Don Miguel Gascon® 2010 Argentina Malbec Is A Pleasure


A pure expression of the fruit, Don Miguel Gascón Malbec is a full bodied wine with a deep violet color, showcasing flavors and aromas of blackberry, blueberry, plum, dark cherry, and a hint of mocha. The wine is elegant and rich in texture, with plush, round
tannins and finely integrated oak characteristics. Final flavors of black spice and maple combine to create a long, velvety finish.

Our only reservation is a hint of vegetation on the finish, which leaves the wine after about 1/2 hour of aeration., indication a bit of aging would be rewarding. Gascón Malbec pairs well with grilled red meats, wild game, pasta dishes and chocolate molten dessert. (Yes it is lovely with chocolate, which means chicken mole or chile in chocolate wine sauce).

Mendoza is a mountainous province at the foot of the Andes Mountains in Cuyo, a region along the western edge of Argentina.
Mendoza, regarded as the most important wine producing province in Argentina, makes over 80% of Argentinean wine. Mendoza’s
high valleys, each at a different elevation and with a different temperature profile, sustain a multitude of microclimates. The high
altitude allows for intense sunlight that produces fruit with thicker skins. This delivers extraordinary color, body, aroma and structure,
and creates unique flavor and aromatic expressions in the finished wine.

Viticulture Notes
The 2010 growing season in Mendoza was characterized by a slight delay in ripening, lower alcohol potential and higher acidity,
compared to the previous one. A late-season frost in 2009 prevented normal bud formation in the spring, resulting in lower yields.
January and February saw unseasonably warm weather throughout the region, and consequently, veraison occurred earlier than
normal in most areas. Sugar accumulation arrest in the berry was delayed and led to lower potential alcohol levels in the fruit than in
2009. Throughout the summer, the weather remained both hot and dry, resulting in generally thick skinned fruit with very
concentrated flavors. The fruit also maintained excellent levels of natural acidity, lending freshness and vibrancy to the grapes.
Overall, the dry season combined with lower yields resulted in fruit with intense color, exceptional levels of concentration and

Winemaking Notes
The grapes were harvested by hand in the early morning hours starting in mid-March, then underwent cold maceration for four days
at temperatures not exceeding 10°C (50°F) to achieve optimum extraction of the deep purple, violet berries. Maceration prior to
fermentation also aids in the development of black fruit varietal aromas in the finished wine. To preserve the fruit flavors, primary
fermentation occurred at around 29°C (85°F).
Varietal Content: 95% Malbec, 5% Shiraz
Varietal Origin: Lujan de Cuyo and Uco Valley, Mendoza
Titratability Acidicity: 0.6g/100ml
pH: 3.74
Alcohol Level: 13.90%
Residual Sugar: 0.16g/100ml
UPC: 008500001614
Wine Description
Flavors and aromas of blackberry, blueberry, plum, dark cherry, and a hint of mocha. The wine is elegant and rich in texture, with
plush, round tannins and finely integrated oak characteristics. Final flavors of black spice and maple combine to create a long,
velvety finish.

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Winemaker Ernesto Bajda: At Home on Mendoza’s High Altitude Vineyards

Mendoza, Argentina, is the perfect home for winemaker Ernesto “Nesti” Bajda: He has an incredible passion for high altitude vineyards. In fact, he was a panelist at the First International High Altitude and Winemaking Symposium in Lake County, California, in 2007, where he presented research on the effect of varying altitudes on Malbec grapes and wines. As winemaker for Don Miguel Gascón, Nesti crafts classic Argentine Malbec in the intense an elegant style that has made Don Miguel Gascón one of Argentina’s most sought-after wine labels.


A graduate of the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo in Mendoza, Argentina, Nesti earned his degree in agricultural engineering, with specializations in viticulture and oenology. Along with his expertise in research and vineyard management, he has unique knowledge of the infrared aerial photography and GPS positioning equipment used in vineyard mapping and vine homogeneity analysis.

After nearly a decade of winemaking in Mendoza, Nesti remains an innovative, cutting-edge winemaker. He joined Don Miguel Gascón Winery in 2008 to lead the winemaking team at a new, high-tech facility, where he has garnered high praise from wine aficionados and critics alike for his intense and elegant Malbec.

Born of Slovenian immigrant parents, Nesti is revered among his colleagues at Don Miguel Gascón for carrying on his Balkan ancestors’ passion for aguardiente, a distilled liquor with historic roots in Europe. Nesti’s homemade aguardiente is a favorite at each year’s harvest celebration.


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