Pinot Gris Quartette, By Oregon in A Major

We love Pinot Gris, whether they come from Italy as the Pinot Grigio, Alsace, California, or arguably best of all, Oregon.

Here are four delightful choices, all priced in the affordable range and all sprightly, fresh and delicious.


The Soloists

2009 PINOT GRIS 2008 pinot-gris a fine wine from Airilie Winery, Monmouth, Oregon

David Hill

Willamette Valley, OR  

Estate Riesling 2009


2009 PINOT GRIS image

2010 Pinot Gris – TERRAPIN CELLARS


Terrapin Cellars 2010 Pinot Gris (Willamette Valley)

Beginning with the


Harvest Notes:
While 2009 was an average year in total degree
ripening days the large swings in temperature
from week to week combined with timely rains
to balance those periodic heat spikes kept th vineyard on 
its  toes in the vineyard. Decisions regarding
leaf pulling and spraying were critical to give the
vines their best chance as getting the fruit ripe.
Picking dates were also important as we had a
keep an eye on potential rains while taking
advantage of any warm days. The grapes were
handpicked on October 11 th & and
processed the same day.

The vineyards are certified sustainable by
Salmon Safe and LIVE (Low Input Viticulture
and Enology). The vineyards are hand cultivated
allowing us to respond to individual vine needs.

The fruit was gently de-stemmed directly into the press to minimize skin contact. Pressing decisions are done by taste and both lots were stopped at just over 1 bar of pressure in order to minimize potential phenolics. After 3 days of settling the juice was racked off its lees and inoculated. Fermentation temperatures were kept at 55° to 58°F and lasted about 6 weeks allowing both lots to go to dry. The two lots were blended and bottled in early April 2010.

Tasting Notes:
Tropical fruit flavors and hints of lime combine with a creamy mid-palate and crisp finish to bring you a versatile food companion. This wine goes well with chicken or seafood in an Alfredo sauce or with creamy soft cheeses.


Wine Information:
Harvest Sugar: 21.2Q Brix
Alcohol: 13.3
pH: 3.43
Titratable Acidity: 5.5 g/L
Residual Sugar: 0.3
Malolactic: No
Number of Cases: 926

Vineyard Information:
Appellation: Willamette Valley
Vineyard Sources:
Dunn Forest (Estate) grafted 1995 (77)

BeckenRidge grafted 1997 (23)
Harvest Dates:
Dunn Forest: October 17th
BeckenRidge: October 11th

Airlie Winery

15305 Dunn Forest Road, Monmouth, Oregon 97361
Phone: 503-838-6013 Fax: 503-838-6279


Suggested Retail: $14

Copyright 2012 By Punchin International. All Rights Reserved.



David Hill

Willamette Valley, OR
This year the Gris was harvested on two different dates ten days apart. The two sections of Pinot Gris were processed in separate tanks with two unique yeast strains. One of the lots was fermented dry while the other was left with a hint of sweetness. The two lots of wine were eventually blended and finished before bottling. The fresh aromas of citrus and tropical fruit compliment the refreshing palate.

Lovely with all seafood or just to sip. The most expensive of the group, and worth the extra $2.

Brix at harvest: 22.5 and 25_1
R.S.: 0.8
TA: 0.72 g/100ml
pH: 3.34
Alcohol: 12.9
Cases bottled: 368 cases
Date Bottled: 03/09/11
Retail Price: $16.00
46350 David Hill Road I PO Box 366 I Forest Grove, Oregon 97116 I 503.992.8545
Toll Free 877.992.8545 I Fax: 503.992.8586 I Email :




A forecasted warm and dry
harvest period gave way to cooler
than expected conditions in late
September and early October.
Fortunately the majority of the fruit
statewide was at or near its ripening

There was record long hang
time this year. The fruit was deeply
ripe, and because of a three day late
September heat spike, sugars got
quite high. The wines are in balance,
though. The lush, ripe wines will be
received quite enthusiastically, if the
past is any guide.

There is a personality to each vintage,
a pedigree made of weather and
terroir, that is both intellectually and
hedonistically interesting. This vintage
is similar to 2002, when we had good
weather during harvest and lots of
fruit. Flavors are mineral accented,
with no real overripe characters. With
site differences, we brought in fruit
that was bright and acid driven. It was
also rich and broad-palated fruit from
warm or lower-yielding sites. Three
weeks prior to harvest, we had one
inch of rain over a weekend, followed
by several warm days near 90 with
drying winds. Concerns of the effects
of desiccation/shriveling have given
way to fresh fruit aromatics, with an
emphasis on the high notes. Wines
appear very balanced in their alcohol
and acidity levels. Color is in a normal
range, neither light nor intensely dark.

Vineyards: Sheppard, Dion,
Mason Ridge, Wirtz, Cloud Rest,
and Hauer of the Daun
Oak Ageing:
Total Acidity:
Residual Sugar:
Alcohol :
5,476 cases

They ended up with that rare
combination of excellent
quality and quantity. Hang time
was long, sugars were high,
especially toward the end. This
is a magnificently captivating
wine- comely, gregarious, and
very intriguing. Overall quality
should be superb. This year was
characterized by big berries, a
year of the winemaker, not the
vineyard. As harvest approached
there was cooler weather, more
normal temperatures. The result
was brix levels higher
than normal but plenty of
hang time to reach full maturity
without excessive alcohol in most
The wine bursts from the glass
with intense fruit aromas.
Irresistible fruit flavors are
supported by an elegantly rich
texture and a surprisingly crisp


Oak Knoll Winery is one of
Oregon’s oldest wineries,
producing fine wines since 1970.

2010 Pinot Gris – TERRAPIN CELLARS

The grapes come from three vineyards near Salem, Oregon in the Willamette Valley AVA. The fruit is whole cluster pressed and fermented at cool temperatures to preserve the aromas that the pinot gris grape has to offer. The wine did not go through malo-lactic fermentation. The 2010 growing season was
perfect for growing pinot gris. It was cooler than normal so the grapes were able to spend more time ripening, developing a complex flavor profile beautifully balanced between fruit, lively acidity and a moderate alcohol level.  the grapes  were harvested between 10/20/10 and 10/27/10. Bottled 4/14/11,
1,300 cases produced. Anticipated release date 5/20/11
Ale. = 12.6, pH = 3.14, TA = 6.8g/L, R.S. = .7

Tasting notes:
Soft and round aromas of tropical fruit and me on followed by peach flavors on t e front of the palate
giving way to lively acidity and a long lingering finish.
Suggested retail per bottle – $14.00
Owner/Winemaker – Rob Clare 503 871-9526

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