Robert Biale 2009 Petite Sirah Steals The Show.


Dare we say this is the best P.S. we have ever tasted? Well, let’s leave it at a love affair that is truly unforgettable. The near-black color will blow you away and the room fills with the haunting bouquet (we used the “b” word instead of “nose”, God forgive us) of what is it? The winemaker notes say blueberries, but we got a house of violets.

This is not a wine for quaffing. It craves food and was superb with osso buco, heady cheese, and proved to be a perfect steak wine.

We adored it. A Major on our Wine On Line Rating scale.image

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4038 Big Ranch Rd., Napa, CA 94558
Ph 707.257.7555  Fax 707.257.0105
Napa Valley Petite Sirah
ROYAL PUNISHERS: an anagram for the newly discovered parents of what was wrongly thought to be a lowly orphaned grape. Alas, the father is now known to be Syrah, the mother – Peloursin. Rearrange the letters and get Royal Punishers. Noble and refined yet a little brash and in need of some discipline. This tremendous blend of our best lots of several vineyards exemplifies the exciting new wave of Petite Sirah that has captured wine geeks’ full attention.
Vintage Notes: Late bud break, dry moderate summer. Later harvest before fall rains.
Harvest Dates: 9/9 and 9/22/09
Winemaking: The fruit was hand-sorted first in the field then again at the winery. Open-top fermentation and punched down three times per day. Pressed to Burgundian oak – 20% new. Aged 14 months.
Alcohol: 15.7%
Winemaker’s Tasting Notes:
Blueberry, currant liqueur, intense black fruit. Spanking new.
Just 325cases made.


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