Palazzo della Torre IGT Veronese 2007, From Winebow With Love

Palazzo della Torre IGT Veronese 2007


SRP: Under $20.

In a word, FANTASTIC!

Wine Description

This blend of 70% Corvina Veronese, 25% Rondinella and 5% Sangiovese is a smooth, full-bodied cru made in an innovative ripasso style. After the harvest, the grapes from the Palazzo della Torre vineyard follow two different paths: 70% of the grapes picked are vinified immediately, and the remaining 30% are left to dry until the end of December. The fresh wine made at harvest is blended with the fermenting juice of the dried grapes, initiating a second fermentation, and rendering a more highly concentrated and complex wine. Allegrini affectionately refers to Palazzo della Torre as their "baby Amarone."

Tasting Notes

Deep ruby-red in color, this wine is brimming with notes of dark, dried cherries, blackberries and hints of dates and mocha. Pairs well with full-flavored pasta and risotto dishes, roast poultry and chorizo. Also excellent with hard and semi-hard cheeses.


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Winemaking & Aging

Varietal composition:
70% Corvina Veronese, 25% Rondinella and 5% Sangiovese

Harvest time:

First vintage of this wine:

Number bottles produced of this wine:


Fermentation container:
Stainless steel tanks

Length of alcoholic fermentation (days):
First: 10, Second: 15

Fermentation temperature (°F):
First: 77-84; Second: 46-72

Maceration technique:


Aging container:

Size of aging container:
225 L

Age of aging container:
Second passage

French oak

Length of aging before bottling:
15 months

Length of bottle aging:
7 months

Analytical Data


pH level:

Residual sugar (grams/liter):

Acidity (grams/liter):

Dry extract (grams/liter):


Allegrini represents the highest expression of Valpolicella wines, with passion for elegance, commitment to excellence and a long heritage in refined winemaking. 
The Allegrini estate is based in Fumane di Valpolicella, just north of Verona in northeastern Italy. Valpolicella, or ‘valley of many cellars’ is an area crossed from north to south by a series of hills, which in succession form three parallel valleys. These valleys are crossed by steep-sided, narrow river beds which remain dry except during spring thaws or autumn rains. Geography and weather combine to create an ideal growing environment.
The Allegrini family has been handing down grape growing and wine producing traditions over many generations, playing a major role in the Valpolicella Classico area for many centuries. Giovanni Allegrini was the founder of the new generation: He was extremely proud to be part of the Valpolicella, and dedicated his many resources and energies to this land. He was among the first to question local viticultural techniques, to revolutionize accepted practices, and to speak clearly about quality. He was able to combine the science of enology with strict grape selection, and between 1960 and 1970, made some of the Valpolicella’s best wines.
Allegrini’s winemaking philosophy is largely based on the concept of ‘cru’ production: a single vineyard dedicated to the production of local varieties destined to become a single wine. These crus have been a success worldwide: Palazzo della Torre, La Grola and La Poja have set the highest benchmarks for Valpolicella’s wines. Allegrini’s winemaking style has focused on emphasizing the local grapes, crafting enticing wines that always show elegance, intensity, concentration and complexity. Their highly acclaimed Amarone is an ideal example of this style. Villa Giona, a refined Bordeaux-inspired red, completes Allegrini’s top-quality portfolio.
According to Gambero Rosso, Italy’s most important wine publication, Allegrini is a “Star” winery, a winery that has won at least ten "3-glass" awards. This rare honor is given to a select few of Italy’s top producers and recognizes them for consistently producing outstanding wines across many vintages.


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