Davis Bynum Does It Again

Davis Bynum is distinguished as the first winery to produce a single vineyard pinot noir from the Russian River Valley. The vintage was 1973 and the grapes were from Joe Rochioli’s now prized vineyard. Today, more than thirty years later, the heritage of Davis Bynum lives on through the hand crafted creation of pinot noir and chardonnay grown exclusively in Russian River Valley.

Winemaking Philosophy

The guiding motivation behind the wines of Davis Bynum has always been and will forever be, to let the land speak, specifically the terrior of Russian River Valley. The cool maritime conditions of the region are ideally suited for early ripening chardonnay and pinot noir and finding excellent vineyards within this world-class region continues to drive the style of Bynum wines. We determined long ago that our wines should be shaped by the land from which they come.

Nature takes the lead role and our viticultural and winemaking practices fall in line. We take into account what the vineyard provides us and carefully apply our hand to coax quality with balanced flavor and textural elements. All of the grapes are picked into half-ton macro bins during the early and coolest part of the day. The grapes are then delivered to the winery where they are sorted and carefully hand-guided through vinification. The end result is a collection of wines that clearly herald from Russian River Valley.


The eastern parts of Russian River Valley, nearing Highway 101, tend to be slightly warmer than the very cool western reaches. While maintaining ample crispness due to balanced acidity, the additional warmth pushes the flavor profile toward tropical and the mouth-feel to a round texture that is at once lush, but with a clean lingering finish.

Pinot Noir

Davis Bynum pinot noir is driven by vineyard sites. True to long-established form, it remains a very food friendly wine, with bright fruit aromas and flavors, a silky texture and a very long finish. The Russian River Valley blend takes a series of exceptional vineyards and blends them together to create a classic wine that captures all the regional traits. Our offerings encapsulate the individual terrior of each site, some of the best sites for pinot noir anywhere


Greg Morthole

Greg Morthole started working for the winery in 2005, when he accepted a job as lab director. His acumen for winemaking became immediately clear and he quickly ascended to an appointment as associate winemaker in late 2007. In the spring of 2010, Greg was promoted to Davis Bynum winemaker, overseeing all aspects operations and winemaking.

Mostly raised in Sacramento, California, Greg followed his heart back to the state after attending the University of Wyoming, where he earned a B.S. in natural sciences and mathematics. His degree led him to a laboratory analyst position at Vinquiry in Windsor in the late 90s followed by a position with Chalk Hill Winery as an enologist. Greg has a quiet demeanor with a determined, energetic attitude stemming from his belief that winemaking is a serious job for sure, but one that is fun. Greg says, “making wine from Russian River Valley is not only an honor, it’s one of the best growing regions in the world, it is exhilarating, it’s a blast.”

Morthole and his wife Mary are the proud parents of a young son and daughter. He lives in Santa Rosa, California and enjoys playing with his children, backpacking, mountain bike riding and spending time outdoors.



Everything you want in a Pinot but seldom get: Subtle fruit, elegance and food friendly. Great with chicken, Indian cuisine or goat cheese.

Suggested Retail: $35


Lovely on the nose and palate. Besides seafood, try Asian or Parmesan cheese.

Suggested Retail: $25


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