Perbacco celebrates the black summer truffle season—

In Rome, popular belief has it that truffles are a divine fruit—the byproduct of Jove’s thunderbolt—and it’s not hard to see why. What was once reserved for use as an aphrodisiac for Italian princes and princesses is now a celebrated luxury for the masses, and it’s almost time for them to find their way back onto our plates. Starting July 10th, Perbacco celebrates the black summer truffle season—the first crop of the year—with a three-course menu honoring the tuber’s fabulously funky flavor. The three courses can be ordered a la carte or as a complete experience for just $59—a testament that perhaps Jove is blessing us with a luxury we can actually afford.

Perbacco’s Speciali Tartufatti


Uova Asparagi e Tartufi

A low-temperature cooked egg served with white asparagus chips and braised shallots, and a scrambled egg with grilled white asparagus, both topped with black truffle



Tagliolini al Tartufo Nero Estivo su Crema di Burrata

Homemade tagliolini pasta sautéed with black summer truffle sauce and burrata cheese cream topped with thinly sliced black summer truffle



Semifreddo al Miele di Corbezzolo con Tartufo Nero Estivo

Bitter honey and fresh truffle parfait on a truffle biscuit served with Madeira zabaglione sauce and topped with crystallized truffle slices


Order all three in conjuction for $59

Perbacco is located at 234 East 4th Street near Avenue B in Manhattan’s far east village, and is open for dinner on Monday – Thursday 5PM – Midnight; Friday 5PM – 1AM; Saturday 5PM – 1AM and on Sunday 5PM – 12 AM. On weekends, the brunch and dinner menu are both available from 12PM – 4PM. For reservations, please call (212) 253-2038, and for more information, visit


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