Armani/Ristorante 5th Avenue, An Italian Culinary Gem

armani interior1

The Jewel Box Interior of Armani/Ristorante 5th Avenue

Armani/Ristorante 5th Avenue is open for lunch and dinner daily Monday-Wednesday (11:30a.m. – 10:00p.m.), Thursday-Saturday (11:30a.m. – 11:00p.m.) and until 5 p.m. on Sunday (lunch and an Italian style Saturday and Sunday brunch service begins at 11:30 a.m.) 717 Fifth Avenue at 56th Street, 212.207.1902

As Summer descends upon New York City a bounty of beautiful dishes are gracing the menu at the stylish Armani/Ristorante 5th Avenue, where Executive Chef Roberto Deiaco continues to wow diners with his gorgeously composed dishes, keeping the essence of classic Italy and infusing a modern twist.

Giorgio Armani collaborated with innovative architects Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas to design the 5,200-square-foot restaurant and bar, which offers a stunning view overlooking Fifth Avenue. The multi-level store was conceived as a single, fluid space brought together by a central staircase. The restaurant’s beige walls, black floors and ceilings, and metal fixtures, all come together to provide a suave feel that evokes movement and fluidity. Special attention has also been paid to the lighting, which appears invisible and creates a theatrical mood. The hidden lighting emphasizes the use of curves, a consistent feature found throughout the restaurant and store.


The Amazing Vitello Tonnato (thinly-sliced roast veal loin, topped with velvety tuna-caper sauce, citrus segments, and pantelleria island capers).

Armani’s antipasti features an abundance of seasonal ingredients in dishes such as SPARAGI BIANCHI, white asparagus with chervil zabaglione, and house-smoked duck carpaccino and a beautifully presented dish with the best from the sea CRUDITÀ DI MARE, red beet and orange-marinated wild branzino barpaccio, blue fin tuna tartar, fresh oyster, and green apple-marinated langoustine with Italian caviar. For those salad lovers there is MISTICANZA PRIMAVERILE, a crisp salad of Cipollini Onions, Chiodini Mushrooms, Baby Peppers, Baby Zucchini, Asparagus, Radish, and Fava Beans and chef Deiaco’s own INSALATA NIZZARDA a Niçoise salad with seared tuna, haricort vertes, tropea onions, olives, pachino tomatoes, and poached quail egg.

One dish not on the menu, sparkling fresh Mediterranean langoustines, are served raw in a hauntingly light sauce topped with fresh caviar. Worthy of a detour in itself and probably the best  langoustines we have encountered this side of the Atlantic, we hope they will become a house signature. Armani INSALATA DI ORZO E RISO SALTATO, Armani

Sure to be a favorite of Chef Deiaco’s is a selection of homemade pasta dishes such as TONNARELLI AL NERO, squid ink tonnarelli pasta tossed with baby calamari, tender tuna belly, lemon zest, and sage topped with air-dried tuna roe, the LASAGNETTA PRIMAVERILE, with thyme-roasted spring vegetables and decadent Parmesan cheese fondue as well as the RISOTTO AI FIORI DI ZUCCA, a traditional zucchini blossom risotto with Mediterranean langoustine and cognac reduction.


Remarkable Tagliarelle Integrali (homemade whole wheat tagliarelle pasta with crispy "alto adige" speck, zigher cheese, and fava bea purée).

For those looking for bold flavors and a moment to indulge the Secondi Piatti include MAIALINO DA LATTE, a slow-roasted suckling pig served with sweet green peas and a herbed potato puree as well as the mouth wateringTAGLIATA DI MANZO, a buttery soft char-grilled prime “Red Angus” dry-aged steak, served with stewed Sorana beans, succulent bone marrow and mixed greens. Mediterranean langoustines are the star of the SCAMPI ALLA GRIGLIA, where they are marinated with sweet garlic, grilled and served with a fennel confit. Deiaco’s LOMBO D’ANGELLO, is a savory ode to Italian decadence, as this tender mustard and green olive-crusted Colorado lamb loin shows just the right amount of pink and is served with a Vermentino wine reduction.


Lasagnette Primaverile (homemade lasagnette with thyme-roasted spring vegetables and parmesan cheese fondue).

Armani/Ristorante offers an extensive collection of Italian, French, and American wines, as well as a full cocktail menu and offers their very own Sommelier Jim Clarke to assist diners in seamlessly pairing their selections with dishes.We adored his choice of a 2009 Elio Altare Campogrande Cinqueterre ($115). An elite wine form an elite winemaker, this unique wine evolved and complimented a variety of dishes throughout the meal.

