TULSI Is Divine In Any Language


ADDRESS: 211 East 46th Street

Between 2nd & 3rd Avenues

New York, NY 10017

Reservations: 212-888-0820


OVERVIEW: Tulsi is a high-end Indian dining destination in midtown Manhattan, serving lunch and dinner as well as innovative bar bites in a relaxed, modern setting. The 55-seat restaurant and bar showcases authentic regional Indian cuisine prepared by chef/co-owner Hemant Mathur and his culinary team. “Tulsi” means divine basil and is pronounced TOOL-see.

CUISINE: Regional Indian

EXECUTIVE CHEF: tulsi chefChef and tandoor master Hemant Mathur has been internationally recognized as one of the leading Indian chefs in New York and beyond. In 2004, he and Suvir Saran opened Dévi, located in the city’s Flatiron District, where Mathur reigned in the kitchen for six years. Prior to Dévi, he was the opening co-chef at Amma in 2003, the executive chef at Diwan Grill in 2002, and worked under the late Raji Jallepalli to open Tamarind in 2000.

CHEF DE CUISINE: Dhandu Ram, formerly the chef at Yuva, who first worked with Chef Mathur at the famed Bukhara Restaurant in New Delhi. He was also the chef at Bukhara Grill in New York.

PASTRY CHEF: Surbhi Sahni, who created the ethereal Mango Cheesecake and other Indian-inspired desserts at Dévi. She was the pastry chef at Amma; developed the concept and menu for the Tea Room at Tamarind; and worked in the pastry kitchens at davidburke&donatella, Picholine and Between the Bread.

GENERAL MANAGER: Sandeep Solomon, formerly the general manager at Dévi, who has over 15 years of front-of-the-house experience at such New York restaurants as Geoffrey Zakarian’s Town; Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Spice Market and Mercer Kitchen; and Terrance Brennan’s Artisanal.

Consulting Mixologist: & Beverage Manager: Nirupama Srivastava

Architect: Kamal Patel & Associates

Photos by Melissa Hom


Dinner: Monday to Saturday, 5:30 to 10:30 pm; Sunday, 5:00 to 10:00 pm
Lunch: Monday to Saturday, Noon to 3 pm
Bar: Nightly, from 5 pm

Reservations can be made by calling 212-888-0820, or on OpenTable


$12 during lunch and dinner hours (maximum of 4 hours)
Parking lots at 127 East 46th Street and 135 East 47th Street
(both between 3rd and Lexington Aves.)


Tel: 212-888-0820 | Fax: 212-888-0827


THE LOOK IS A KNOCKOUT, Combining Subtle Colors and Clean Lines:

Tulsi int

This 2,000-square-foot venue, with a bar/lounge area that seats 14 and a dining arena that seats 55 people, is modern yet gives a cultural nod to traditional Indian motifs – designed for comfort, relaxation and the enjoyment of food, drinks and conversation. Hues of green based on its basil namesake, beige and brown are part of the subtle but striking interior created by a balance of art and artifacts, lighting and the use of wood, stainless steel, glass and porcelain tiles. Extra allure is created by a Fosted Glass Picture Window Etched with Sanskrit Sloka Sayings.There is Shamiana Seating Designed with Modern Touches and a Tableside Chaat Trolley.No other Indian restaurant in New York offers such elegance and refinement in which to enjoy superlative cuisine.Tulsi_Dining Room_Shamiana-horizontal-lowerres

Tulsi features distinctive regional Indian cuisine created by Chef Hemant Mathur, critically acclaimed for his clean, distinct flavors and a master of tandoor cooking – from savory street food and breads to tantalizing vegetable specialties and fragrant curries, to signature tandoor-grilled meats and seafood.

Guests may also enjoy a seven-course Chef’s Tasting Menu (also a Chef’s Vegetarian Tasting Menu) and bar snacks, as well as a thoughtful list of spice-friendly wines and handcrafted cocktails.


