Calls” upon request, personally crafting and creating a special menu based upon his client’s tastes and wishes.

4160 Austin Blvd.

Island Park, NY 11558

Where to Stay:

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The centrally-located hotel offers a true taste of Chicago with personalized service, top-notch amenities and value-driven packages

Visitors to the Windy City can look forward to a host of new and exciting ways to spend their springtime and summer getaway in Chicago. The Palmer House Hilton, the country’s longest continuously operating hotel, is pleased to offer a diverse set of warm-weather packages this season. Conveniently located in Chicago’s Loop neighborhood, the hotel is within walking distance to Chicago’s famed cultural, business and shopping destinations.
With its $170 million restoration complete, the 1.7 million-square-foot Palmer House Hilton remains an icon, with its roots dating back to 1871. Combining modern amenities and old-world grandeur, the hotel features 1,639 beautifully appointed guest rooms, 44 deluxe suites, 10 hospitality suites and one lavish 3,700-square-foot penthouse. With something for everyone-girlfriends, families and couples -spring and summer package offerings include:     
Historic Package -With roots dating back to 1871,the Palmer House Hiltonis a true architectural and historic gem. One of the United States’ 26 remaining grand palace hotels, the Palmer House Hilton is a destination for history lovers. From the world famous lobby to some of history’s greatest inventions – including a special dessert invented during the World’s Fair of 1893 – the guided tour lasts just over an hour and ends with a small memento to take home. The Historic Package must be booked a minimum of three days prior to arrival and is based upon availability. Available seven days a week through December 31, 2010. Rates start at $209 and are based on double occupancy for one night.