4 Great Sparkling Wines From Frederick Wildman Sons

For The Best Parties in Town or That Special Mother’s Day, Wildman’s Portfolio Always Enchants



Maison JJ Vincent (NV) SRP: $19.99


Maison JJ Vincent produces a range of wines made with the same care and expertise as those made at the Vincent’s historic domaine, Château Fuissé.

Made primarily from grapes sourced from Mâconnais and cru Beaujolais vineyards owned by members of Jean-Jacques Vincent’s family, these wines are of extremely high quality and represent remarkable value. Maison JJ Vincent wines are both lovely and approachable wines for immediate consumption and a great introduction to the Château Fuissé realm of great wines


"The selection for this sparkler – Crémant de Bourgogne comes from vinyards situated south of Burgundy. The vineyard soils are composed of limestone, clay and pebbles and are situated in the cooler areas. The grapes are hand-picked at the early stage of the harvest in order to preserve the mineral character and the acidity. These elements will allow freshness and crispy aromas once bottled.
The word "Crémant" was originally used in reference to "Champagne demi-mousse" which is a lower pressured Champagne. The pressure difference was 5 bar instead of 6,5 to 7 bar. The actual vinification or elaboration of the Crémant called the "méthode traditionnelle" corresponds to the "méthode champenoise" and produces a pressure of 6,5 bar in the bottle."


"From the Chardonnay grapes this sparkler allies freshness, body and smoothness. The Crémant Brut is dry and offers fine bubbles (1,5Million/30 minutes – we counted them but you do not have to believe me for this!), hints of flowers at the nose, crisp and fruity on the palate. It is a great Classic for all festive occasions

From sipping to food, (especially desserts) you’ll like the delicate balance, fresh floral hints and gentle price.


lamberti2 lamberti

Lamberti Rosé Spumante Veneto VSAQ : NV SRP:13.99

Established in 1964, The House of Lamberti stands on the shores of Lake Garda in the Veneto region of northern Italy. Named after one of Verona’s oldest families, whose name graces the famous tower in the city’s Piazza delle Erbe, this innovative winery is credited with having re-vitalized classic wines from this area, adapting them to consumption trends. From the vineyards of the Veneto, the estate crafts a range of “New Italian Classics,” brilliant, elegant and approachable wines that combine tradition with a modern style that’s very popular today. “Lamberti is a champion of wines with impressive quality that are approachable in price.” — GAMBERO ROSSO’S ALMANACO DEL BEREBENE 2006 (GUIDE TO DRINKING WELL) “Lamberti occupies a leading position in the highly prestigious wine-producing area of Verona. Innovation and a focus on premium quality wines are key to this success.” — ITALIAN SOMMELIER ASSOCIATION (A.I.S.) GUIDA DUEMILAVINI 2007 “Lamberti is a historic winery celebrated for being the first to understand the needs of an evolving wine market and to have found the right formula to re-launch and bring prestige back to the classic wines of the Veneto region.” — LUCA MARONI, VINI ITALIANI 2008 Throughout the property are many Santepietre, or “Holy Stones,” traditional, low, stone walls that divide many old vineyards found in the Veneto. These walls were built with stones from nearby Lake Garda.


Pinot Bianco, Pinot Nero and Raboso fruit is sourced from the best hillside vineyards across Treviso in the Veneto. Red fruit is vinified with the saigné method. The wine undergoes a secondary fermentation in closed pressure tanks via the Charmat method to obtain a fine mousse.


The wine has powerful aromas of flowers and bananas, with fresh and fruity flavors.

refreshing and produced by the Charmat method, where secondary fermentation takes place in tanks,


trapiche Established in 1883, Trapiche is the world’s leading producer of wines from Argentina. Located at the foothills of the Andes in Argentina’s viticultural epicenter Mendoza; Trapiche owns over 2,500 acres of vineyards spread throughout the region. With near perfect growing conditions – hot days, cool nights, scant rainfall and tightly controlled irrigation – Trapiche is able to consistently grow and source top quality fruit.. International style, fruit driven and represent the best of Argentina.


