Rodney Strong Alexander Valley Single Vineyard Cabernets Rule

2007 Rockaway Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valleyrockway

The First in a trio of single vineyard wines, from Rodney Strong Alexander Valley Single Vineyards, the 2007 Rockaway Cabernet Sauvignon is priced at $75 and worth every cent. We found it equal to top growth Bordeaux and comparable to the best Cabernets that California produces. Give them a few more years in the bottle and lots of air after opening and you will be rewarded with a blissful wine experience

Established 1994, Rockaway is planted mostly to cabernet sauvignon and merlot, but includes all five of the classic Bordeaux varieties. Rising up to an elevation of 750 feet, the land generally slopes northeast and southwest, with soils comprised of gravelly clay subsoil over fractured sandstone. This well-drained, low pH earth tends to encourage the production of small-berried clusters, ideal for making a bold, concentrated cabernet sauvignon with juicy red and black fruit character, and an elegantly round and seductive mid-palate


brothers ridge

2007 Brothers Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley is the second gem in this collection. A dash of Cabernet Franc (2%) enhances its complex balance and structure.

In the hills to the east of the small town of Cloverdale, Brother’s Ridge spans 141 acres, nearly all planted to cabernet sauvignon, with smaller amounts of merlot and cabernet franc. It’s on well-drained loam underlain by sandstone, shale, and ancient greenstone. Its elevations, approaching 1,000 feet, and its primarily western aspect perfectly situate the vines to capture the full warmth and light of the afternoon sun, ripening cabernet well into the chocolate and black fruit profile, with exceptional richness

And the third in this trio is coming soon. Look out world!


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