100% Stanton Estate Varietal Petite Sirah Will Blow Your Socks Away . . . In A word . . . WOW


 Stanton Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon 2008

As you can read, we are continuing our Petite Sirah series with this remarkable wine. If you can take your eyes away from the mesmerizing deep violet hue, and scintillating legs, get a whiff of that nose: full of spice and coffee and let it roll down the tongue to the back of your throat to fully appreciate the big, powerful, intense (did we miss anything) mouthfilling taste. The finish may be the longest in the history of Sirahs.

For goodness sake, don’t drink anything before or after, but enjoy this masterpiece from aperitif to meat, pasta, oily fish, game, cheese and chocolat desserts A Wine On Line. A Major all the way.

Hard to find. Very limited production. Here’s the website. Go Now!

$45.00 per 750ml bottle

Copyright 2012 By Punchin International. All Rights Reserved.


Building on the strong success of both the 2006 and 2007 Stanton Vineyards Petite Syrah, this 2008 vintage offers the same hedonistic display of deep, dark, chocolate berry fruit with the smooth integrated tannins that true Stanton Vineyard fans have come to expect from the combined talents of Winegrower Doug Stanton and Winemaker Dave Phinney.

Dave Phinney

Grapes harvested October 3, 2008
Aged for 20 months in American and French oak barrels
Alcohol 15.3% by volume

100% Estate St. Helena Petite Sirah

Soil profile:
Year planted:
Root stock:
Medium clay loam
101-14, Schwarzmann (V. Riparia x V. Rupestris)
Bilateral cordon, 9′ x 6′ row spacing

319 cases

$45.00 per 750ml bottle



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