Salumè Brings Real Italian Panini to Soho

The Wall Street Journal called it the "Ferrari of sandwiches." The New York Times says their paninis are "exquisite and distinct."

So if the prices and portions are the only thing holding you back from Salume, you’ll

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be happy to hear that the same distinguished Milanese paninis–sliced to order on Berkel slicers, never pressed but lightly toasted, with the perfect ratio of the best ingredients–are getting a value makeover.

After listening to his customers, owner Michele Colombo, NYC’s unofficial panini mastermind, is launching a new menu with new, more affordable prices and larger rolls almost twice the size of their original counterparts.

The only downside? It’ll become a whole lot harder to fend off a major panini addiction!

Salume is located at 330 West Broadway in the heart of Soho.

To see the new menu, visit

Salumè is located at 330 West Broadway in the heart of Soho, and is open daily from 8 AM to 8PM. For more information, visit or follow @salumenewyork on Twitter.

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