Pierre Loti Restaurant Expands on W. 15th Street: Double in Size but Intimate as Ever

Photos: Noah Fecks

Pierre Loti Chelsea is following up on its very recent physical expansion with an expansion of the palate. Owner Orhan Cakir announces new food & cocktails menus, featuring a broader selection of Mediterranean inspired fare and crafty cocktail creations.

The new food menu comes from Chef de Cuisine Habip Kargin, who worked as Sous Chef at popular Turks and Frogs restaurant and has experience at Pera Mediterranean Brasserie. Start with an arugula and beets salad, topped with creamy goat cheese and a splash of fruity pomegranate vinaigrette. Lamb chops are strewn across a verdant pea puree, while orange-tinged chanterelles add an extra pop of color and meaty flavor. Oven roasted quail comes stuffed with spiced rice and receives a delicate chew and crunch from sweet raisins and pine nuts.

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Cocktails receive playful names and feature fresh juices, bitters, and other accoutrements. The Istanbul, for instance, combines Knob creek with freshly squeezed lemon juice, peychaud’s bitters, and a touch of sweet honey. Homemade ginger beer adds a bubbly finish. For more fizz, The Bubbles mixes champagne with Hendricks gin, fresh strawberries, lemon juice and simple syrup.

Diners can still enjoy a glass of wine from Pierre Loti’s extensive French wine selections, and can still savor a delicious assortment of fromage, charcuterie, and bon bons.

Pierre Loti Chelsea

258 West 15th Street

(212) 645-5684

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