An Aperitivo hour is available Monday through Saturday (5-8pm) when cocktails are served with a selection of complimentary savory bites such as Panzerotti, ascolana olives stuffed with veal, Arancini and spinach croquettes, prepared daily by Chef Deiaco. Their homemade bread is continuously produced throughout the day in small batches and includes an assortment grissini, cartamusica, white bread with oregano, salt bread, and hearty whole-wheat raisin walnut bread.

Do not forget to save room for Chef Deiaco’s inventive Dolci menu, which includes a SEMIFREDDO AI PISTACCHI DI BRONTE, a Bronte pistachio semifreddo with the essence of clementine and a warm chocolate caprese or his light and fluffy LA SFOGLIA NAPOLEON, with amaretto pastry creamed and bright seasonal berries. End the meal while refreshing your palate with the LA CROSTATINA PRIMAVERILE, a fresh spring fruit crostata with a tangy and sweet rhubarb sorbet.

Service is smooth and professional, and for a night on the town, here is New York’s new glittering star. For leaner wallets, there is a changing prix fixe menu, currently a steal at $34, as well as a la carte and a tasting menu for $85 (or and additional $65 with five interesting wines) Not to be missed and “Highly Recommended by The Walman Report” and rates A Major in the Luxury Italian league.


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Caprese Di Bufala su essenza di pomodoro crudo profumato al basilico e pesto di olive buffalo mozzarella and heirloom tomatoes, flavored with fresh basil-infused olive oil, and olive pesto

Asparagi Bianchi di bassano con zabaglione al cerfoglio e carpaccio d’anatra affumicato white asparagus with chervil zabaglione, and house-smoked duck carpaccio

Polipetti alla brace su crudità mediterranea e insalatina di patate novelle grilled baby octopus with mediterrean crudité, and herbed new potato salad

Capesante Scottate su fonduta di patate, carciofini croccanti e truccioli di tartufo nero di norcia sauteed sea scallops over potato fondue, with crispy baby artichokes and black norcia truffles

Crudità Di Mare carpaccio di branzino marinato all’ arancia e bietole, battuta di tonno pinna blú, ostrica scampo marinato alla mela verde con caviale red beet and orange-marinated wild branzino carpaccio, blue fin tuna tartar, fresh oyster, and green apple-marinated langoustine with italian caviar

Vitello Tonnato con segmenti d’ agrumi e capperi di pantelleria thinly-sliced roast veal loin, topped with velvety tuna-caper sauce, citrus segments, and pantelleria island capers

Carpaccio Di Manzo con rughetta, noci, scagliette di parmigiano "vacche rosse" stagionato 24 mesi red angus beef carpaccio with baby rucola salad, toasted walnuts, and 24 months-aged parmigiano "vacche rosse" shavings

Il Fegato Grasso D’Oca Giovane marinato al vin santo, variazione di pere, riduzione al porto 1992 cold-marinated goose foie gras, with variation of pear and 1992 port wine reduction

First Plates

Minestra Primavera vellutata di prezzemolo rapa con ortaggi e erbette profumate velvety parsley root soup with spring baby vegetables and herbs

Tonnarelli Al Nero di seppia, calamaretti profumati alla buccia di limone, salvia, bottarga e ventresca di tonno homemade squid ink tonnarelli pasta with baby calamari, lemon zest, sage, tuna belly, and air-dried tuna roe

Garganelli All’ Uovo con ragu di guancine di manzo al barolo homemade egg garganelli pasta with barolo-braised beef cheek ragu

Ravioli di ricotta e uovo di quaglia, pesto di zucchine e tartufo nero homemade ravioli of ricotta cheese and quail egg yolk, with zucchini pesto and black truffles

Bavette Sul Pesce risottate con crostacei e molluschi homemade bavette pasta sautéed with a seasonal seafood selection

Agnolotti ripieni d’anatra e foie gras al burro bianco profumato alla salvia homemade duck and foie gras-filled agnolotti pasta with sage-flavored white butter sauce

Lasagnette Primaverile ripiena di verdure primaverili profumate al timo, su fonduta al parmigiano homemade lasagnette with thyme-roasted spring vegetables and parmesan cheese fondue

Tagliarelle Integrali con speck croccante e formaggio zigher dell’ alto adige, su crema di fave homemade whole wheat tagliarelle pasta with crispy "alto adige" speck, zigher cheese, and fava bea purée

Risotto Alle Morelle con punte d’ asparagi verdi e mascarpone risotto of green asparagus and mascarpone cheese, with sautéed morel mushrooms

Risotto Ai Fiori Di Zucca con scampi del mediterraneo e riduzione al cognac zucchini blossom risotto with mediterranean langoustine and cognac reduction


