Fantastic Frescobaldi Wines Under $25

fresco1 Nipozzano%20Riserva%202006%20hi%20res

Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi Nipozzano 2006 and Remole 2008 are affordable wines perfect for any occasion. Produced in the historic Castello di Nipozzano terroir, Nipozzano 2006 ($22) contains floral notes with hints of dried plum and raspberry that entice the senses. Nipozzano has the flavor and full body of a luxurious wine, perfect to become a fall favorite. The food friendly, crisp taste of this red wine pairs well with beef and barbecued dishes along with aged cheeses.

Remole 2008 ($10) is a wine whose value is worth more than its price tag. The inviting deep purple color invites you to open the bottle and unwind with every taste of this spicy, warm and rich flavored wine. Remole’s full fruited aromas native to Tuscany make it special to share at any occasion with any type of dish such as pasta or charcuterie.


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