Jeanne & Gaston, Contemporary French Cuisine In The West Village


Jeanne & Gaston

212 West 14th Street

(Between Seventh Avenue & Eighth Avenue)

New York, NY 10011


TELEPHONE: (212) 675-3773

FAX:(212) 675-3775

HOURS: Lunch:                  11:45 AM -    4:00 PM, Mon.-Fri.

Dinner:               4:00 PM  -  10:30 PM, Sun.-Thurs.

4:00 PM -   11:00 PM, Fri.-Sat.

Brunch:                  11:00 AM -     3:30 PM, Sat.-Sun.

Happy Hour:            4:00 PM -     7:00 PM, Mon.-Fri.

CUISINE:Contemporary French

(Restaurateur/Chef Claude Godard crafts a

menu featuring an eclectic selection of

classic French dishes, refining and updating

them with a modern flair. In addition,

he showcases a selection of Burgundy

specialty dishes from original family



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The Enchanting Garden

Eureka!  It is still possible to discover a terrific restaurant at an affordable price. This delightful French spot, close to the Meatpacking District, is just such a discovery. The handsome 16-foot long custom-made, L-shaped mahogany and porcelain tiled bar features an impressive selection of global wines with a particular emphasis on French wines.  A variety of wines are available by the glass and carafe and there are lots of choices for well under $50 a bottle. In addition,The Lunch, Dinner, and Brunch Menus are available at the bar.



The Cozy Main Dining Room

The dining room is enhanced by a 17-foot high original pressed tin ceiling, handsome mahogany chairs, custom-made  imported French leather taupe banquettes, exposed brick walls ,an Indonesian antique wood armoire converted into a wine cabinet, and French windows overlooking a lively street.

Best of all,  a lovely seasonal landscaped garden seats 40 people. It features potted plants, red dogwood trees, wooden fence, wrought iron and faux rattan tables and chairs, lanterns, and an antique sculptured limestone fountain.It is open April through October.

Prices are soothing: all dinner appetizers are $13 and entrees are $26 (with a few $2 or $3 surcharges) and  there is a three course fixed price dinner for $40, Restaurateur/Chef Claude Godard is a serious, hands on, first-rate chef. The kitchen turns out classy and delicious offerings, worthy of a two star restaurant. Go easy on the lovely, warm dinner rolls and sweet butter. We loved such appetizers as a perfectly cooked Veal Sweetbread Tarte with Spinach Salad,  an elegant Duck Foie-Gras & Petit Pols Parfait, with the fluff of foie gras resting atop a puree of sweet peas, and  a delicious Tuna "Tartare" & Tomato Duo, with Cucumber Cream.

jean and gaston salmon

Recommended entrees include succulent "Prince Edward" Island Mussels Mariniere, a moist Berkshire Pork Chop Charcutiere  with Red Potatoes and baby sour  pickles, and tender Grilled Leg Of Lamb,Eggplant And White Bean Salsa.

jean and gaston lamb

Presentations are pretty but not overdone and service is attentive and personal.

jean and gaston dessert

Don’t miss the beautiful desserts. We would be hesitant to test a soufflé in most restaurants that are not of the luxury class, but a Souffle Grand Marnier ( also available in chocolate, praline or raspberry) was masterful and worth the 15 minute wait (and $3 supplement). Housemade French Donuts (a special)  were also excellent.



Restaurateur/Chef Claude Godard At Work

Owner and Maître Cuisinier de France (France Master Chef), Claude Godard, third generation of chefs, is continuing and keeping a generation’s long tradition of Bourguignon style of cooking. The restaurant is named after his grandparents, Jeanne, his grandmother and Gaston, his grandfather.

They would be proud.

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2011 vintage in the Rheingau Produced Excellent Quality Wines at Affordable Prices. Seek Out Schmitt Sohne USA

imageThe Riesling grape has always been a personal favorite in the white wine category and while we adore its virtues, form Alsace to Australia, none can compare to the best wines from Germany in complexity, elegance and addiction.

German wine labels may not be the most the world’s most user friendly, but have gotten easier to interpret over the years and follows is extensive documentation of recent vintages. We sampled: DOM Riesling QbA dry; DOM Riesling QbA; DOM Riesling Kabinett; DOM Riesling Spätlese.

These wines are a newly introduced line imported by Schmitt Sohne USA and produced by the Bischöfliche Weingüter Trier.  The details on the wines (statistical analysis, retail pricing, etc.) are found on the 2011 Vintage report below.

