Zabar’s Scores A Major

Zabar’s Handsliced Nova Salmon

zabars smoked salmonmax_211001H

Starting at $24.49

Their heart and soul… pride and joy. Carefully selected and meticulously cured in a delicate blend of salt and sugar, then cold-smoked over natural wood. Masterful paper-thin slicing and tender packing complete the process. The whole side of salmon arrives sliced and reassembled, ready for serving. Also sold by the pound. Choose 8-oz or 1-lb. Smoked nova is typically a filet of salmon that’s been cured in a salt and (small amount of sugar) sugar brine. Then, it’s cold smoked at no higher than 75 degrees over hard wood chips, such as hickory. Nova is the mildest of the smoked salmons. Overnight shipping required

So thin, delicate, buttery and perfect. A steal in the $25 range for 1/2 pound. Free shipping in Manhattan for orders over $49.


Zabar’s Red Salmon Caviar – 8oz


Selected from only the best fisheries, these plump, juicy, red beads provide a pleasing pop on the palate. Robust, with the right balance between sweet and salty. The beautiful color (not to mention the reasonable price) makes a lovely presentation on blinis, canapes, and folded into omelettes. Minimum weight: 7oz. Please note: Caviar prices and weight are subject to change based on market rate at time of shipment. Requires overnight shipping.

Fabulous! Lovely color, LOW salt, medium size, crunchy egg. WOW.

Website design and ease of use: Superior

Telephone and Customer Service: Excellent


zabars 700_caviar_right Click Here To Visit The Zabars-Site



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