Two-Week Celebration June 8th to June 22nd Will Bring Together

Restaurants and Retailers to Revel in Greek Wine

Greece, renowned as the birthplace of civilization, has produced wine for over 4,000 years, yet up until now the elegant white and red wines of this ancient region were a sommelier’s secret. Now, recent reviews in the Wine Advocate and The New York Times, among others, have illustrated that the secret is out – the Greek wine renaissance is full steam ahead.

To honor the heritage of winemaking in this unique Mediterranean region, New Wines of Greece is proud to announce "Celebrate Greek Wines," a two week promotion running from June 8-22nd at participating New York area restaurants and wine retailers. This inaugural celebration will honor the heritage of Greek wine and educate consumers looking to explore and enjoy these food-friendly varieties native to Greece that show a true sense of place like no other region, says Oenologist, Sofia Perpera.

Celebrate Greek Wines

Greek wines express the nuances of their diverse terroir while the distinct flavors of its indigenous varieties compliment a wide range of cuisines. Visit and experience the Greek wine renaissance for yourself.

Participating restaurants such as Anfora, Loi, Almond, Kefi, Gastroarte, Alison Eighteen, The Atlantic Grill, Corkbuzz and many more will offer a special flight of Greek wines, discounted Greek wine bottles, or a prix fixe menu featuring a glass of Greek wine


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Diverse, Dynamic Terroir

While renowned for its breathtaking beaches and deep blue seas, Greece also has some of the most distinctive terroir in the world – from the volcanic soils on the windswept island of Santorini to the mountain ranges that traverse the countryside from north to south. The diversity of regional terrain lends truly singular attributes to these mostly boutique-style wines
produced from small family owned vineyards across the country.

Distinctive Flavors

Home to over 300 indigenous varieties, Greece offers a world of discovery for vinous
adventure-seekers, yet four grapes predominate. Assyrtiko (A seer’ tee ko) a white, native to the island of Santorini, offers a wine with vibrant, refreshing minerality that is sometimes referred to as Chablis on steroids. Moschofilero (Mos ko fee’ le ro) cultivated on the high plateau of Mantinia in the north-central Peloponnese, is fresh, floral and elegant, a cross between Albariño and Pinot Grigio. Agiorgitiko (Ah yor yee’ ti ko) from Nemea in the Peloponnese is a ruby red wine with soft tannins and layers of dark fruit, spices and cocoa. Xinomavro (Ksee no’ ma vro) from the mountainous Naoussa and Amyndeo regions of Macedonia produces complex reds with great acidity, intense red fruit, firm tannins and long aging potential often compared to Barolo or Barbaresco.


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