Wines from this vintage are dominated by ripe fruit flavors and well-integrated acidity. They exhibit beautiful open fruit aromas and very typical Riesling characteristics”
DOM Riesling QbA Dry – DOM wines impress with their typical aromatic Riesling character. This dry DOM is for all enthusiasts of spicy, herbal, and fruity Riesling.
RS – 8.7 g/l Acidity – 6.8 g/l Alc. By Vol. – 12.2 % SRP: $16.99

DOM Riesling QbA Off-Dry – This off-dry DOM Riesling works with almost every dish—an all-rounder. RS – 19.5 g/l Acidity 6.9 g/l Alc. By Vol. – 11.6 % SRP: $16.99
DOM Riesling QbA (fruity) – This fruity DOM Riesling entices with ripe and opulent fruit aromas as well as fine minerally acidity. RS – 36.7 g/l Acidity – 7.3 g/l Alc. By Vol. – 10,5% SRP: $16.99

DOM Riesling Kabinett – This fruity DOM Riesling Kabinett entices with aromas reminiscent of linden blossom, ripe apple, and exhibits a lively balance of sweetness and acidity. RS – 48.8g/l Acidity – 7.5 g/l Alc. By Vol. – 9.3% SRP: $18.99

DOM Riesling Spätlese – This fruity DOM Riesling Spätlese entices with its typical ripe Mosel opulence and fine minerally acidity. RS – 58.9 g/l Acidity – 6.9 g/l Alc. By Vol. – 9.4% SRP: $22.99

We enjoyed these four examples of the 2011 vintage and admired the ranges, quality and pricing. We personally go for the sweeter offerings, but all were terrific and highly recommended.


Wine On Line Rating: A Major.

2011 Vintage Reports
Information provided by Estates imported by Schmitt Sohne USA

Reporting for the Rheingau region — The 2011 vintage in the Rheingau was marked by climatic records and extremes which will long be remembered. Early winter was cold and snowy, with long periods of frost and temperatures below -15⁰ C (5⁰ F). January and February, however were remarkably mild followed by early Spring-like conditions in March and summer weather through April. This milder weather advanced growth and resulted in a record-breaking early budding in April. Luck held out for the Rheingau growers as late frosts in the otherwise unusually warm May did not cause the significant damage noted in other regions. Most noteworthy was the fact that this was the driest spring since 1893 and the excess sunlight (+250 hours) encouraged an early blossoming beginning on May 26!


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Legendary Indian Restaurant Moti Mahal Delux

MMD Interior1

Moti Mahal Delux is located at 1149 1st Avenue at 63rd Street,


Open Sun – Wed, 12 – 3pm for lunch and 5 – 11pm for dinner; Thurs – Sat, 12 – 3pm for lunch and 5pm – 12am for dinner with weekend thali-style brunch (complete platters from $14.95-16.95).

MMD Interior2_6

The story of Moti Mahal Delux begins in the Imperial kitchens of the Mughal Empire, where royal chefs for Mughlai kings designed the rich, intensely flavorful, cuisine. In the early twentieth century, in the city of Peshawar, the founders of Moti Mahal brought this style of cuisine to the general public for the first time, beginning with the introduction of tandoor (clay oven) cooking, and specifically tandoori chicken. As their tandoori delights became more and more popular, Moti Mahal Delux opened over 100 locations throughout India, Nepal and London, to become one of the most admired and renowned Mughlai food destinations in the world.

Laura Weatherbee of L Weatherbee Design Studio (who also created the interior for Bhatti Indian Grill) designed the simple, yet elegant space to be welcoming, contemporary, minimalist and New York chic, with light wood paneling and matching tables accented with warm earth tones; the space is easily divisible for private parties.

Headed by the talented chef Gaurav Anand, owner of Bhatti Indian Grill and the newly opened Indian street food concept Desi Galli on Curry Hill. Anand, born into a renowned culinary family in Punjab, India, trained with India’s master chefs, including Jiggs Kalra.

MMD Paneer Tikka

In Anand’s hands, the signature dishes of Moti Mahal Delux come alive with a perfect balance of flavors and textures. But you have to taste for yourself to truly appreciate the complexity of the signature Murgh Makhani (butter chicken), first created by the founders of Moti Mahal Delux, tender chicken is presented in a velvety sauce of creamy tomato. One thing that sets this delectable dish apart from others is that it is prepared with fresh tomato puree—made on premises—and freshly ground spices. You won’t find any canned ingredients in the kitchen.