The a la carte Menu Includes:

Bar Snacks – Tulsi Tandoori Aloo; Shrimp Kati Roll; Crispy Cod Bites

Starters – Street Cart Chaats, served tableside; Walnut Chicken Roti Roll; Trio of Momos

Seafood Entrees – Tandoori Prawns; Parsi Fish of the Day; Semolina Crusted Monkfish

Meat Entrees – Goat Rogan Josh; Duck Moilee; Tandoori Wild Boar Chops; 12-Spice Chicken Curry

Vegetable Entrees – Stuffed Baby Eggplant; Roasted Pesto Portobello Mushroom

Sides – Tulsi’s Dal, Butter Paneer, Kulcha, Parantha, Family Naan

Desserts – Ginger Panna Cotta; Eggless Pistachio Cake; Banana Pitha

Shrimp & Crab Stuffed Pappadum (Below)

TULSI_Shrimp-Crab-Stuffed Pappadum_lowres

Seven-Course Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Chef’s Tasting Menus

Chef Hemant Mathur’s seven-course tasting menus (omnivore and vegetarian options). The Chef’s Tasting Menus are available at dinner nightly. Price is $65 per person; $95 with wine pairings. For reservations, please call 212-888-0820 or book online at OpenTable.com.

Tulsi_Dum Biryani-vertical_0U7G1199-lowres The remarkable Dum Biryani (Above)

Our table of four chose two tasting dinners (one omnivore and one vegetarian). Each allows a choice of entree and dessert, but the entire table is obliged to do the tasting, for purposes of pacing. This technique is highly suggested so that  guests can sample the full range of the kitchen’s prowress.

While every morsel was sheer perfection we urge you not to miss Gobi Takatin | Sautéed cauliflower, bell peppers, tomatoes, cilantro from the a la cart menu, a    cauliflower creation bound together with the secret ingredient of catsup that is worthy of a visit to Tulsi  on its own merit. Other must-haves from the main menu include Parsi Fish of the Day | Steamed in banana leaves, with coconut, cilantro & sesame paste, a succulent Duck Moilee | Coconut-curry leaf sauce, South Indian potatoes, and okra chips and the lovely Street Cart Chaats | Savory regional snacks.

Tasting menu standouts included a remarkable Pumpkin Ginger Soup with Fenugreek and Onion Seeds; Calamari Chaat with red onion, tomato, cilantro and chaat masala and the subtle Hyderabadi Fish Murtabak, a casserole, layered with seafood, cilantro, green chilies and parmesan.

Roasted Pesto Portobello Mushroom, stuffed with Paneer-cheese in tomato-fenugreek sauce and Achari Tofu, marinated in mustard pickle and tandoor-grilled were balanced winners from the vegetarian options.

While Tandoori Wild Boar Chops were outstanding, Goat Dum Biryani, baked with rice, ginger, garlic, cardamom, mace and saffron and encased in Indian bread that is broken open tableside is as dramatic as it is delicious..


Wild Boar Chops (Below)Tulsi_Wild Boar Chops_0U7G4771

All desserts are the best you will sample in any NY Indian restaurant: Favorites include BLACK CARDAMOM CHOCOLATE TORTE,  PISTACHIO CAKE (Pictured Below) and  BANANA PITHA Banana fritters, caramel sauce, salty pecans, and butter-crunch ice cream.Tulsi_PistachioCake0U7G4679

There is a beautifully selected wine list, as well as a terrific paring by the glass, thanks to Beverage Manager: Nirupama Srivastava. Price points are fair and there are bargains to be found. If you ever though Indian food required sweet wines, think again. The house has a fine mixologist, if you want a perfect martini or some inventive house crafted cocktails.Service is smooth and attentive and the room is impeccably managed by General Manager: Sonny Solomon.

If you are seeking out fine dining that is affordable. glamorous and exotic, you needn’t be an Indian food aficionado to appreciate Tulsi. Here is global Indian cuisine at its finest. The experience is elegant; prices are affordable and to repeat a point:Tulsi is divine in any language. It is already stealing the show from its competitors and Chef Hemant Mathur is a master of his craft. Make your reservations soon. You won’t be sorry.

