Sel et Poivre’s upcoming Game Festival Tasting Menu


Sel et Poivre

853 Lexington Avenue
New York, New York 10065

(212) 517-5780

During the entire month of February, Sel et Poivre, the classic French bistro uptown (853 Lexington Avenue — between 64th & 65th Streets), is launching its first ever Game Festival Tasting Menu.

Owner/Chef Christian Schienle will be preparing this creative 4-Course Game Tasting Menu every day during lunch and dinner hours.  Price: $50 per person.  Each dish will be carefully planned and will be prepared using seasonal market products and complemented with classic sauces.  For more information about Sel et Poivre’s Game Festival Tasting Menu, call (212) 517-5780.

A game testing menu

Serve in the month of February

First course

venison soup with SAVOY CABBAGE

Second course

Oven-roasted stuffed quail with goatchees, natural gravy and served with haricot vert and wild rice

Third course

Venison osso bucco with porcini mushroom risotto


Hot raspberries with vanilla ice cream

$50.00 per person


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