Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte’s tête de cuvée Palmes d’Or Brut For The New Year Extraordinaire

image The impressive and tasty bubbly for holidays 2010
(and New Year’s Day 2011)!

Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte’s tête de cuvée Palmes d’Or Brut just won the Double Gold medal at the San Francisco International Wine Competition, the largest, most influential and respected wine competition in America. It is the perfect and accessible indulgence to share with cherished loved ones and esteemed business associates this holiday season.

This unparalleled Champagne is sophisticated yet versatile enough to pair well with the finest cocktail party fare or commemorate an extra special year‐end moment. Once you include this stylish Champagne in your holiday, Palmes d’Or Brut or Rosé will surely become a tradition.


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Palmes d’Or Brut Vintage 1999
will make its U.S. debut just in
time for the Holidays. This vintage
is characterized by its delectable
blend of 50% Chardonnay and
50% Pinot Noir, its clear, bright
color, white flower aromas of
hawthorn, acacia and honey, and
a clean and direct palate
attributable to its impressive
structure. The delicate bubbles of
Palmes d’Or effervescently dance
over the palate and its strong
finish deliciously lingers.

The Palmes d’Or Rosé Vintage 2003 is a
blend of 50% Pinot Noir from Bouzy and
50% Pinot Noir from Les Riceys, with a
nose of strawberries and raspberries and
a hint of vanilla and licorice. This
Champagne house has an impressive
expertise in Rosé Champagne making
including four total Rosé Champagnes,
and Palmes d’Or Vintage 2003 is one of
two that are available in the U.S. Use of
the saignée method to create this Rosé
imparts the elegant, delicate tannins
that make it one of the most unique in
the exceptional Champagne category.

Inspired by a beautiful singing diva and Mr. Nicolas Feuillatte’s passion for her, the
exclusive Palmes d’Or range is powerful and highly distinguished. The exceptional taste
and equally stunning bottle—inspired by the black pearls the diva wore to create a
texture that makes holding the bottle a sensual pleasure equal to drinking the
Champagne itself—are some of the elements that truly set Palmes d’Or apart from all
other Champagnes. Palmes d’Or has true aging potential, so the keepsake Diva
packaging is a unique holiday gift to your favorite Champagne appreciators who would
truly value its potential.

Regardless of what holiday you celebrate, or in what fashion it is done, it is sure to be a universal celebration when Palmes d’Or is at your table. So, delight your closest friends and family this holiday season and treat them to a bubbly taste of sophistication.

The Palmes d’Or collection available this holiday season includes:
Palmes d’Or Brut Vintage 1999 in Diva packaging: SRP $135
Palmes d’Or Rosé Vintage 2003 in Diva packaging: SRP $200
Palmes d’Or Champagnes are available for purchase nationwide
Visit and


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