Paul Cheneau Cava “Lady of Spain

Penedes, Spain


Fun in a glass, this delightful Cava is a bargain at an available retail price of around$ 10.99 a bottle. The colorful bottle belies the serious contents with its sprightly bubbles, excellent balance and abundance of fruit. Perfect for the holidays.

Giró Ribot is Spain’s preeminent family owned and operated producer of Cava. The Giró Ribot portfolio encompasses two distinct brands; Cava Paul Cheneau and Cava Masia Parera.

Giró Ribot is situated at the heart of the Appellation d’Origine Penedès. This beautiful area of Catalonnia, halfway between the cities of Barcelona and Tarragona, is bordered to the south by the Mediterranean Sea and to the north by the spectacular and remarkable solid mass of Montserrat.

Giro Ribot is Spain’s preeminent family owned and operated producer of Cava. The ancestors of the Giro Ribot family, a noble lineage,
are closely tied to the Penedès region by bonds which go back over several generations of wine, Cava and spirit producers. The symphonic nature of this union has been key to the development of Paul Cheneau. The Paul Cheneau line can be best described as elegant
Spanish sparkling Cavas with French influence of styling. Paul Cheneau is classically traditional in the methods of production as well as in
the grape varieties used. Cava was first introduced in 1872 and, by the turn of the century, cava was the wine of choice among the chic
patrons of Barcelona’s elegant art nouveau cafes and cava bars.  As a tribute to the fashionable ladies who made cava so popular, Paul
Cheneau introduced the “Lady of Spain”. 
The winery owns 100 hectares of vineyards of the indigenous Macabeo, Xarello and Parellada grapes, with which Cavas are produced.
The harvest is hand picked in September/October.  Wines destined for Cava will form part of the tirage mixture consisting of selected
yeasts and sugar which, once in the bottle will generate second fermentation in strict accordance with the Traditional Method.  The first
fermentation is very slow and at low temperature in order to assist the generation of secondary aromas.  It is only after a lengthy ageing
period that the disgorgement of Paul Cheneau will take place releasing its aromas and bouquet to full satisfaction.  Aged in bottle for 12-
15 months.
Pale color, translucent, with greenish tints, and with a steady effervescence and a formation of small bubbles which generate a gentle
crown.  Fine, delicate and very clean, with lightly toasted pastry notes and syrupy fruits.  Fresh and fruity, well structured, crispy, balanced carbonic and good persistence. Light recall to pastry and fresh fruits. Altogether elegant and lively. Perfect harmony alcohol/acidity.   Long after taste.
Grape Varieties:  45% Macabeo, 40% Xarello and 15% Parellada
Appellation:  D.O. Cava (Penédes)
Finished Alcohol: 12.0


Pasternak Wine Imports .  (800) 946-3110

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