Fresh Direct Has It All

Yummy Cupcakes

Fresh Direct, a “virtual” online supermarket may not be perfect. But at this point in space and time, Fresh Direct is as good as it gets. Produce, as the name implies is superlatively fresh, healthy, trendy and delicious. And prices are competitive. Favored products include sparkling seafood, antibiotic free meats and poultry,  house-made soups like a restaurant-quality corn chowder and gazpacho, non-jarred pasta sauces, and a beautiful selection of gourmet cheeses.

There are lovely wines from Union Square Wines and Spirits, farm fresh fruit and vegetables and chocolate-peanut-butter cupcakes (preservative free) that will make you swoon. The idea of offering recipes, then giving a list of ingredients to check off and add to your shopping cart is ingenious, as is the superbly created website that is intuitive, user-friendly and fun to navigate.  Fresh Direct at offers terrific customer service. There has never been a delay getting an immediate refund for any problems (which occur rarely).

Website: Click Here

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