Sacré Tomate!

Heirloom tomatoes are back. This summer promises a bumper crop of these juicy red jewels so to celebrate, Tour de France Restaurant Group will offer a sumptuous selection of specialty dishes featuring heirloom tomatoes grown by local farmers.  The nine Tour de France eateries will allow diners to taste the gamete of  French cuisine from Paris to Provence. For the third annual Tomato Festival, each restaurant will offer their unique regional interpretation of tomato favorites.  The festival will take place from August 18 – August 29 and the highlight will be the signature tomato cocktail Fiery Heirloom “Bell:”

Fiery Heirloom “Bell” ($12)
4 pieces of 1 inch squares of red bell pepper
3 heirloom cherry tomatoes (2 halved for muddling, 1 for garnish)
1/2oz honey syrup (equal parts of honey and hot water combined, stirred and chilled)
3/4oz fresh lemon juice
1/2oz Orange Curacao
2oz Crop tomato infused vodka (certified USDA organic)
Pinch of chili pepper flakes for finishing

In a mixing glass, muddle the red bell pepper and 2 of the cherry tomatoes in the honey syrup and lemon juice to infuse flavor, add remaining ingredients (except chili), add ice and shake well, strain into an ice filled highball glass, finish with the pinch of chili and garnish with the remaining cherry tomato on a cocktail pick. Serve with a straw.

Created by Aviram Turgeman (beverage director Tour de France) and Ali Boyd (Mixologist-Nice Matin)

Below is a list of the Tour de France restaurants with brief descriptions.

Cafe D’Alsace– Alsacienne Cuisine
1695 2nd Ave @ 88th Street-
Chef Philippe Roussel interprets the cuisine of his father’s native Alsace with a contemporary New York flair. Complementing the cuisine is one the city’s most distinguished beer selections – including a dedicated beer sommelier to assist you in selecting the perfect lager, ale or bock to compliment to your meal. <>

French Roast Downtown– Parisian Cuisine
78 West 11th Street @ 6th Ave

French Roast is always open for anything from drinks to brunch to dinner. With the lively atmosphere of a Parisian bistro the restaurant pays homage to this most lively and cosmopolitan of cities.
French Roast Uptown-Parisian Cuisine
2340 Broadway @ 85th Street

French Roast is always open for anything from drinks to brunch to dinner. With the lively atmosphere of a Parisian bistro the restaurant pays homage to this most lively and cosmopolitan of cities.

Le Monde– Cuisine Loire Valley
2885 Broadway Btw 112 & 113 St. NYC
Le Monde celebrates the convivial bourgeois lifestyle with its warm atmosphere, welcoming service and delicious food. The Loire Valley is home to some of the best-loved French dishes such as Coq Au Vin and Potato, Goat cheese and Caramelized Onion Tart.

L’Express– Lyonnaise Cuisine
249 Park Ave South @ 20th Street
L’express, a Lyonnaise bouchon, merges the traditional southern and northern influences of French cooking. The menu celebrates the meat and dairy products of the region, with daily Sausage selections, Charcuterie and Cheese plates, Sautéed Tripe, Pike Dumplings, and plenty of beers and Beaujolais. <>

Maison– Cuisine of Brittany
1700 Broadway @ 53rd Street
Maison is an experience in the coastal flavors of Brittany. Maison the menu focuses on the fish, shellfish, and crepes that are found in quaint restaurants dotted along the seaside towns of Brittany. The casual setting and evocative flavors make for an authentically French meal.

Marseille– Marseillaise Cuisine
630 9th Ave @ 44th Street-
Chef Andy D’Amico creates exciting, flavorful, and authentic cuisine celebrating Marseille’s mix of French, Italian, Greek, and North African influences. Popular yet unique dishes such as Bouillabaisse, savory tagines, perfect steak frites, gourmet "five-napkin" burgers, succulent shortribs, fresh pastas, and a wide variety of tasty hors d’oeuvres are served daily.
Nice Matin– Nicoise Cuisine
201 West 79th St. @ Amsterdam
While researching their latest project, partners Simon Oren and chef Andy D’Amico traveled and ate their way through Nice in the fall of 2002. The result was the opening of Nice Matin, a delightful destination destined to enchant each and every visitor with unique and delectable cuisine.

– Cuisine of the Southwest
790 8th Ave @ 48th St.
Pigalle offers dishes from South West France that make use of ingredients which the region has in abundance, such as wild mushrooms, truffles, duck, foie gras, walnuts, chestnuts, hams, cheeses and wines and armagnac.

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