MMD Butter chicken

And if your expectation of Tandoori Chicken is dark red, dry and well-done meat, you are in for a pleasant surprise. The meats cooked in the clay ovens of Moti Mahal Delux are moist, tender and flavorful, colored only by fragrant, lively spices. There’s no red dye here.

MMD Daal Makhani

One of the greatest surprises is the signature Kaali Daal, black lentils and house-churned butter cooked for 18 hours in special six-layered copper pots imported from India. The result is a rich brothy puree of beans that is as addictive as the butter chicken. Another Moti Mahal Delux signature is the Masala, a fragrant curry prepared with a choice of goat brain (a North Indian favorite), crab, chicken or shrimp. Another not-to-be-missed dish is Kadi Patta Jheenga, grilled prawns cooked with curry leaves.

In addition to the classic recipes of Moti Mahal Delux, Biryani (layered rice dishes with vegetable, goat or chicken) and tandoori specialties,  The chef has also added his creative twist to create some stunning appetizers including Roomali Khasta, a roll made for dipping with smoky sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts and cheese; perfectly pan-seared scallops with mango chutney; and Crab Lehsuni, fresh crab removed from the shell tossed with butter and garlic.Most unusual of all, is the goat brain curry. Don’t let  the title put you off. It is finely diced, delicate and delicious.

The traditional Indian breads, including Roti, Naan, Kulcha and Parantha, baked to order in the clay oven, are flavored with fresh ingredients—garlic, mint or onion—and spices, are perfect for sopping up the addictive sauces.

Desserts include Phirni, smooth blended rice pudding, Kesari Kulfi, Indian-style ice cream flavored with saffron and pistachio, and unique Paan Shots, made with the Betel leaves favored in Indian cuisine for their digestive properties.

Beer and wine only. (For now BYOB, but call in advance to be sure).



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True To Its Name, “Mint” Offers One Of NY’s Most Refreshing Indian Dining Experiences



ADDRESS: 150 East 50th Street

(Between Lexington Avenue & Third Avenue)

New York, NY 10022

WEB SITE: Click Here

TELEPHONE: (212) 644-8888

FAX: (212) 644-2019

HOURS: Lunch: 11:30 AM – 4:00 PM, Mon.-Sun.

Dinner: 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM, Sun.-Thurs.

4:00 PM – 12:00 Midnight, Fri.-Sat.

Happy Hour: 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM, Mon.-Sun.

CUISINE: Regional Indian


PRICE RANGE: Lunch (entrees): $10.00 – $30.00

4-Course Prix Fixe Lunch: $17.00

Dinner (entrees): $10.00 – $30.00

3-Course Prix Fixe Dinner

with wine/beer: $40.00

DRESS: Smart Casual



Private Dining Room: 10

Bar/Lounge: 25


(Private Party Room seats 10)



WINE DIRECTOR: Nawid Sahebzada

OWNER: Gary Sikka

OPENING DATE: December, 2005


Returning for an update, after our rave review in 2005, we were delighted that Mint, the charming Indian restaurant in the San Caros Hotel,  has retained all its elegance, color and expertise. The stylish BAR/LOUNGE offers an exotic ambiance,  enhanced by a handsome 15-foot long L-shaped granite and mahogany bar, mint-colored leather and fabric-upholstered banquettes, mahogany candle-lit tables, exotic ottomans, rich wood floors, vibrant red, orange, and fuchsia hanging drum lamps, and a serene waterfall. (Semi-private and private dining areas available, as well as the whole restaurant if required),

The impressive 15-foot long custom-made, L-shaped granite and mahogany bar, located in the front of the restaurant, features a fine selection of global wines. A variety of wines are available sophisticated by the glass. In addition, a premier choice of spirits, liquors, after-dinner drinks, dessert wines, Indian beers, and specialty cocktails such as Indian Sunset (Ketel One Orange Vodka, Triple Sec, Pineapple Juice, and Cranberry Juice), Bollywoodtini (Absolut Ruby Red Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Mango Puree, and Cranberry Juice), Pomegranate Martini (Grey Goose Vodka, Pama Liqueur, and Pomegranate Juice), and Elderflower Fizz (St. Germain and Champagne) are also available. The Lunch and Dinner Menus are available at the bar.


