Riazul Tequila

Riazul Premium Tequila Reviving Original Spirit of Sipping

tequila riazul cocktail image Headquartered in Houston, Riazul is a silky smooth premium sipping tequila made from 100 percent agave harvested in the mountains of Jalisco, Mexico. The land of Riazul has been passed down from generation to generation for more than 200 years since the Mexican War of Independence. Riazul offers three brands, an Añejo, a Blanco, and a Reposado. For more information, visit www.riazul.com. Riazul also is active in social media circles, on Facebook and Twitter.

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Tequila stands as North America’s first distilled drink. Its origins date back hundreds of years to when the Aztecs took the sap from maguey plants and fermented it into a drink first known as "Octli" — which means the Nectar of Gods.

Octli would eventually evolve into true tequila in the 1500s, shortly after the Spaniards arrived in Mexico and ran out of Spanish brandy. The Spaniards distilled agave to create Mezcal wine, the spirit which eventually came to be known as tequila — named for a small town in Jalisco, Mexico.

Tequila later became a source of pride for the country and first was exported to the United States in the late 1800s. Tequila started gaining traction in the United States as its precursor, Octli, fell into steep decline.

However, the Octli (also referred to as “pulque”) has seen a revival in recent months, with specialty importers now licensed to sell the product in nearly half of the U.S.

Riazul Premium Tequila, harvested in centuries-old fields in the highlands of Jalisco, where tequila was born, pays tribute to its heritage with the Octli (Nectar of Gods) Cocktail, made from Riazul Silver, pulque, agave nectar and hibiscus. Vaya con dios!

Riazul Octli (Nectar of Gods)


1 1/2 oz Riazul Silver Tequila

1 1/2 oz Pulque

½ oz Agave Nectar

1 oz Lime Juice

1 oz Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup

Shake tequila, pulque, agave nectar, lime juice and hibiscus syrup with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass and serve.

“Silky, smooth, sweet” are not terms commonly used to describe tequila, but newcomer Riazul has quickly gained a reputation for appealing to tequila aficionados and novices alike. The local Texan label recently earned the top ranking according to Tequila.net,* which awarded the Riazul Tequila Añejo with a 94 rating.

* Riazul Tequila Añejo is currently rated as the top product in the listing page of the top rated Añejo Tequilas by both TEQUILA.net and the members, with a score of 94 out of 100.

The highlands of western Mexico, where Riazul harvests and processes its agave, are defined by their high elevation, cool climate, and red volcanic soil, or “tierra roja,” rich in mineral content. Riazul’s agave fields sit on 250 acres that were handed down from generation to generation for nearly 200 years following the Mexican War of Independence until Iñaki Orozco decided to introduce his own brand of tequila.

“Increasingly, people are giving up the tequila shots and slammers, instead savoring artisan tequilas and their unique aromas and flavors,” said Orozco. “We love helping people replace their bad tequila stories – and everyone has one – with new, pleasant experiences that they share with all their friends.”

While more than 80 percent of tequila consumption is in mixed drinks, Riazul is carving out its niche as an authentic sipping delicacy, the way tequila was enjoyed when it was first introduced in the 16th century.

Riazul currently offers three types of tequilas, all made from 100 percent blue agave:

Añejo – A unique sipping experience

Aged in French white oak barrels formerly holding cognac or brandy, the Añejo is aged for two years, longer than any other tequila in its class. The editor of Tequila.net gave the Añejo 94 points out of 100, ranking it the number one tequila in a blind tasting of 164 Añejos and the third best out of 900 total tequilas. He described it as “A pleasant surprise” with “Caramel, agave, mild clove, almond, butter, vanilla, and cinnamon” influences and “Full of excellent aromas and flavors, and not overoaked.”

Blanco (or Silver) – An authentic agave experience

The long maturing agave achieves the highest quality fructose and reveals the unique aromas and flavors indigenous to the Jalisco highlands. The editor of Tequila.net ranked the Blanco in the top 10 out of 177 Blanco tequilas with 91.4 points out of 100. He said “This traditional tequila is bold in flavor…the ultimate Blanco experience” and that it has an “Interesting and unique profile,” describing it as “Earthy and herbal, buttery, agave, hints of vanilla, floral with mild chocolate aftertaste.”

Reposado – A barrel-oaked agave experience

The newest addition to the Riazul portfolio, the Reposado is aged in American oak barrels for nine months before bottling. It is smooth, bright, and approachable, featuring a slight oak base with citrus fruit notes.

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