The Varietal series from Trapiche are hand-harvested varietal wines that provide fresh, pure flavors at extremely affordable prices. Each of the wines is bottled in its purest form with no oak aging and a minimal handling in the winery.
Terroir: The Trapiche Varietal selections are sourced from select vineyards that lie along the Mendoza River east of Mendoza high in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. The vineyards sit in sandy soils at elevations that reach up to 2,500 feet in elevation. Harvesting and vineyard maintenance is done entirely by hand.
Vinification: Following harvest the grapes are transported to the winery where they are destemmed and vinified at cool temperatures for a period of 10-15 days to extract color, aroma and ripe fruit flavors. To retain varietal character and freshness the wines are aged for a short period of time entirely in stainless steel tanks before a light filtration and bottling. The second fermentation employs the “Charmat Lungo” method in small 50 hectoliter tanks at 14°C. The wine stays in contact with the lees for 120 days prior to bottling.


Trapiche Sparkling is a fresh, clean and vibrant sparkling wine showing off flavors or apple, pear, melon and citrus

70% Chardonnay, 20% Semillon and 10% Malbec. SRP: $14.99


pol roger pol roger2

Pol Roger Brut Reserve “White Foil”NV)

SRP: $47

The Pol Roger family takes extreme pride in over 160 years producing some of the worlds finest Champagne. Founded in 1849, Pol Roger is one of only a few Grande Marque Champagne houses that remains family owned and operated.

Pol Roger owns close to 50% of the vineyards used for their Champagne production, a true rarity in this region of large firms. Using strict guidelines, grapes are sourced exclusively from 1er and Grand Cru vineyards that rate at an average of 95 points on the Échelle des Crus classification system. Prior to final blending each lot is aged on its own, separated by village, vineyard, grower and grape variety. Once blended, each bottle of Champagne Pol Roger is hand riddled in the cellars deep below the Epernay chateau.

"Pol Roger is the ‘gentlemen’s’ Champagne, as Jean-Paul Kauffman wrote in ‘Voyage en Champagne". It is not surprising, therefore, that Winston Churchill, and even the British royal family should have made it their favorite over the years. This refinement reflects a whole lifestyle. It is also a source of infinite pleasure. Pol Roger Champagne has a soul, created by the union of a family’s spirit and the character of a vineyard."


It is common knowledge that the true quality of a Champagne house is best judged by the consistency and quality of their non-vintage wine. This is where the true "house style" is defined and executed year in/ year out. Pol Roger is a firm believer in this philosophy and takes extreme pride in their "White Foil" Brut.
Terroir: The "White Foil" is sourced from top quality vineyards in Montagne de Reims (Pinot Noir), Vallee de al Marne and Petite Valle d’Epernay (Pinot Meunier) and the Cote des Blancs (Chardonnay).

Vinification Pol Roger "White Foil" is traditionally a blend of equal parts Pinot Noir (body and depth), Pinot Meunier (freshness and vigorous fruit) and Chardonnay (elegance and finesse) and is sourced exclusively from juice from the "cuvee" (first pressing). The still wines are fermented in stainless steel at a cool 45°f to retain freshness. Each final blend contains a minimum of two vintages with the youngest components being a minimum of three years old. Average dosage for the "White Label" is 12g per liter.
Available in 375ml, 750ml, and 1.5L sizes. For larger sizes please contact your local sales representative.


33% Chardonnay, 33% Pinot Noir, 33% Pinot Meunier.

Pale gold with a very fine bead; flowery, delicately toasty aroma with fruit and complexity; creamy, beautifully balanced with a dry, harmonious finish. Bread and Brioche aromas with citrus notes. A spectacular sipper.

Perfect with almonds, oysters, caviar and throughout the meal.

One of the world’s great non-vintage Champagnes! Wine On Line Rating: A Major





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