The Main DINING ROOM: offers an  exotic, romantic ambiance for sophisticated dining, enhanced by a 12-foot high ceiling, mint-colored leather and fabric-upholstered banquettes and chairs, mahogany candle-lit tables, handsome columns, hanging red, orange, and fuchsia silk drum lamps, rich wood floors, framed Indian paintings, and colored mood lighting to create a very warm and welcoming atmosphere..


Where Mint really excels in in the exquisite food and attentive service. Start with one of those expertly mixed cocktails and go easy on the extraordinary cylinders of parchment poppadoms. Don’t neglect the chutney sampler, which includes such offbeat offerings as eggplant and garlic chutney and mango, ginger, mustard seeds and chilies, as well as the soothing min raita.

While here is a bargain Prix Fixe menu, we suggest you take the a la carte route and sample such divine  appetizers as the outrageously delicious Chilly Fish, Spicy fish tossed in bell pepper, herbs and spices, along with a beautifully fresh  Corn Salad:
Corn, chopped onions, cucumber and tomatoes with lemon dressing.  Add some Chicken Seekh Kebab: Tandoori skewers of Ground chicken seasoned with herbs and spices and perhaps some of the fabulous rosemary nan bread.

By now, you are probably ready to add a bottle of white wine, beer or any thing with bubbles from the short and well priced beverage list. You must try a variety of the superb curries, each uniquely distinguished and delicious. If in doubt, ask the charming manager Nawid Sahebzada for direction. We enjoyed flavorful Goat Rogan Josh: Goat meat marinated with yogurt and cooked in a onion sauce; a delicate  Goan Fish: Seabass cooked with coconut coriander and cumin and  two versions of lentils: one with black lentils and kidney beans — the other, yellow lentils and spinach, infused with Indian herbs and spices.

We wanted to sample one dish from the Tandoor and chose the masterful Lamb Chops: Rack of lamb served with mashed potatoes, mix greens and
mint chutney . Terrific!

Even though you are probably satiated, don’t miss the light and elegant Indian sweets. Order from the Indian side of the menu (Western options are also available for chocolate lovers). Try Gulab Jamun: Warm cottage cheese and milk balls, served in sweet syrup and the refreshing Kheer, a creamy Indian rice pudding.

We love Mint and think you will be equally impressed. There is a second restaurant that opened last year in Garden City that we hope to review in the near future. The Manhattan store remains one of New York’s top and rates A Major.


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Pasternak Wine Imports Is A Sign Of Quality On The Label


2009 Cabernet Sauvignon

Morro Bay, developed and owned by Pasternak Wine Imports, is the culmination of over 30 year’s of expertise in the wine industry.

Morro Bay is sourced from several vineyards within the Lange Family estate. The Lange family, 4th generation of grape farmers dating back to the late 1800s, currently controls 7,600 acres in California spanning three appellations and four counties.
The location of the vineyard in the Delta region of Lodi provides for dramatic temperature shifts from day to night due to the influence of the delta breeze from San Francisco Bay.

Morro Bay Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced from several vineyards within the Lange Family estate. The Lange Family have been farming in the Lodi appellations for four generations dating back to the late 1800’s. The location of the vineyard in Lodi provides for dramatic temperature shifts from day to night due to the influence of the delta breeze from San Francisco Bay. This allows for a slower maturation of
the grapes resulting in a better balance of acidity and complexity in the taste profile.

The vineyards are hand-pruned by experienced work crews adept at spur selection. Green harvesting is determined based on the berry set for a particular vintage. In addition to green harvesting, shoot removal and leaf pulling are employed to further enhance flavor concentration. Machine harvesting is done at night allowing the grapes to cool and thus maximize the flavors/acidity and balance. All grapes are
sorted via a sorting belt prior to being crushed. The wine sees 21 days of extended maceration which allows forward fruit, extraction of
complex flavors balanced by integrated tannins.

A swirl of the glass showcases this wines deep yet vibrant red color and releases its concentrated aroma of ripe cherry fruit.  Mingled with the fruit is traces of chocolate and spice from oak aging.  The soft tannins carry the palate through a long-finish.
Grape Varieties: 85% Cabernet Sauvignon, 8% Merlot, 6% Petit Verdot, 1% Malbec
Alcohol Content: 13.9%

srp $11.99,  Certified Lodi Rules sustainable

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Dashwood Sauvignon Blanc 2011- Certified NZ Sustainable

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