The Walman Report Award: One of New York’s Great Restaurants: A Major



Copyright 2011 By Punch In International. All Rights Reserved

$20 Chaat & Choose Lunch

Catering and Private Party Options


Dinner Menu. Prices & Selected Subject to Change


Street Cart Chaats | Savory regional snacks from our tableside trolley 7
Samosas | Spicy mozzarella & basil, potato & onion, lentil & green pea 10
Masala Ceviche | Citrus, green chile, coconut, cilantro, gun powder 10
Galauati Lamb Kebabs | Spiced with cardamom & mace, basil yogurt dip 12
Green Pea & Coconut Croquettes | Tamarind-date chutney 9
Tulsi Tandoori Tofu | Sour & spicy tomatillo relish 7
Shrimp & Crab Stuffed Pappadum | Coconut, green chile, onions 14
Walnut Chicken Roti Roll |Portobello mushroom, yogurt & mint 12
Manchurian Cauliflower | Garlic chili sauce 11

Stuffed Breads (Kulcha)
Crab 12
Paneer, Parmesan & Onion 8
Tandoori Breads
Naan (plain, garlic or rosemary & garlic) 5
Parantha (plain, cauliflower-carom seed) 5
Family Naan (plain or garlic) 20

Greenmarket Vegetable of the Day 10
Tulsi’s Dal 10
Cumin-Scented or Spinach Potatoes 10
Butter Chicken or Paneer 10
Trio of Rice (coconut, mint, vegetable) 10
Plain Rice 5
Raita (mint, basil-tomato or bhoondi) 5
Chutneys (eggplant, apple, tomato or mango pickle) 5

– Seafood –
Seared Scallops | Red pepper sauce, cumin-green pea quinoa 28
Tandoori Prawns | Crispy okra, eggplant chutney 32
Parsi Fish of the Day | Steamed in banana leaves, coconut, cilantro & sesame paste, vegetable pilaf 30
Semolina Crusted Curry Monkfish | Pomegranate sauce, jarda rice 26
– Meat, Game and Poultry –
Hemant’s Tandoor-Grilled Lamb Chops | South Indian potatoes, apple chutney 34
Rogan Josh | Kashmiri-style farm-raised goat, kachumber salad, roti 26
Tandoori Wild Boar Chops | Pan-fried semolina cakes, apple-cranberry chutney 32
Bhuna Rabbit | Braised with ginger, green chiles & tomatoes, cumin-green pea quinoa 32
Tulsi Chicken | Marinated in pesto & tandoor-grilled, jarda rice, tomato chutney 22
Pistachio Chicken | Simmered in yogurt, pistachios, fennel & cinnamon, mint rice 22
12-Spice Chicken Curry | Kachumber salad, roti 22
Duck Moilee | Coconut-curry leaf sauce, South Indian potatoes, okra chips 28
– Vegetables –
Masala-Stuffed Baby Eggplant | Coconut-tamarind sauce, vegetable pilaf 19
Roasted Pesto Portobello Mushroom | Paneer-stuffed, tomato-fenugreek sauce, semolina cakes 20
Savory Banana Dumplings | Stuffed with figs & cashews, tomato gravy, cumin-green pea quinoa 19
Arbi Ka Khatta Salan | Spicy taro root, tamarind, ginger, peanuts, sesame seeds 18
Paneer Tomato Ka Khat | Indian cheese in tomato-onion curry, mint rice 19
Sai Bhaji | Sindhi specialty with lentils, eggplant, spinach 18
Gobi Takatin | Sautéed cauliflower, bell peppers, tomatoes, cilantro 16
– Dum Biryani –
A time-honored Mughal rice dish, slowly baked in a Handi pot sealed with naan dough
Shrimp | Tomatoes, coconut milk & cilantro 26
Jackfruit | Potatoes & whole spices 21
Goat | Ginger, garlic, yogurt, cardamom, mace & saffron 24



Banana fritters, caramel sauce, salty pecans, butter-crunch ice cream
Crispy cinnamon bread, cardamom cream, candied cashews
Chai cream, Muscat gelato
Poached pears, Campari orange gelée, candied orange zest
Passion fruit buttercream, kulfi ice cream, gold leaf
Basmati rice custard, pineapple gelée, vanilla-soaked pineapple


Wine & Beer For the full wine list, please visit Tulsi.Link Below.

Click Here For Tulsi Wine List


Bar Snack
Basil & tomato raita
Coconut & black pepper, coconut chutney
Onions, green chiles & cilantro, roti chips
Apple-pinenut chutney
Papaya chutney
Garlic-tomatillo chutney
Mint chutney
Potatoes, peas, cashews and raisin stuffing


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