Tapas Festival Special at NY’s Finest Spanish Restaurant: El Porrón

Spanish Food is IN & No Restaurant in NY Does it Better Than El Porrón

Award-winning website, Punchin-dot-com, features the Walman Report and reviews of restaurants, travel, wine and theater. The Tomato Fight has been a well-known Spanish tradition for as long as we can remember, and while we can’t exactly be throwing tomatoes at each other on the streets of New York, there’s no reason we can’t still partake in the celebration.  El Porrón on the Upper East Side has designed a Tapas Festival Special to honor this annual food fight.

One Night Only, August 25th, while Spaniards are busy getting dirty, you can enjoy a hearty spread of 6 of chef Gonzalo “Mr. G” Bermeo’s classic and signature tapas with 2 glasses of any wine of your choice, like a vibrant Rioja or a sparkling Txakolina. 

This special was designed for two, so bring a partner along to share in the eating.  The offerings include Classic hearty golden ‘omelet’ of eggs, potatoes, onions and Spanish ham. Fresh tiger shrimp sautéed in garlic and white wine sauce. Roasted red peppers & asparagus. Littleneck clams baked in a mildly spicy tomato & herb sauce and Grilled chicken breast with eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, tomato & onion. Spanish food is IN, & no restaurant in NY does it Better Than El Porrón, 1123 1st Avenue, at 61st Street. For reservations for this special, call Diego at 212-207-8349. That’s 212-207-8349. .

On August 25th Only


Here’s what’s on the menu:

$80 for 2 people

1 glass of wine per person


sharing of the following tapas:

Tortilla Espanola

Classic hearty golden ‘omelet’ made with farm fresh eggs, sliced potatoes & sweet onions


Jamón Serrano

Thin slices of dry-cured Spanish country ham served with toasted garlic bread & fresh tomato


Gambas al Ajillo

Fresh tiger shrimp sautéed in garlic, EVOO & Albariño white wine sauce – served sizzling in an authentic

ceramic cazuela


Pimientos Del Piquillo

Roasted Navarra red peppers & asparagus in silky, mild sweet pepper sauce


Almejas Marineras

Littleneck clams baked in a mildly spicy tomato & herb sauce


Pollo con Pisto

Grilled chicken breast served with a classic Spanish Ratatouille of eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, tomato & onion

Anyone interested in this special should make a reservation with Diego at the restaurant, 212-207-8349.  El Porrón is located at 1123 1st Avenue, at 61st Street.

Great Food . . . Great Value. Don’t Miss This One!

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