Cupra Ramato

Cupra Ramato continues a tradition of the Republic of Venice, since “ramato,” or coppery, was the term that referred to Pinot Grigio in contracts. A special vinification practice led to the use of this term: the must remains in contact with the skins for 36 hours and this practice gives the wine a very distinctive coppery hue. Attems Cupra Ramato boasts a rich, fruity bouquet, and opens full and weighty on the palate, with multi-faceted flavors. Spalla-Cupra-ramato-2010

It is perfect when paired with fatty fish, with delicate or vegetable-based antipasti, the ideal companion to summer dishes, and is delicious as well as an aperitif .

We loved the appealing color, sexy nose and balance fruit with hints of wild strawberry and sour cherry. Perfect for summer or anytime a food-friendly and delightful bottle of wine is the play of the day. Good value for around $19 the bottle.

A second tasting in September 2011 proved this to be a phenomenal wine and great value. Loved it with beef in wine with olives and carrots and a dessert of cheese and cookies.

DENOMINATION: Venezia Giulia IGT Pinot Grigio
GENERAL  INFORMATION: Cupra  Ramato  continues  a  tradition  of  the  Republic  of  Venice,  since  “ramato,”  or  coppery,  was  the  term  that  referred  to  Pinot  Grigio  in  contracts.  A  special  vinification  practice  led  to  the  use  of  this  term:  the  must  remains  in  contact  with  the  skins  for  36  hours  and  this  practice  gives  the  wine  a  very  distinctive  coppery  hue.  Attems  Cupra  Ramato  boasts  a  rich,  fruity  bouquet,  and  opens  full  and  weighty  on  the  palate,  with  multi-faceted flavors.

VINTAGE  REPORT   The  first  months  of  2009  were  marked  by  successive  rainstorms  and  by  moderate  temperatures  over  the  final  months.  Fruit  set,  the  growth  stage  that  occurs  just  following  flowering,  and  a  very  important  precursor  for  the  quality  of  the  future  harvest,  resulted  in  well-balanced  clusters.  This  equilibrium  continued  through  veraison,  with  small-sized  berries,  rich  in  aromatic  components  and  with  good  acid  levels.  Day-night
temperature  ranges  brought  concentrated,  sweet  aromas.  The  year  was  an  excellent  one  overall;  the  grapes  brought  into  the  cellar  displayed  very  high  quality  and  are  yielding  wines with significant aromatic intensity and range.


YIELD/HECTARE: 75 quintals
HARVEST PERIOD: Third decade of September
FERMENTATION VATS: Classical Stainless steel vats
FERMENTATION  TEMPERATURE: Controlled,  not  exceeding
MATURATION METHOD: Stainless steel and barriques
LENGTH  OF  MATURATION: 4  months  in  barriques,  2  months  in
steel, and one month in bottles


ESTATE  AND  VINEYARD  LOCATION: The  vineyards  are  located  in  the  Giasbana  area  of  the
Collio and in the alluvial plains of the Isonzo river (Mossa and Lucinico).
ALTITUDE: Vary between 50 and 130 metres sea level
EXPOSURE: South, Southeast
SOIL  TYPE: In  the  Collio,  Eocene  marls  and  sandstones  created  by  seabed  uplifting  50
million  years  ago.  The  Isonzo  displays  soils  rich  in  pebble  and  gravel  in  various  sizes,
down to silt.
5.000/6.250 vines per hectare
TRAINING SYSTEM: Vertically-trellised Guyot
VINEYARD AVERAGE AGE: on average 15 years

Ramato  offers  its  classic  coppery  hue  and  appealing
limpidity.  The  multi-layered  nose  is  impressively  rich,
with  floral  scents  of  lime  blossom  nicely  enriching  fruitier
notes  of  wild  strawberry  and  sour  cherry,  then  tapering  off
at  the  end  into  hints  of  fresh-picked  almond.  Although
firmly-structured,  the  palate  is  remarkably  smooth  and
rounded,  with  a  lengthy  progression  that  concludes  in  a
leisurely, well-fruited finale.

SERVING  SUGGESTIONS It  is  perfect  when  paired  with
fatty  fish,  with  delicate  or  vegetable-based  antipasti,  the
ideal  companion  to  summer  dishes,  and  is  delicious  as
well as an aperitif.

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Venezia Giulia IGT

Vintage Report

2010 was definitely a “white wine year.” Water availability never faltered, right from the beginning of the growth period, and then through all of the development stages, budbreak, flowering, and fruit set. These conditions imparted superb vigor to the vines, which in turn resulted in exceptional foliar canopies, growth of the crucial aromatic precursor compounds, and good balance between acids and sugars in the berries. Temperatures during veraison and ripening were never too high, and the day-night temperatures differences were just what was required. The resulting 2010 wines were particularly well-fruited, and the classic minerally quality is in exceptional balance with the full body characteristic of the local terroir.

Tasting Notes

This wine parades a distinctive coppery hue, classic to Attems Ramato, followed by a multi-layered bouquet rich in floral and fruit impressions. Ripe strawberry and wild cherry abound, lifted by delicate fresh almond at the end. A rounded, elegant palate boasts a crisp vein of minerally impressions and a long-lived, crisp finish.
Technical Information
Variety: Pinot Grigio
Yield/Hectare: 75 quintals
Harvest period: Harvest period:
Vineyard practices: Manual
Fermentation vats: Classical Stainless steel vats and a small part in barriques
Fermentation temperature: Controlled, not exceeding 15-18°C
Alcohol by volume: 13% Vol.
Length of fermentation: 20 Days
Length of maceration on the skins: 12 hours at 10 °C
Malolactic fermentation: None
Maturation method: Stainless steel and barriques
Length of maturation:  15% of the production 4 months in barriques, 2 months in steel, and one month in bottles

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