New offerings at the Sedona resort and spa include activities and sessions
focused on Health & Nutrition, Nature & Creativity, and Stress Relief & Spirituality

Enchantment Resort in Sedona, Arizona.

Enchantment Resort recently released 20 new programs for individual guests, couples and families to take part in ranging from red rock hikes and nutrition, to photography and astrology. The new offerings at the Sedona resort include a variety of outdoor activities and creative sessions in the following categories: Health & Nutrition, Nature & Creativity, and Stress Relief & Spirituality.

"Enchantment Resort is well known as the leading family resort in Sedona. We wanted to build on our offerings and create guided activities for families and guests to explore the region, learn about their surroundings and reconnect with one another," said Annika Jackson, Enchantment Resort Vice President & Managing Director. "Many of the new programs are inspired by treatments and sessions at our destination spa, Mii amo, with expert staff members contributing to the design and components of the new activities."

Sedona is often acclaimed as the best destination for seeking stress relief and connecting with your spirit. Our Mii amo experts can now offer guided sessions for families and groups in "Meditation." Guests can discover how meditation can help in relaxation and learn the skills to develop better focus and concentration, become more comfortable with emotions, improve relationships and heighten self esteem.
All of the new, private activities can be booked individually or as shared group or family sessions. Some age restrictions may apply; and prices and group size vary depending on the activity. A full listing of the new programs offered can be found at www.enchantmentresort.com/activities/family-programs.


Salumè Brings Real Italian Panini to Soho

The Wall Street Journal called it the "Ferrari of sandwiches." The New York Times says their paninis are "exquisite and distinct." So if the prices and portions are the only thing holding you back from Salume, you’ll Technorati Tags: Sandwich,SoHo,New York,Italian be happy to hear that the same distinguished Milanese paninis–sliced to order on Berkel […]



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Three guys, a rabbi and a taco truck meet on the street. Sounds like the start of a joke, but it’s actually a new wave in culinary fusion, fondly known as TAKOSHER. TAKOSHER is the nation’s first certified glatt kosher taco truck, and it’s about to hit the streets of Los Angeles, putting the lifelong dream of Lowell Bernstein into high gear.

Growing up in Los Angeles, Bernstein always had a great appreciation for Latino culture, but it was not something in which he could regularly partake gastronomically, since his kosher regimen meant his food restrictions outside of the home were rather limiting. “When I lived in Mexico City from 1994 to 1998, that cultural experience solidified my fascination with tacos,” he explains. This passion has carried through to the present, when the planets—or rather, the tortillas—finally aligned so that Bernstein could open TAKOSHER to share this passion with the public.

Bernstein enters into this culinary road show as one of three caballeros, teaming with longtime amigos Chris Martin and Moises Baqueiro. Over the years, their friendship has produced a number of unique catering events that integrate food, music, and multi-cultural appreciation.

TAKOSHER is considered “The Chosen Taco” for several reasons. First and foremost, being certified as glatt kosher requires that both the contents and preparation of the tacos are kept at the highest level of quality: natural, preservative-free ingredients are cooked, assembled and served in a highly sanitary, strictly supervised environment. TAKOSHER also stands out as “The Chosen Taco” in the colloquial sense: the entire mindset of being “kosher” or “proper, genuine and ethical” applies to the way TAKOSHER handles the treatment of its employees, the disposal of waste, and its manner of doing business in general. “TAKOSHER is a catalyst for celebrating diversity and simply eating great food with one another,” says Bernstein. “All this thoughtful set-up in creating ‘The Chosen Taco’ is for naught if the overall experience itself isn’t ‘kosher’ in every sense of the word.”

TAKOSHER’s debut menu consists of:



Technorati Tags: Vodka,Spirits,Cocktails,Recipes   Consumers looking to experience a bottle of ultra-premium, authentic rye vodka will now be able to stay within a single-digit budget. Wódka vodka, which was recently ranked as one of the top-value vodkas, is now available throughout the country for as low as $8.99 per 750-ml bottle. Wódka is a clear, […]

Riazul Tequila

Riazul Premium Tequila Reviving Original Spirit of Sipping

tequila riazul cocktail image Headquartered in Houston, Riazul is a silky smooth premium sipping tequila made from 100 percent agave harvested in the mountains of Jalisco, Mexico. The land of Riazul has been passed down from generation to generation for more than 200 years since the Mexican War of Independence. Riazul offers three brands, an Añejo, a Blanco, and a Reposado. For more information, visit www.riazul.com. Riazul also is active in social media circles, on Facebook and Twitter.