2nd Plate

Scampi Alla Griglia in marinatura all’ aglio dolce e confit di finocchio grilled mediterranean langoustines marinated with sweet garlic, and fennel confit

Branzino Selvaggio Al Forno su patate e verdurine novelle di stagione oven-baked wild sea bass over new potatoes, with nouvelle spring vegetables

Sogliola "Dover" in salsa al curry, mele renette e sedano croccante pan-seared dover sole fillets in a creamy curry sauce, with renette apples and crispy celery

Variazione D’anatra in riduzione al mandarino, su patate fondenti al miele d’acacia roast duck prepared two ways, with sicilian mandarin reduction and acacia honey-potato fondant

Maialino Da Latte al forno con purea di piselli e patate slow-roasted suckling pig, with sweet green peas and herbed potato pureé

Filetto Di Vitella Al Giusto Rosa in crosta di mandorle, su scorza nera, carotine e petali di bruxelles, riduzione alla birra scura roasted , almond-crusted veal tenderloin "giusto rosa"over salsify, baby carrots and brussel sprout petals, with dark beer reduction

Costoletta Alla Milanese con rughetta e pomodori pachino thinly-pounded, breaded and pan-fried veal chop, with salad of baby rucola and pachino tomatoes

Lombo D’agnello in crosta di olive verdi e riduzione vermentino mustard and green olive-crusted colorado lamb loin, with vermentino wine reduction

Tagliata Di Manzo "Prime Red Angus" fagioli di sorana, midollo e erbette char-grilled prime "red angus" dry-aged steak, with stewed sorana beans, bone marrow, and mixed greens

Tartar Di Manzo capperelli e piccola giardiniera beef tartar with small garden vegetable salad and pantelleria island capers



Semifreddo Ai Pistacchi Di Bronte su essenza di clementine e caprese al cioccolato bronte pistachio semifreddo, essence of clementines, and warm chocolate caprese

Il Fondente al cioccolato "super tuscan", gelato all’ essenza del pandan warm chocolate fondant with pandan essence ice cream

La Sfoglia Napoleon crema doppia all’ amaretto con frutti di bosco napoleon puff pastry with amaretto pastry cream and seasonal berries

Mousse Alla Mela Verde infusion di ribes, mousse, sorbetto e croccante di mela verde red currant infusion, with variations of green apple

La Crostatina Primaverile con sorbetto al rabarbaro fresh spring fruit crostata, with rhubarb sorbet

Il Tiramisu con sorbetto al mascarpone tiramisu served with mascarpone sorbet

Selezione di gelati e sorbetti selection of homemade ice cream and sorbet

Frutta Di Stagione accompagnata da sorbetto alla mela verde fresh seasonal fruit selection accompanied by green apple sorbet

La Composizione Dello Chef chef’s daily dessert composition

Selezione Di Formaggi con mostarda di frutta e frutta secca cheese selection served with fruit mustards and dried fruits

Pre-Theatre Dinner Menu (Price and Items Subject To Change)
Monday May 28th – Saturday Tune 2nd, 2012
5:00pm – 6:30pm
Antipasto I Appetizer
Choice of
Con Julienne di Calamaretti Grigliati e Olio d’ Oliva al Rosmarino
Velvety Green Peas Soup with Julienned Grilled Baby Calamari,
and Rosemary-Flavored Olive Oil
Su Pachini, Olivelle Nere di Gaeta, Capperelli di Pantelleria e Valeriana
Marinated White Sicilian Anchovies over Pachino Tomatoes, Pantelleria Island
Capers, Baby Gaeta Olives, and Valerian Greens
Con Cremoso Primo Sale, Mele Renette e Riccia
Thinly Sliced, Cured and Air-Dried Beef Carpaccio with Primo Sale Cheese,
Roasted Renette Apples, and Frisee
di Secondo I Main Course
Choice of
All’ Amatriciana con Guanciale di Cinta Senese, Cipollotto di Tropea
e Scagliette di Pecorino Toscano
Homemade Egg Fettuccine with Cinta Senese Pork Cheeks, Tropea Onions,
and Tuscan Pecorino Cheese ShaVings
Appena Scottata su Spinacini e Salsina agli Agrumi
Pan-Seared Lemon Sale Fillet over Baby Spinach, with Citrus Sauce
Con Purea di Patate e Carotine Novelle
Thinly Sliced, Pan-Seared Veal Loin Topped with Ham and Sage,
over Baby Carrots and Mashed Potatoes
Dolce I Dessert
Selection of Homemade Ice Creams or Sorbets
Italian and American Coffee / Armani Selected Teas



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