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Tequila stands as North America’s first distilled drink. Its origins date back hundreds of years to when the Aztecs took the sap from maguey plants and fermented it into a drink first known as "Octli" — which means the Nectar of Gods.

Octli would eventually evolve into true tequila in the 1500s, shortly after the Spaniards arrived in Mexico and ran out of Spanish brandy. The Spaniards distilled agave to create Mezcal wine, the spirit which eventually came to be known as tequila — named for a small town in Jalisco, Mexico.

Tequila later became a source of pride for the country and first was exported to the United States in the late 1800s. Tequila started gaining traction in the United States as its precursor, Octli, fell into steep decline.

However, the Octli (also referred to as “pulque”) has seen a revival in recent months, with specialty importers now licensed to sell the product in nearly half of the U.S.

Riazul Premium Tequila, harvested in centuries-old fields in the highlands of Jalisco, where tequila was born, pays tribute to its heritage with the Octli (Nectar of Gods) Cocktail, made from Riazul Silver, pulque, agave nectar and hibiscus. Vaya con dios!

Riazul Octli (Nectar of Gods)


1 1/2 oz Riazul Silver Tequila

1 1/2 oz Pulque

½ oz Agave Nectar

1 oz Lime Juice

1 oz Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup

Shake tequila, pulque, agave nectar, lime juice and hibiscus syrup with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass and serve.

“Silky, smooth, sweet” are not terms commonly used to describe tequila, but newcomer Riazul has quickly gained a reputation for appealing to tequila aficionados and novices alike. The local Texan label recently earned the top ranking according to Tequila.net,* which awarded the Riazul Tequila Añejo with a 94 rating.

* Riazul Tequila Añejo is currently rated as the top product in the listing page of the top rated Añejo Tequilas by both TEQUILA.net and the members, with a score of 94 out of 100.

The highlands of western Mexico, where Riazul harvests and processes its agave, are defined by their high elevation, cool climate, and red volcanic soil, or “tierra roja,” rich in mineral content. Riazul’s agave fields sit on 250 acres that were handed down from generation to generation for nearly 200 years following the Mexican War of Independence until Iñaki Orozco decided to introduce his own brand of tequila.

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ENTRIES FOR MARTINI STYLE COCKTAIL FEATURING RAW OYSTER ACCEPTED THROUGH SEPTEMBER 16, AND FINALS AT OYSTER FRENZY ON SEPTEMBER 25 Attention bartenders and mixologists, both professional and amateur, chefs and authors! The historic Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York City is searching for the best “Oyster Shooter” recipe, and is accepting entries from now […]

J Vineyards & Winery 2010 Harvest Kicks Into High Gear

With the arrival of warmer weather along Sonoma County’s coastal hills and valleys, the 2010 grape harvest at J Vineyards & Winery kicked into high gear.  Harvest crews were busy picking Pinot Noir grapes from J’s "Nicole’s" and "Robert Thomas" Russian River Valley estate vineyards throughout the early morning hours, arriving just in time for a short "Blessing of the Grapes" ceremony at the winery.

Heavy coastal fog and low clouds shrouded the region in June, July, and most of August, pushing the annual grape harvest back about three weeks.  Temperatures, however, began to spike warmer this week, pushing the coastal clouds offshore and helping grapes destined for sparkling wine to mature to their desired ripeness and bright acidity.  The varietal wine harvest throughout J’s ten Russian River Valley estate vineyards is expected to begin by mid-September.

"We finally hit our optimum sugar levels for sparkling wine," said J Viticulturalist John Erbe. "We will continue concentrating on sparkling wine for the next three weeks, and then follow up with a three-week harvest of our grapes bound for varietal wines."

With the harvest delayed due to the unusually cool weather, both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay appear to be ripening on a parallel path. Such a compressed, rigorous harvest can push a winery to its limits. At J Vineyards & Winery, a complex "battle plan" has been put in place by winemaker George Bursick to make both the sparkling wine and varietal wine harvest transition smoothly.

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